Subway Incident - Update!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonPort, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. AnonPort Member

    Subway Incident - Update!

    This is a fair question to ask.

    Has anyone called that Subway. Or better yet Subway's Corporate Office to get a explanation why this was allowed to happen.

    Has it been asked if they support this discriminatory behavior? Has it been asked why the employee's will not take 3-5 mins to remove the sign when it is placed up?

    Has it been asked why Subway has not called the police on the Scientologists for placing signs on there property if as the employees said they did not give permission?

    Why do we even have to ask these questions at all! Why should the public have to take down the sign. That is there responsibly not the publics.
  2. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I was just jumping over here because I found a post on ARS that someone had called them, and found this thread luckily.

  3. Consensus Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Stay on target. Scientology is the bad guy here, not Subway. And I don't blame the franchise owner for being intimidated by the cult - frankly, it's brave of them to proclaim their neutrality and insist that they did not condone the posting of the sign or enforce the sign. Anything more than that could bring the wrath of the cult upon them, anything less could save Scientology from bad PR. They did it right.

    The only question I'd want to ask them is if they're considering filing a lawsuit against CoS or that member. But I absolutely don't blame them if they want to move on and forget about the incident altogether. Subway doesn't want to be fighting a cult, they want to be serving us fresh tasty sammiches.

    I suppose one or two good quotes from the owner condemning Scientology's actions would be nice for any newspaper articles or press releases. But that's about the extent of support we should expect. Frankly, enough businesses in clearwater have been pressured into displaying and *enforcing* those signs that I'm pretty happy with what subway has done.

    edit: I would take that ARS post with a grain of salt too.

    We should NOT go to war with a subway franchise. Period.
  4. Flynn Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    ^ seconded
  5. wombat70000 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Ph: 203.877.4281 /800.888.4848
  6. AnonPort Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    go to war with Subway? HELL NO. I agree Scientology is the target..

    BUT. (and forgive the moralfag in me)

    how long is everyone (outside critics, protesters, anonymous) going to bend over and let Scientology fuck them in the ass, and say

    thank you can i have some more.

    In other words how long will everyone turn a blind eye to this kind of crap. Several people got it right

    if one of us bared the doorway, if ANYONE else that is not a Scientologist did that we would have the cops called on us in a New York minute baby! And we would be threatened with arrest.

    It makes me RAGE to see the Cult getting away with all this crap time and time and time and time again.
  7. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Part of me thinks that Scientology made Subway the target inadvertently. Because the sciborgs think they are the only ones right in the world, they think they can run things. Just like they took over the Subway. This woman presented herself as a Subway representative and the Subway employees did nothing to change this perception. Subway is just as liable for this, and I'm sorry to say this, they should be just as responsible. If the post from ARS is even halfway true (the original poster is about 50/50 as far as truth goes), then it appears that the little Anonymites will be turned away again and again. Because of pressure from the cult. Maybe it's time to target those who have been pressured. They, in turn, will target the real cultprit. Imagine what would happen if all businesses who have found themselves to be victims, especially during the last 6 months, did the same thing.

    Just my opinion, cocks and all that.
  8. anon0004 Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I go ask in my local subway
  9. Flynn Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Considering who was blocking the door, I'm thinking maybe that Cubbi Gummi (Noelle North)used her 'celebrity' (albeit limited) to coax the Subway employees to go along with it.
    "I was a Gummi Bear, do you remember Gem?. You don't mind if I....." *sticks up sign*

    Maybe she said that Travolta wanted this sign up or some shit.
  10. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I think this is a big deal. Subway's employees represent Subway as a whole. Franchised or not. This woman was no employee, but acted as one, baring customers from entering, thus stopping business. Employee on phone could be stupid, a Scieno, or misinformed. I'll wait for real response from manager.

