Subway Incident - Update!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonPort, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. anon4eva Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I have to agree, if you take away the support systems, they will crumble. The focus is ALWAYS the CO$--but we need to let EVERYONE know they cannot continue to be afraid and do the cults bidding and turning a blind eye to injustice. From law enforcement to public companies, politicians and FAST FOOD---" Charitable" organizations to drug and health treatment. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No more ignoring the elephant in the room--WTF does it take to get the publics attention?? And for the MEDIA to notice the sugar-coated, faux religion bullshit.
    barricading a PUBLIC restaurant
    Slave labor
    Prison Camps
    ------MMMMMM Got all that and murder! Hello?! Is there anybody out there?????
  2. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    $cientologists get away with this under the guise of religious belief. UNDERSTAND, we're not the crazy people here and the things they are doing are the sort of thing one would expect of a two year old.

    These questions aren't moral faggotry at all imho and it really is time for people to ask $cientologists about what it is that makes them think they're not required to act within either the spirit or the letter of the law.

    Neither, imho is it inconsistent with our educational practices to bring this to the attention of Subway corporate and perhaps to make a point of informing additional franchisees if we get a mind to extend the education to other locations or even other businesses. $cientology = very, very bad for buzine$$ and "they're actively causing your company bad press and turning away your company's customers" is a good counter to their attempts to threaten businesses into capitulation for their megalomaniacal aspirations.
  3. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    does anybody know if children are a protected class?
  4. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    fuck Noelle North

    this bitch works in children's cartoons but she clearly hates children. fuck her and her scientology bullying
  5. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    That's what I'd like to ask, "How can Scientologists get away with suing people who disagree with them, harassing them and their neighbors and ORDER people around but if a Catholic or Muslim did that, shitstorm ensues?"

  6. Optimisticate Member

  7. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Does subway got dem battletoads?
  8. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Not that I'm looking for personal info, but has anyone gotten the name of the manager, and checked it against scilon listings?

    Has anyone called the local BBB and asked them their opinion on this sign placement?
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Grain of salt? How about a 100 lb. bag?
    The person who posted that has a history of making shit up. I would not believe him if he said the sun would come up tomorrow.

    Google 'fred durks.' This isn't an attack on that poster, but there are attention seekers whose word can't be trusted, and that poster is one of 'em.
  10. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Alright, I went ahead and called Subway Corporate at this number: 203-877-4281

    I got a machine for leaving comments. Left an earful for Subway.

    I'll try calling those PR guys directly next.
  11. AnonPort Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I intend to call today and politely inquire about this issue. Sense I am in a different state than where the event occurred though. I don't have manager name of location info going to have to get that before i call.
  12. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Why are we still focusing on "dealing" with Subway? All we need to do is call that particular Subway and tell them to watch out for people pretending to be employees and such. Subway is NOT at fault here.
  13. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Calling corporate may be the only way for the individual stores to listen. I don't want to softball this. The highest executives need to know that on Saturday one of their stores displayed a discriminatory sign on its doors, and that the employees of said store did not do anything to take down that sign.

    Some managers need to be fired over this, and Noelle North BANNED from that location.
  14. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Ah shit, I was afraid of that. If it's Durks, then we need more salt than Babble's hometown lake contains!
  15. bloccz Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    no offense. but fuck you guise, subway kicks ass and takes names!
  16. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I agree. In general, Subway kicks all kinds of tasty sandwich ass, but they need to put their foot down for their franchisees. We need to make sure that they know LOUD AND CLEAR that we will not tolerate any discrimination in their restaurants. I want to see Noelle North banned from the restaurant, and a statement condemning her actions.

    I'm calling the Subway PR guys tomorrow if I don't hear back from them by then.
  17. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Okay so lemme get this straight.......a "private citizen" namely that Sci-Biotch Noelle North walked into that particular Subway and put up the No Anons sign then proceeded to stop the Anon family from going in....????!!!!!

    If that's the case you'd think the restaurant would be uber pissed at the Scilons!!!!! They'd be 'victims' too if this is the case.
  18. wizebikeman Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Noell North it seems you do not show any Xmas spirit ( with a name like yours you should be moar nicer) Oh yeah you are a $cilon and that is why you are Grinchlike in personatily and appearance.

    I think Subway was also being victimised by one of $cientology's dwarf HENCHBITCHES and it should be brought to their attention.

    In the video the Subway shop looked quite busy and maybe the employees hands were tied. The employee might have asked her to take down the sign (as if she would listen!) or her sign might not have been noticed.

    The police said the little girls can eat there anytime so I think the kind policeman should be contacted. This would be easy enough to do.

    1. bring a laptop to the closest police station (to that Subway location) and show the video to the officers. They should know you are both thankful for his help, bring a Thank You card also, signed Annonymous and tell them you would like Noell North to know what she did was deplorable (bring all the gathered info on her.)

    Also make Noell North connected so much to this incident that should be now known as SUBWAYGATE. I wish I was more computer literate but I will bring this to anyone's and everyone's attention for it is a simplistic demonstration of Scientology's Fair Game bullying tactics at work. There is no long Scientology backstory it is just there for all to see!
  19. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Like I said, if the restaurant is busy serving customers, and some confrontation happens at the door, they might not notice what's going on right away. Might disregard it as two people randomly getting in an argument. Then again, if it created that much a commotion, they would have to give attention to what's going on in their restaurant.
  20. dub Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?


