Subway Incident - Update!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonPort, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. LesboSensei Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    the situation as been solved a few posts back. enjoy your subway.
  2. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    No, it hasn't. Subway has issued no press release on the subject. It certainly appears that management had a hand in letting the $ci sign stay up.

    Subway better get a clue quickly or enturbulation will ensue. It's the Anonymous way.

    Now, as for how you eat a sub with a mask on, use an articulated mask made from 2 masks. Eezy.
  3. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    So why does Subway have security? Because the Co$ is obviously planning some type of event?

  4. misskittie Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Off for a meatball and cheese foot long with those delicious m&m cookies. Subway are not at fault other than employing staff without large enough balls to throw a disruptive Gummi Bear out of their store. Seriously, if you want to do something constructive then stop calling fucking Subway corporate and:

    1. Print off flyers of choice
    2. Go to local DVD seller
    3. Insert flyer into every single Gummi Bear/North related DVD case
    4. Go to subway
    5. Buy sub
    6. Enjoy!!
  5. Proto Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Today Doctor's Associates Inc issued a statement condemning the actions of a 47-year old man who exposed himself to customers in an Anaheim franchise this Tuesday.

    A representative said, "this man in no way represents the interests of SUBWAY and in no way do we condone his actions." The SUBWAY management on site responded by contacting the Anaheim Sherif's Office. Employees were instructed as per corporate policy to avoid a physical confrontation with this dangerous individual. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared she said, "you're movin' with your auntie and your uncle in Bel Aire."

    Doctor's Associates operates the Subway chain of sandwich shops, the second-largest quick service chain behind McDonald's. It boasts more than 29,000 locations in 85 countries, with more US locations than the Golden Arches. Virtually all Subway restaurants are franchised and offer such fare as hot and cold sub sandwiches, turkey wraps, and salads. Subways are located in freestanding buildings, as well as in airports, convenience stores, sports facilities, and other locations. Doctor's Associates is owned by co-founders Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, who opened the first Subway in 1965.
  6. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    So who wants to draft a letter to Subway asking for a statement?
  7. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I'm waiting for someone to fly by night and paste a NO COLOREDS sign underneath any NO ANONYMOUS signs. No this, no that... Picky picky.
  8. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Any updates on this? I still haven't got a call back from Subway HQ. Anyone else get a call back?
  9. Xivilai Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?


    If Subway thought it was big enough to release a statement, they would have done so by now.

    also, cocks.
  10. thetanmonger Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Look in any protest i been to we were told if we blocked street paths public property or businesses we would be fined or removed from the location, i am sure absolutely these rules have nothing to do with protesting. Anyone who blocks any public access or walk way can be fined, as well subway could ban her prolly but for the most part evidence is she was blocking public access and access to private property she did not have ownership or consent to do so, if we did that we would be in trouble, someone should just take it up with the police and ask why she wasn't fined. Subway is the victim too. Though boycott if you like Quiznos is good too *cough* i mean better.

    my 2cents

    P.S. scientology can pick on anyone they want and usually it gets ignored but picking on a child is like kicking a puppy, i hope Noelle burns in the hell i dont believe in XD
  11. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I called the Subway store where the incident occured from the UK. They said the manager involved wasn't there but that it was being investigated. Fired off an email to Subway Franchise too.
    Done: also called the local LAPD for that area, told them I was calling from the UK and watching a video on YouTube, said I was very impressed with them; the senior officer took a note of the YouTube video title and sounded pleased, said he would write something for the guys. I like to encourage good behaviour as well as condemn bad.
  12. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Look, fagging up the thread with multiple instances of "BAAWWWW! Leave Subway alone", "Don't call Subway!" and needless "Stay on Target" faggotry dilutes ANY information of worth... We fucking GET IT, ok?

    However, anything that can confirm solid feedback from Corporate, add critical data or have any real news of that North twat getting the shit she deserves and isn't a "repeat performance" is, and should be, encouraged.

    This is so fucking GAY, especially since there's been an >1000 post thread on the "moralfags vs. lulzfags" issue, a lot of it centering around don't tell others what to do or how to do it.

    Now, with that said, I did find this tidbit lulzy:

  13. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    (Thanks to corrector; you know who you are!)

    Subway by Big Blue contact info is:

    4700 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles CA 90027
  14. Ludwigvanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Wow, excellent work, anonymous1312! :flowers:
  15. Plups Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I emailed Subway (the two PR email addresses provided above) on 17 July.

    Twelve hours later, I received (but didn't see until tonight) an email asking me to call the sender at my earliest convenience. I just left a message for him. If the Internet can be relied upon, he is the Director of Operations, CG Investments Inc.

