Subway Incident - Update!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonPort, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Yup, my humble opinion is harpoon tiem. I was all for feeling sorry for Subway for getting caught up in Scilon bullshit, but not if they are going to hold some not so sekrit meetings with their law team and then ignore the issue. Harpoons like they're the white whale.
  2. Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    The scilons are evidently worried enough that they are sending their legal team down for such matters, rather than just ignoring it. Which means we need to concentrate on this. Stay polite with harpoons to subway, but keep on with the questions they seem to be studiously ignoring.
  3. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Subway is trying to ignore it till it goes away. Don't they know Anonymous generally doesn't let shit like this "go away" ?
  4. iaxiloll Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!


    They probably haven t heard the
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget part

    pooooooon them.
  5. UNP Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!





  6. thetanmonger Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Ok, so i see two ways to look at this

    1. Subway guy on the phone was not actually suppose to say he met with Moxon? (you had asked him if he did correct?) Maybe it should be pursued they don't usually throw around lawyers outside of fairgame so maybe this would be a mini project or side angle.

    2. If he had told you he met with lawyers and just said yes to Moxon being present as a setup (Scientology's noisy investigation thing, maybe they want to see us pursue this? maybe its intimidation? haha Anonymous does not fear intimidation though..)

    Especially if he is lying donno maybe we should pursue it, it's not like they could falsify evidence or anything we have a recording from start to end lol.

    nothing but win as usual, maybe an inside tipster can let us know how they are taking it, or an exscn with experience in PR Tech mindframe could offer us a thought or two.

    As long as we can get lawyers who can run the presentation of the case, i'm sure we could get a bunch of anons would volunteer to help out too lower the fees, by either interviewing bystanders, sorting papers etc,. Or if we can find one pro bono (free) we can prolly aid them in most of the work some how maybe have a crew of like 6 people with some legal experience or knowledge. I mean we get enough lawsuits we can take them down Scilon style; [YouTube : Message to Scientology] did say we would use their own tactics against them.

    on the FUN side of things: World-wide Harpooning Fest for the lulz like we did to youtube and viacom and many more =o?
    emails and phone calls only take a second xD for each of us but they will be under siege with calls.
  7. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Personally, I believe there is more to the story, I would like to see the footage preserved. it needs to be be reviewed by a professional, legal and knowledgeable person.

    Destruction of evidence sure would suck for them.
  8. Re: Subway Incident - Update!


    Champaign Illinois based Jimmy John's will be taking over the world soon!
  9. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I agree. We definitely are not getting the full picture. Not that we should be surprised since Co$ is involved. If it involved the cult's law team, I'd take any info give with an oceans worth of salt.
  10. thetanmonger Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    well think about this ? He says they Subway dont want to get involved? if they didnt they would have polite refused to meet either side and told us that they see no problem here other than two headstrong organizations dueling it out and them getting caught in the middle, they obviously know there is something up here and no matter which side they pick there is perks. Shoulde have stayed out of this not pick sides.

    Anonymous = customers at protests, as well as in daily life if we mass boycott them they'd lose a lot. How many scieno's can afford subway with all their monies going to david lolz. Plus from what i hear Noelle wasnt even a customer she bought nothing she stuck up the sign and sat in a booth near the window. As if to wait for a situation like this. It honestly would have blown over and most anons would have made a scene and walked away to eat somewhere else. Wanton & malicious behaviour towards kids?? kids by rule of nature automatically win just about everything because of innocence and cuteness, like puppies and kittens, you can't justify doing anything mean to them.

    Perfect Combo
    Innocence+Cuteness = NotGuilty+Sympathy

    P.S. Subway sucks let's ask the police to boycott them too lol
  11. AnimeGeno Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Ok, let's try not to do anything that could be perceived as harassment. I say a boycott would be good, perhaps some little effort flyers made to distribute in or around your local Subway to get the word out to people, and legal pursuit of the issue.

