Stuttgart Birthday Event Raid 24.03.2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ackerland, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Ackerland Member

    Hi everybody! It's been a long time since my last raid report. But this one was just too epic not to share.

    As some followers of the situation may already be aware of: the Scientologists in Stuttgart have relocated to an UGLY UGLY location, virtually where nothing is happening at all in terms of foot traffic.

    We got wind of the date of the Birthday Event for LRH's 101 bday and well. there we were! About 25 Anons were gathered in front of the Scientology building and were partying hard, as you can see from the pics, all while the Scientologists of rank and file of half of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg were coming to their own birthday event.
    Estimates go about from 100-150 attendees on Scientology's side.

    The event would start at 7:30pm and we were there at 7pm and greeting all guests in anon fashion. Many of the first arriving Scientologists weren't treated too nicely by some anons which I regret a bit.

    We had music boxes and were playing and dancing to birthday music and other stuff.
    The DSA, Hubert Kech was a nervous wreck. He'd run up to the police showing exactly where the property line was (though that line was never fenced or anything and appeared as part of the pavement) and was quarreling with the officer about 1m of turf that we weren't allowed to stand on.
    Here's a few more impressions:

    Earlier that day we were raiding the stress test booth, though that didn't go too well. The police would not allow us to educate people and would remove all anons, contrary to the customs of all other cities that i have been to up to now. But that was only a temporary setback. What we did that night raiding the event was 10x more epic than any stress test raid would have been.
    There might be more to come.. so keep posted!
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  2. moarxenu Member

    Well done, you awesome faggots!

    WTF? No raiding stress tests? I hope that changes.


  3. Anonymous Member

    heilige scheisse acki sag karlsruhe wann nochmal sowas steigt du neger

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