    My email was cordial, contained a precis of the event and a link to the youtube vid, asked "Did Subway endorse Ms North's actions?" and ended "Please advise what you intend to do to prevent further acts of discrimination and violence by Scientologists against these and other Anonymous customers. Thank you for your time."
  16. LRonAnon Member

    Subway Incident Update.


    We have finally got a response from Subway, a very short form letter.

    We called the number, we spoke with the Director of Operations for CGInvestments, Frank Neiroozi.

    He explained that after the incident occurred, a meeting was held between Subway store owners and the legal team from the Scientology Organization. Speakers were present to explain Scientology's religious views and their relation to what had occurred. When we asked if they met with "Moxon," he replied "Yes."

    We asked if security footage from the incident in question had been reviewed and secured. He replied that he had spent a number of hours reviewing the footage and that if he "thought there was any legitimate proof there of anything, I'd have turned it over to the attorneys for us so that they would be available for either side, for who subpeonas who." When I explained that the identity of persons in the store might clarify the degree of the Scientology Organization's knowledge and involvement in placing the sign, and that virtually any person on the footage could therefore be a significant person, he replied "there's nothing." He indicated that the tape itself is on a computerized system that will tape over it automatically in a few days. That is how he let it stand.

    He also told us he had concluded that, to him, it appeared that the sign had been "taped up from the outside of the store, not the inside."

    In two separate phone calls, we asked him to secure the videotape, and he refused. His second statement in response when I persisted was, "You've got to understand that we want as little to do with this as possible.'

    He clarified that he is not the owner of the store. "I am the Director of Operations." He refused several times to provide the name of the owner of the store. He honestly said "I don't know." And then, "No names."

    What is rather bizarre given that last statement, is that our second call to him was received by him when we directly called the Subway involved in the incident. He also said he went directly to the store as soon as he heard about the incident, and reviewed the footage there in the store. It is rather hard for us to imagine that he truly does not know the name of the store's owner.

    To his credit, he was a pleasant man. He did say he was glad the children got their food. He also offered to buy us lunch sometime.

  17. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Peculiar answers. Actually, not so. They are pleading ignorance and hoping it goes away.
  18. monamia Member

    Re: Subway Incident Update.

    Well he knows and we know the sign was taped on the inside, don't we? in fact BOOCOO tape which is why it was hard to remove, and that is on your tape. Of course he knows that manager's name. And of course, we can get the manager's name. and of course your handler was pleasant; that is his job.

    Methinks: they are worried. They are not saving the tape? Destruction of evidence. We need to request they save that tape for litigation and that it will be subpeonaed. For now, they sound like they are in collusion with the Co$. It sure kicked up to their lawyers fast didn't it? That's what is interesting to me about your report. They put off the complainant and huddled with the lawyers of Scientology before responding to your complaint or doing a real investigation which includes talking to witnesses--like those working that day.

    See--they always fuck up when they *handle* it, it's never the underlying action in the big bucks lawsuits, I understand. It's the investigation that screws them. And we know they are lying. Time for a Subway visit, not much of an investigation when they investigate with assistance from the perps.

  19. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Its not destruction of evidence if there is no lawsuit. Getting rid of it before somebody does sue them could be to their advantage.
  20. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    True, thank you. Of course it's to their advantage.

    But we have at least two taped versions of the incidents.
    And witnesses.
    I may have to consult with the meanest snakiest lawyer I know.
  21. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    He understand the intent, he refused when I directly asked him to preserve it.

    We were clear in explaining why we wanted it preserved.

    We even asked "who would have the authority to preserve the video" -- He would not provide the information.
  22. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I like the way he tried to put the sign outside.

    Overall, the meeting went very well for our side, ya know?
    They looked at the tape (I'll go and check camera angles when I get the name of the Manager), with the Scinos and they HEARD their employees say Yes that the manager said it was OK to put up the sign. I wonder if any of their (employee voices can be heard on your tape? (i doubt it ;) it was noisy) but you have NNs voice, right? Respect the Sign? My favorite thing she said.
  23. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    He said there is no audio. He also said you cant see much from only "8 cameras". "its a large store"

    His answer was that "I did not approve the sign" (I took that as meaning he, himself, Frank)
  24. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Well, that may mean that our side has the best tape, but we know already that and that they lie, and that they are in collusion, and that they want the sign outside.

    PS Everyone knows that cammies are on the door to catch the getaway. PLEASE we've all see how they set it up in a 7-11 with the heights ticked off.
  25. anon252525 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Did anyone find out if the Subway was scilon owned?
  26. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    not really. they are mostly corporate owned with some franchisees, but that will take more digging to truly verify. That would be one rationale for having their lawyers present at the incident investigation. I mean: MOXON? That's sort of a true suit to trot out.

    Wonder if they interviewed every single employee that was there.