    The video will do more damage to the COS than leaving messages on subway's corporate answering machine.
  21. genoramix Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    how do you guise eat a sandwich with a fucking mask on anyways?
  22. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    5 dollar
    5 dollar foot long

    ... I love that song :hooray:
  23. Legion Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    No need to call subway headquarters and stuff... I spoke to the manager there, she fully knows that it was a scientologist that put it up, the police were called, this is NOT something subway would do, and if they see anyone putting signs in their windows the police will be called immediatly. Issue solved. Subway are our friends.

    This isn't something subway corporate would do anything about anyways since their franchise was not the one who put the sign up.
  24. Kilia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Thank you for the info, Legion. Most appreciative!
    Hugs and Bless you,
  25. alpanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    That is good news.
  26. Thundersalmon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Not quite this, but if a PR anon wanted it could work in both favor of Quiznos and Anonymous. A simple commercial for Quiznos with a mask somewhere in the background would be a major hit on Subway and scientology without baaaawwing. Any Anons that saw the commercial could smile smugly knowing the hidden intent, and scientology and subway could shit themselves knowing how bad of a PR move that this was.

    But too true, Subway in not the target.
  27. bloccz Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    anons need for nutritious raid sandwiches (mostly of the footlong variety) completely outweigh this subway bawwing... that being said, nice one Legion.
  28. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Thank you Legion, thank you everyone who called--we reached a lot of people in the Subway org and that is good. They are doing the right thing and now we just need to keep our EYES and EARS and MOUTHS open. It's like somebody's signature: no single drop of rain thinks the created a flood--or something. I don't know if the original sig has the drop thinking but it still works in a zen sort of way.
  29. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Its been over 48 hours since we contacted Subway ourselves. [edit] Subway Corp.

    We explained what had happened, we included the video.

    We have NOT received ANY reply, they have not acknowledged our compliant in any way. I guess they do not care.

    I would expect at minimum a letter offering some thought, maybe to simply say "We are investigating it"

    I can understand they would not want to admit fault, but to simply ignore it! ... is wrong.

    I guess I need to edit the movie, to include the concerns Subways has shown.
  30. momISanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I luuuuuuve Quiznos classic subz..........but, hey. I'm willing to make a change! Mmmmmmm, nom, nom, nom, nom. *Wipes mayo off corners or mouth*.
  31. tazor Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Quizno's is way better then Subway.
  32. momISanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    With 'the hood up and the visor down'.
  33. Esper Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I'm guessing a general consensus has been reached, and there's no need for me to demand someone in management at my local Subway?
  34. spacko696 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?



    its just so delicious
  35. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Are we really getting worked up about Subway? Really?

    I mean, it's not like we don't have a pile of circumstantial evidence pointing to them not being the culprit. We know Noelle North put up and defended the sign. Anons reported friendly service from the store at other times. Subway likely wouldn't want to hurt its own business. ARS reply smelled like an obvious troll. Simplest explanation by far is that the staff either didn't see the sign being put up or that they were just going "um, wtf" at it, being non-confrontational and not wanting to make work any more of a pain.

    I'm shocked. :wink:
  36. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Yes we are concerned about what went down at Subways and what they knew and when they knew it. It was edgy and it is not to be overlooked or minimized.

    I drove by this evening all around the area and Big Blue (let's say bet 8:30 ad 10:30). Subways seemed to have a private uniformed security person kind of walking around near the corner. No temporary or discriminatory or rude signage.

    Lots going on around Big Blue. The tent is up and they were working on lighting tonight.
    Berendo/LRH is blocked off and festooned with these beautiful banners red and white cloth, v soft lighting and awesome lighting I must say illuminating the street below. Really pretty. They were having some kind of lighting run-through (it was fully dark with of course a full moon over Hollywood) Same iwth the big tent. It was filled with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of chairs. It was also decorated on the inside with fabric festoons (these were floor to ceiling) with fine lighting. I couldn't see the stage area but the light filtered the red, and i'm sure it was quite grand.

    Anybody know when the party is and the occasion? I would guess tomorrow night. It was a beehive. Cops on the prop and heavy LAPD cruiser presence both there and near the CC.
  37. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I think that if you have an encouraging and supportive message for them it would be good to keep them on their toes. We hate to see Subway being muscled by the scientology cartel of thugs, and people who like Subways should be able to go there in complete comfort.
  38. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    They damn well better be investigating it. In cases of civil rights complaints how the company responds to a serious accusation is very important and weighty evidence.
    I believe they are morally and probably legally obligated to investigate it and take the claim of possible illegal seriously.

    Subway legal should be all over this baby. When I saw the security guy I thought that was a good sign--but I cannot be positive that he wasn't a Kaiser guy since Subways is up against a nice Kaiser parking lot.

    Subway is obligated to do a full report on this incident. Best keep your notes and be prepared to fax them a letter tomorrow (to that manager). 48 hours is long enough especially since a number of company depts have been notified by various Anons. It should be the full company buzz from sea to sea by tomorrow.
  39. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    PS Subway corporate is a player in this, I think. I've got some experience in the area of "sensitive situations."
  40. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    You don't condemn a whole franchise business for the one time misunderstanding in just one franchise.

    $cientology would love it, if this resulted in Anons being side tracked and going after Subway. You know $cientology isn't the only one that can make its own enemies... this has the potential of putting Anon in a bad light if you keep branding Subway as bad.

    Keep on target. $cientology is the target not Subway. They tried to use Subway like they do everything else. Now some of you have taken the bait and are putting in way too much time going after Subway.


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