    Also, is loitering a crime in CA? If so, couldn't she(NN) be charged with it for entering a Subway just to sit around and bull bait people, with no intention of ordering? It's something...:idunno:
  12. Anonyphunt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I would suggest lay off subway, they are a business trying to make money and as such really don't want anything to do with this. Many companies don't want the continued expense of dealing with the church in court, which is what would happen to them if they made a press statement or went to the police. Not to mention the possible harassment of staff and possibly framing of employees for crimes etc..

    I would propose:

    Focus on $cientology and don't dilute the message during protests and raids.

    Personal boycott and inform friends about subway to you hearts content however.
  13. thetanmonger Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    yeah well tru

    1. loitering, in or around or infront of private property (subway)
    2. acting as a spokesperson for the company
    3. the physical abuse portion cut from the clip?
    4. Blocking public/private access ways she doesn't own or have permission to enforce
    (if anons protesting blocked doors of businesses we would totally be warned or fined, difference is she is doing it purposely.)

    Try to lay public mischief/nuisance charges on Noelle.

    Anyway Anons at big blue could make a lulzy chant or sign for this event. NYC anons turned Reverend John Carmichael's "I smell pussy, you in particular" to "i smell cult, you in particular" that got a bit of a rise out of them. let's just try to take a PR disaster and make it a bit more publicly noticed if possible.

    EDIT: For clarity the subway angle is kind of just a faded thought, who knows, but it seems the real problem is Noelle harpoons stay on target?
  14. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Scientology is the target.

    But if you choose to assist in crimes and support the CoS civil ethos, be prepared to become collateral damage in the scales of justice.

    It was a choice, they chose wrong. (footbullets seem to follow CoS, what a lesson eh?)
  15. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Anonymous represents the common citizen over time.

    The cult is dying.
  16. GrogStat Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I am not saying this is the correct direction to go in, but an executive carpet bomb video is an option.

    Email address format:

    My gut tells me the shop is managed by a scilon. The manager @$#ed up which is why Corporate doesn't want this to get bigger.

    Not sure this is worth our time.
  17. Anonyphunt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!


    I've bought my last sub, and I would spend anywhere between $50 - $150 a month in subway.

    Dont liek sekrit lawyer meetings
  18. basil Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    That isn't their choice. It's ours :)
  19. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I just called Corp.

    Calling back in an hour.

    Working on a movie, about the education Frank got from Moxon

    How it seem Frank Neiroozi and Moxon resolved the issue.

    About how Frank is the weak link in the chain.

    How working with the cult to cover up crimes can be a PR nightmare.
  20. Sponge Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Has Graham Berry recovered from the DC raid yet? Maybe he could help with legal/tactics - specifically a subpoena for the shop CCTV footage ASAFP.
  21. Anonyphunt Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Notice this incident has been posted in the "A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!" thread maybes lawfag Martin can give some info on possible legal courses of action...? pwetty pwease? :D
  22. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Prep all Harpons for ripple fire mode. Targetting scanners to maximum gain. Stand by to engage Scilon allys as they bear.

    Someone should politely tell Subway that either they make US happy or we will make them VERY *UN*HAPPY. Let's start with a nice series of flash raids on Subway worldwide. We can then give out videos of the incident to the media. I'm sure the TV will air the video. That'll do Subway sales real good.

    Subway corporate better understand that if it wants to piss on the internetz, we can enturbulate them into the toilet. I smell pickets at the next Subway shareholders meeting.

    Give Subway a week then it's time to contact Quiznos.
  23. Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Well I was like everyone else, if Subway wanted to remain neutral that I totally accept. But, they have chose sides, willfully and with great thought. Does Subway know that there are other sub chains and business' out there? Or, do they feel the public opinion is not on scale with Co$ opinion?

    They chose wrong, I'm usually they guy that says "Stay on target." well as long as the protest against $cientology doesn't suffer I don't mind handing out collateral damage to Co$ sympathizers.

    I may not be able to do as much as Americanfags, but I will no longer be getting my subs from Subway, I will be informing friends and family of this behaviour and Subway will now become part of my talk about $cientology.

    Subway management, if you didn't clue in, that means I will not be saying very nice things about your company and it's yellow legal team and management. You got used by the Co$ and you let it happen.