    WERE THERE ANY OTHER ANONS in that store during the events referred to?
  27. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Could explain why North was so ballsy. (or maybe she just really has balls)
  28. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    She's nuts. Completely nuts.
    She was unglued.

    If she had balls she wouldn't be a Psy-no.
  29. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Can someone please shoop a photo of say a bus station in Birmingham, AL circa 1950 with a bunch of African Americans in the shot with a sign that says "No niggers" or "Whites Only" and put... "$cientology Says..." on it next to a picture of the woman blocking the children?

    Quit arguing about this or that, exploit it. Where's the ShoopAnons when we need them?!!
  30. momISanon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Montgomery would be the target for the era.
  31. anon252525 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    It would make A LOT of sense seeing as though when I traveled to Clearwater there were TONZZZZ of places that had these signs saying no anonymous allowed etc.
  32. momISanon Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Google Rosa Parks.
  33. Photonymous Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    That does it. Not only have they refused to issue a formal apology, they are denying facts of the incident that we have proof of and trying to sweep it under the rug. I'm really curious why they met with scientology lawyers and ken toxin so quickly, maybe they volunteered to represent the franchise owner in case any of us press charges.

    No more eating Subway for me.

    oh, taken from CG Investments website hiring for a general manager:

    Ensures business and personnel practices are within the law and consistent with CG Investments, Inc. policies and procedures.

    * Serves as a role model and sets a positive example for the entire team in all aspects of business and personnel management.
    * Holds employees and self accountable for the methods and processes used to achieve results.
    * Practices equal opportunity employment, non-discrimination and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliance.
  34. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I fucking HATE that song. And now I have it stuck in my head! :ffs:
  35. Photonymous Member

  36. IsThisOn? Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    So...since they met with Co$ lawyers I guess the Co$ is admitting involvement,..hence lawsuit against the Co$. Obviously they are not taking the line,"one of our crazy parishoners" did this. So, they can be named also....and charged with assualt, tresspassing, fraud etc...good to know.

    Ken Moxon suck my balls...time to turn the tables...
  37. Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Living right there and frequenting that subway as often as I do - those poor workers are hanging on by a thread. I don't think they even comprehended the extent of what was happening whilst slinging sliced sandwhich meats. keep in mind they too are brow beaten - think about the rude, condescending demographic of their "recurring" clientel (and I'm not talking about the Dr's or my kindly geriatric neighbors). Those workers were probably frozen in terror by the actions of that creepy sea hag. honestly - the victory was won compliments of the just and effective actions of the police.

    I was in that subway once and I heard some douche clad in a wee sailor suit uneccesarily tear into a worker, because that worker accidently asked him twice if he wanted his sandwhich toasted. That poor worker looked so emasculated. It nauseated me - it was a turning point for me as well because it got me delving deeper into the internet on the issue of who these people are.

    They shoot themselves in the foot with this kind of retarded quasi-bullying, as it provides the catalyst for casual observers to discover mcphereson, fair game, disconnection, etc....

    Thank god the subway workers were too frozen in their britches to act. seemed like more than a few mortified bystanders were in proximity to the incident.

    I think the restaurant's nuetrality, while understandably frustrating is best left to rest for now. beating a dying horse otherwise.
  38. Sailor Venus Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Honestly, I have a feeling this was all Noelle North's idea (or maybe Co$ put her up to it). HOWEVER, if Subway isn't gonna do anything to rectify things, such as by issuing a statement that Noelle North had no authority to do as she did, etc., then I say man the fucking harpoons. Make noise about this to corporate. Get the highest level guy you can get on the phone and tell him this is fucking unacceptable. Anyone with a real stake in this business isn't gonna stand for that kinda shit going on in one of their shops. :rant:

    As for Noelle North, I hope you're reading this so that you know what the world thinks of your dumbfuckery (look it up in one of your precious dictionaries). You know what's gonna happen to you? Let's put it this way: Have you seen John Carmichael in public since his little stunt in May? FUCK NO.

    That's gonna be YOU next. Enjoy your time in RPF, you earned it. :twisted:

    This is just like what happens in Sailor Moon. A minor villain tries (and fails) repeatedly to accomplish a task (obtain a star seed, find pegasus, etc.) until the major villain finally gets fed up, snuffs the guy, and replaces him with someone else.

    Filthy fucking CULT.
  39. UNP Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    Subway are going to get fucking RAPED unless they wise the fuck up pronto. Considering that the incident was recorded from 2 different angles by two different people, their insistence on covering it up at the behest of the Cult of Sci-insanity actually constitutes a perversion of justice, not to mention aiding criminal activity.

    But of course, they already know that. Right?
  40. Legion Member

    Re: Subway Incident - Update!

    hahaha well said. I lol'ed. Also damn, I thought all this shit was over, guess not lol.

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