students die in Iran

Discussion in 'Videos' started by RichardCranium, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. this pisses me off, it is constant gunfire...
  2. I doubt CNN will air that one. :(
  3. I just saw this on CNN

    they blurred out the groin, but they showed it.
  4. i have only seen the part where they are using the belt as torniquet on tv...
  5. The video shows too many faces, so the groin-tournequette is the only safe portion to show.

    I think if this video becomes as viral as Neda's death was, they might show the full thing, but I doubt it...
  6. I've been posting messages on twitter about this video. Before the first post the page views was 123, soon after it was 238, now its higher. Will keep trying.
  7. yea me as well, posted it to every news agency i follow and the white house and obama..
  8. It doesn't seem like its "catching", probably because its so graphic...
  9. Even the Neda video took a few hours to catch, especially after we learned her name...
  10. it will.. it took the neda video almost a day best i remember.. Obama speaks at 12:30 tommorow so maybe they are waiting on his comments..

    not sure where you live but in the states repetetive murder videos such as this upset people and the American people will demand action.. maybe they are trying to avoid this.
  11. The video was posted on International Post right after it was posted online. There was no censoring either. It's on International Post and the news is updated regularly through out the day. It posted a lot of the news in Iran before most news organizations made it public.

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