    All choices have consequences, both good and bad, I guess we'll find out what consequence your choice holds 'eh Subway?
  24. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Flash raids on subway are a no-win situation. It would take us off target, which is the Co$.

    Continue harpoons, but no need to raid Subway. Not like their even on a W.I.S.E. list or anything.
  25. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Not worth our time??

    The SciFags cook up a "battle plan" to discourage Anons from getting subs. Further although there are other Anon in the shop they deliberately target a mother and children, probably because they thought the "intimidation factor" would be on their side and mom would back down in fear. They thought WRONG.

    Add in the Subway... why, oh why, if they want to "remain neutral" in this, did they meet with the fucking Scilon legal team at all? That's not neutrality, that's collusion. The "answers" given to the hu88ards are nothing short of dismissive sidestepping, evasive and condescending. The manager isn't a video survaillence/analyst expert, ffs... he's a plebe running a sandwich slinging operation. He has no credentials to make any analysis of the footage in his possession at all.

    My guess is that he's been handled and drilled by Moxon on what to say "in his best interests" (intimidation) in response to anything in that little closed door session. Now he's fucking stalling, because he knows that the security system will (if his claim is to be believed) overwrite the footage within a week. This will actually, as far as I can fathom, give the Subway an added layer of protection, because although IANAL, I somehow don't think that any business is required by any law to retain or provide security video footage on the behest of any member of the private/general public.

    A move has to be made to legally secure that footage via a lawyer now if anything is to come of this.

    In any battle there are primary, secondary and tertiary targets. CoS is the primary, we know this. Subway is a perfectly viable seconday, because they've gone into collusion with CoS directly. They chose to meet, they chose to do CoS bidding and try to make the situation "go away" (like CoS tried to make the McPherson case "go away") with some half assed, unacceptable excuses and a free fucking sandwich. Does the dignity and rights of one Anon mom and her kids sell for so fucking cheap??

    In the meantime, the CoS will laugh up their collective sleeves at Anon and Chanology (so much for "taking it back") and try umpteen million ways to spin it so that Anon is the butt of the joke. That they succeed or not is irrelevant, they'll still take the opportunity to turn the issue into PR that Anon are a bunch of pussified retards who can't step up to the plate and back their claims.

    A message must be sent not only to CoS but businesses that deal with them in clandestine meetings that result in blockage of basic civil rights and deflection of accountability for those actions and decisions. People talk, business owners more so. Word will get around fast that "that business" did something incredibly stupid and that it did so not wholly based on exclusion of someone for belonging to a group excercising their constitutionally protected right to protest peacefully, but at the beck and call of an entity that touts itself as a "religion" using strong arm tactics to to ensure complete and utter compliance with it's will.

    If Anon backs down here, where and what is next? What if the little girls had to use the restroom before eating lunch? What if that cow, North, in a display of Homo Novis faggotry, decided that they "weren't allowed" to do so and persisted to the point one of them soiled themselves? Would that be "not worth our time" also?

    Man the fucking harpoons for great justice!
  26. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Could a business have a sign that read "No Thetans Allowed"?

    I dont believe aliens are protected under the law
  27. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!


    Going after Subway if they collude with the culties IS on target. It sends a powerful message. "Ally with the $cis and you eat a shitstorm." Like I said, give em a week then we open up on them with everything we have.
  28. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    They're not "colluding". They are attempting to:

    a) Prevent a lawsuit by attempting to stay neutral (Anons were allowed in before and after)
    b) Act like a business. I'm sure they would have met with our legal team if we had one.

    But whatever, do what you want. You don't need anyone's permission. Just do it NAO!
  29. Randomness Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Take partisanfaggotry off Enturb, we're here to fuck the cult, not to be your own personal submarine sandwich army.