    Now two things though if indeed manager says "No Anonymous!"
    1. we take the pics of the signs, and the videos and we call up corporate Subway and let them know what is going on in California and how upset people are and they will lose business and we are pissed and we will report how subway doesnt serve people and put videos all over the internet and come up with witty shoops saying "Subway EAT FRESHIT!" This will either A) make subway change or B) make Anon look like a bunch of whiners.

    or 2. Let it go, eat somewhere else that will take your money, rather give it to someone who wants it than someone that resents it. Co$ wins a bullshit battle, so what? There are better sub shops.

    Not sure which is better honestly, nerd rage says 1, sensibility says 2. Or another option, just let Corporate Subway know what happened, that the manager supports not serving people based on a demographic, and that they have lost business because of it but don't freak out. This one both of my sides like.
  11. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    The employees can't always be on alert to what's happening "over there" while they're dealing with tons of customers "over here". After the lady was asked to leave, I went into the Subway and they served me just like everyone else.
  12. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    They served all of us that went in there afterwards, masked. Also, the employee that I interacted with was really nice.
  13. ravenanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Didn't the police way and show this was illegal? As in isn't this as illegal as putting up a site that says no women allowed or no black allowed?
  14. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Places of businesses are allowed to deny anyone server. HOWEVER, they are NOT allowed to deny based on a group of people. Subway knows this. And I suppose the lady doing this was going in at the busiest of times so that they wouldn't notice her put up the sign.
  15. Consensus Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    They could, legally, have a policy against masks. That's not discrimination.

    But the sign didn't say 'no masks.' It said 'no anonymous.'
  16. Guerillanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    We went through this in clearwater.

    Anonymous is NOT a protected group. And private establishments have the right to deny entry and service to anybody for unprotected reasons.

    HOWEVER! Corporate policy dictates franchisee actions. So if you're going to hassle subway, take it to the top. Make THEM straighten out the franchise.

    On a related note, Starbucks in clearwater refused to deny service to anonymous protestors. Masks are not allowed inside businesses by law in florida. But they purposely refused to put up a sign denying service to protestors.

    Due to this they were boycotted by the estimated 3 scientologists in clearwater that can actually afford starbucks coffee.
  17. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Question is, has anyone else called that subway. For verification as to what was posted on ARS.
  18. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    War definately not, but some education couldn't hurt.

    AFAIK, the only businesses in Clearwater that ever had those anti-Anon signs were scilon owned, not store owners pressured in to using them.

    But rumor is they asked their favorite OT hangout, a corporate owned Starbucks to not serve Anon and stick one of those signs up. It's said Starbucks corporate declined and the cult started a boycott of the cafe, which would technically be extortion. But apparently the boycott didn't last long, for whatever reason.

    At Spy vs Spy the anti-Anon signs in the documented scilon owned business in Clearwater were all but gone. Usually there's 6+ and I only saw one last Sat.

    So I doubt the No Anonymous sign will remain up at that Hollywood subway for long, unless it's owner is a scilon. It's simply bad for retail business, even in the heart of Flag, to show your store is aligned with the cult. At least that's my take on it.
  19. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    We are not protected by the constitution as a valid group that has anti-discrimination laws for them. Stay on target... Clearwater has been doing this to anon for months.
  20. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Letters to corporate Subway should point out that Anonymous has no problem if their policy is to refuse us. We would hope then they Subway would have no problem if we protest THEIR chain just like we protested Scientology, causing them a 40% loss in annual revenue.
    Oh, ya, and we protest WORLDWIDE. Maybe we (Anonymous) will do a Quizonos commercial. "We at Quiznos were shocked to hear that our competitors at Subway decided it was corporate policy to deny their subs to little girls, simply because they were part of the peaceful Anonymous protest group. We at Quiznos open our doors to Anonymous."

    Anonymous mob in video: "WE LOVE QUIZNOS! SUBWAY SUCKS!"

