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Discussion in 'Resources' started by jadt65, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. jadt65 Member

    Someone suggested using lacrosse stick to "throw back" tear gas canisters
  2. a desert Member

    Could be wrong but I'm not sure if lacrosse is particularly prevalent in Iran.
  3. jadt65 Member

    I do not know either....if it is, it seems like a good idea
  4. crazy canadians IRANIANS have no lacrosse sticks!
  5. sum1 post plans on how to make lacrostix nooWWUh.
  6. Have people not considered that lacrosse sticks or whatever those are may be considered as clubs by the basiji, and therefore provides an excuse to beat the protesters up?
  7. Ok, ok, I have the solution to that: do they play baseball in Iran? Because, I bet if you were half-good with a bat you cou... oh, wait.... nvm.

    Still though, people are thinking, and that's good. Really just a good, heavy glove would be a great start (as in industrial-heavy). That said, unless you are one of a very rare group of people as far as either acquired or natural tolerances, if you get close enough to a canister to throw it and don't have an actual gas mask on, chances are you won't be able to focus your eyes enough to pick it up. So, I can see some definite benefit to using something like the lacrosse stick that would give you reach when picking it up, and leverage when throwing it.

    If you do have the tolerance built-up though, I think picking up the canister and holding it so the smoke is traveling up over your face while screaming like a madman could score some definite psy-ops points. (So as to save people the time of writing out a long reply to this, let me say that was intended as a joke.)
  8. lacrosse and baseball is no common sports in Iran. there are maybe some baseball players here and we could buy some bats from here or there but no one would be that good at that!

    and there's a bigger problem!
    most of the gas canisters here in protests are being shot from gas shotguns! and with that speed no one is that good to throw those back!

    and something that was shocking for myself to see is when the crowd gets crowded and they can't fight from the surface, (u know about the helicopters that fly over for telling the gov where the crowds are and stuff, right?) those helicopters would come as close to the ground as they can and through gas canisters in the middle of the crowds! i couldn't believe this until one of them hit my back and i was almost passed out from the gas!
  9. Dude, that is some serious shit. Glad youre okay to be posting. Guess not even using garbage can lids can deflect those gas canisters?

    The protest-run-regroup-protest thing seems the best bet at the moment.

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