    Go raid Subway on your own, dicks.
  30. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    If I were a subway manager/owner/worker, I wouldn't want involvement if a snarling, teeth-gnashing monster like the tazmanian devil were across my desk telling me his name was Moxon.
  31. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Not helping.
  32. Shellback Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Not to mention that the vids don't seem to connect Subway with "No Anonymus" signs. If they had one of their logo-heavy signs with "No Anonymus" underneath and Noell hassling little girls with masks on, then you'd have something, perhaps a written apology from the Subway PR department. (Actually they should do that anyway just-cuz, any PR guy would tell you that.)

    Otherwise, the Subway honcho is NOT going to want to deal with this headache unless it starts screwing his bottom line. The franchise owners near Big Blue does not want to piss off the Scilons for the same reason. You folks are a one weekend a month vs (?) steady business every day. How many protesters buy food at subway during a protest, does this really affect their balance sheet?

    Two things I would focus on, 1) Get Subway to ask their franchise owners not to post "No Bla...." I mean "No Anon" signs on their property. 2) Why in the bloody hell is Scientology dictating *who* can use *what public* facilities in the first place. It would be just like an Anon marching into a store with "No Scientology Members will be served" signs and convincing some manager to put them up. (Oh; don't trouble yourself dear, I have some tape and would be happy to put them up for you!.")

    The same crap went down in Clearwater with the local Starbuck's franchise. The Starbuck's manager had the good sense to tell the Scilons where to put their signs and probably lost some business because of it.
  33. basil Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I respectfully disagree.

    If it's a $ci run Subway franchise, why is it any different than a $ci dentist, or for that matter, $ci front group, that appears to be well within our targets?

    If you support the cult - which, by refusing to take action against, is pretty much the same thing - then you open yourselves up for Anon to react appropriately to your actions.

    If Subway had simply said 'we knew nothing about this, and will take steps to stop this happening again', that's all they had to do ... having 'secret meetings' with $ci lawyers about the issue smells fishier than we week old tuna sub.
  34. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    The Target Remains, the Cult.

    collateral damage is collateral

    I will pursue this for now, and continue with updates. I have the owners names and I'm seeking some more information.

    I will keep everyone updated.

    (eat quiznos)

    We do not flinch in the face of the cult.
  35. tiger Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I'm going downtown for lunch to my local Subway restaurant and posting an anonymous flyer!

    Five dollar footlongs will be paying for their 5 million dollar lawsuit!

    Get em' Anonymous!
  36. themadhair Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Whomever suggested picketing Subway - you're an idiot.

    This situation is, however, well worth harpooning. This is clear cut example of the cult attempting intimidation on peaceful protests and now using their dirty tactics to hush it up. No matter what way you slice it Subway, by their lack of backbone and decency, are complicit in this.

    For those screaming "Stay on target" pray tell me, how is trying to set a precedent against the cults legal/PR tactics here not on target? For over four decades the cult has been able to strong-arm compliance from companies/corporations/franchises. At some point in our campaign we will have to be able to counter these tactics. Consider this a 'trial run' for future events where more will be at stake.

    Keep pressure on Subway. After all, Subway can end this situation immediately by growing a pair and issuing a statement on the incident.
  37. tazor Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    I like Quizno's even better now.
  38. thetanmonger Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    My thoughts exactly we have beat them on our battlegrounds and most of theirs already its time to take some new territory :twisted:, they are praying we play dead on this one :flop:. Let's show em who the real power house is :anon:
  39. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Makes sense to me Subway met with the lawdogs. I mean, its Co$.

    Co$ realized it had a major issue on its hands. That video is soooo damning of them and their actions to children. OSA is all over these forums, they knew we were using it massively. So I betcha Co$ sent the lawyers to Subway to make sure it doesn't become an issue.

    or, Subway actually could have called Co$ with a grudge so Co$ sent the dogs. Lawyers probably told Subway its not worth doing and theyd drag it out and cost em tons of money (its what they do after all).

    Its Cult just being the cult. At least they have to pay for lawyers to talk to SUbway!

    Also, anyone down there seen our favorite Gummi Bear since? Is she being hidden away now?
  40. Silent Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Fuck em, didn't read the whole thread, but anyone who sides with scifucks should have whatever's coming for them.

    No rest for the wicked.

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