    That would make for a lulzy commercial.
  21. anonyme Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I think it's completely disgusting if Subway as a chain decides to not allow Anonymous in.What possible reason can they have?That is pure discrimination.
    We need confirmation from the top,and they need to make it clear to their employees,one way or another.
    Do they support that womans attempts to block the entry of children into their restaurant?
    Do they not think that this video may become the subject of media attention?
    Do they really want to be seen as siding with a malicious,bullying cult?
  22. anonyme Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    Thinking about this,the Scilons would love it if we started picketing Subway and it shifted focus away from them.
  23. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    This thing is being taken to the extreme. One crazy ass bitch puts up a sign that a few dumbass employees are afraid to challenge her on and suddenly its a war with Subway. Don't forget how Scientology loves to derail people from their target. When they see that they are losing, they simply change the subject. This plays right into their hands. I say move on and forget about it. If it happens again, call the cops and treat each circumstance individually.
  24. Kilia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

  25. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    1) That particular Subway franchise is NOT owned by Scientologists. I don't think they even own any part of a large franchise of restaurants.
    2) What that lady did is illegal. She was basically impersonating a Subway employee without ever being one. She denied members of the public into a place under a non-existent rule, and rather under her own rule. And put up that sign against the rules of the business.
    3) We may not be a recognized group of discrimination, but technically, a business cannot deny service to a particular group. They can deny service to anyone if they feel that person is causing some kind of problem, but they cannot refuse service based on any specific group of people. I'm talking about any general grouping of people, from something big such as race or religion, to something small like an interest group or a collective.
  26. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I think contacting Subway is a good idea but not as an outraged customer.

    We should contact them more as a concerned citizen. Instead of "Raaaage you didn't let anonymous in!!!! You are going to be on videos on Youtube grrrrr!!!" It should be. "Hi I thought I should let you know that a representative of the Church of Scientology posed as an employee of Subway and barred people from entering. Three of them were children. (include link to youtube video) She even put up a sign on the front door. I believe the church of Scientology may have harassed or intimidated the employees into allowing her to do this. Either that or she snuck it in during a particularly busy hour. I know subway would not knowingly barr anyone from eating at there establishment based on there beliefs or political views. I think it would be in your best interest to warn your employees to watch out for of this kind of behavior and remind them that subway does not discriminate against anyone.

    Thank you for your time

    If I ran a business I'd want to know if crazy cultists were posing as my employees and barring my customers from entering. Also what was the address of the subway it occured at. And the contact info for subway corporate again.
  27. genxanon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I am interested in your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter..
  28. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    right, flynn.

    the fact is: Subway was filled with masked anons before and after the sign incidents.
    Noelle was particularly STUPID to interfere with the kids, a set (female children) within a set (anons) --important civil rights distinction.

    she focused on
    vulnerable anons
    she did not interfere with other anons coming in & out as they wished.

    she did interfere physically with anons atempting to take down the sign
    i think it was the cops that finally took down the sign.

    Subway kept no one out.
    It was Noelle that blocked the children.
    Noelle needs to banned from subway.
    Step one. She is bad for business.
    She didn't even buy a fuckin' coke--she just sat there alone
    She was not even a customer.

    We are good for business.

    I hope she's scrubbing rat shit out of the pipes under Big Blue with a toothbrush right now, followed by a supper of old beans.
  29. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    see below
  30. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    OK man the harpoons
    send them links
    to film, to this thread

    here is enough info to be able
    to effectively let Subway know what's up in Hollywood

    Suggested approach: they love kids too, and they are our friends,
    and they will want to make it right.

    SUBWAY Restaurant Customer Service Form
    complaint form

    Subway store location:

    4700 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles CA 90027

    promo site:

    PR Contacts:

    Contact Information:
    (hit them both, cc to Kevin)

    Les Winograd
    SUBWAY® Public Relations
    (800) 888-4848, ext. 1683

    Kevin Kane
    SUBWAY® Public Relations
    (800) 888-4848, ext. 1329
    (for other email programs, note _ underscore between last and first name)

    They are based in Milford CT
    It is a franchise business, but the franchisees agree (my guess)
    to adhere to corporate PR and advertising.

    SUBWAY® Chain Facts
    About the company - Doctor’s Associates Inc. (DAI), the owner of the SUBWAY® System, is a privately held company. Founder Fred DeLuca serves as President. The corporate headquarters is located in Milford, Conn., and employs more than 600.

    History - The SUBWAY® brand was founded in the summer of 1965 in Bridgeport, Conn. It was the brainchild of 17-year old Fred DeLuca and his family friend Dr. Peter Buck, with its purpose being to earn money for Fred’s college tuition. With a $1,000 loan from Dr. Buck, Fred opened up the sub shop, then called "Pete’s Super Submarines."

    Growth - Currently there are more than 25,000 locations in 83 countries, making it the second largest fast-food franchise in the world. Approximately 5,000 of these locations are non-traditional units -- such as convenience stores, truck stops, colleges/universities, hospitals, military bases, arenas, shopping malls, and more. The goal is to be the largest fast-food franchise in every market - just as we have in the US and Canada - and to have locations in every country of the world.

    and this:

    Community Involvement - The SUBWAY® chain and its more than 25,000 franchised units are very active in the community. Many of the franchise owners help support their local communities through monetary and product donations. Their assistance has helped benefit many non-profit organizations and charities, as well as schools and clubs. The corporate headquarters also assists many organizations, including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Conservation International, United Way, National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Multiple Sclerosis Society of America, and many organizations local to the Milford, Connecticut office.

    I DO NOT SEE SCIENTOLOGY or the Village Academy on this list. You can see that children are an important market for Subway. Our kids LIKE subway and want to be admitted without hassle.

    OK? Let's go...
    (if they permit Halloweeners, they need to allow Anon)
  31. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    About 10 yrs ago I was at a bar for a Halloween party and I remember when we went to Subway afterwards they wouldn't let my boyfriend in bcuz he had his Darth Vader mask on. Maybe its just policy?! or maybe they were afraid the Empire was taking over....who knows :twisted:
  32. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    it needs to be consistent
    not some ok, some not ok

    fact is: every halloween
    banks get robbed

    this is hollywood: they need the strange to stay in biz

    The masked Anons that were stopped by a private citizen, as staff watched and did not intercede, were children
    masked Adult anons had no problems getting access
  33. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I do not believe you fully understand the ramification of this incident.

    Let me ask you: How much Scientology response have you seen? - very, very little.

    Scientology is working to counter this, they need a plan. This is not a minor incident, it is civil and illegal.

    If you listen in the video, you hear me talk about the store agreed the sign remains (regardless of their policy at every other time)

    Do some homework.
  34. GrogStat Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    What I want to know is why is there some crazy bitch out front telling little girls that they are not a person.
  35. monamia Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    she's from another planet that OT8s call home
  36. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I truly missed that part about the sign staying up. WTF? That certainly would change things. . I assummed that the employees were just too busy or had no interest in intervening. Have to go view it again. I assumed the incident was over once the police came and sorted it out.
  37. Relyt Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

  38. Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    What post at ARS..can't find it, TIA
  39. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    So clear this up for me because I don't seem to be 'doing my homework' very well. Did the sign stay up or did it come down? Did an employee actually give permission and defend the sign being up or did they just not do enough to intervene because they were busy or didn't know what to do. Because unless they specifically backed her up, there is no case against subway, except some nieve l7 year old is going to lose his job. I still don't see how subway is to blame. Should they be informed? Sure. But I wouldn't hold them responsible. North put up the sign, not the establishment. They were neglectful in not taking it down and calling the cops right away, but that's all.
  40. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Has anyone called Subway?

    I am so sick of the bullying tactics Scientology gets away with. We're masked for a reason. Putting myself in these retailers' shoes for a minute: I would hate to be a business owner (or a bus driver, like at Hollywood's protest) where they see my face, can easily find out my and my employees' names, etc. I know they're dangerous, and wonder what I should do.

    I wonder if talking to the cops who came to the family's aid would be of any use? They seemed really empathetic, and were the ones who stated - firmly - that the children were allowed inside. Perhaps they could visit with the store manager/owner? They didn't (from what I could see in the vid) go into the Subway first to ask if it was okay for the children to enter. Just thinking aloud... As was stated above, Noelle North should be b& from that Subway. And - there should be some law/statute somewhere in the books that defines what she did as illegal.

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