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  1. strategies

    Kansas City Anonymous.


    I have been working arduously in the shadows and underground. I have developed creative and effective strategies to raise awareness about the dangers of scientology. Since I joined this movement pretty recently, my efforts to spread awareness and encourage others to join this movement will be noticeable in the near future. In this thread, I will reveal such strategies or methods. Please give me some feedback or advice on such strategies. Given that I moved in from another state no too long ago and haven’t been focused in starting a network of friends, (thankfully, I am also single); because of this, I have much time on my hands. I am willing to utilize as much time and resources to represent Anonymous. I have spoken to a representative from the "Pitch" and to dozens of bystanders and generally informing the public. I’ve been fortunate to speak to a young ex-scientologist who personally shook my hand and thanked me for what we’re doing. I’ve also started a campaign in which I map out a territory, typically composed of several square blocks that are somewhat close to the treacherous cult. I cover the territory by going door to door and either talking to the homeowner or leaving a sticky note on the door. A sticky note that has this written on it;

    “Get informed about $cientology’s Crimes. Unmask and Raise Awareness about this treacherous, criminal, unjust, dangerous, brainwashing cult. We will eliminate their Capitol, Clients, and Credibility by informing people of their TRUE side. Participate in our monthly Protests. They will take place in front of a Scientology building. At 39th and Main, Kansas City, MO. Google “Fair Game” & “Lisa McPherson” or visit Scientology associated deaths, Home - Why We Protest, and Stop Scientology Abuses | You Found The Card. Typically, Anonymous hides their identity to Protect themselves from Litigation, retaliation, and harassment by the C.O.$.”.

    Do to the fact that our numbers have fallen severally because of the following possible reasons: lack of communication or transportation, collapse of motivation, deflation, disillusioned, cold weather (doubt it), sick, out of town, employment problems, or they simply forgot and so therefore they were no longer Anonymous; I have developed an effective strategy, regardless of our small numbers, that will raise awareness about the dangers of Scientology. Before I tell you the strategy, let me tell you about an experience that I had when I confronted a Scientologist on Friday December 26, 2008. This incident spark critical thinking and lead to the strategy.

    So, there I was outside the cult for a couple of hours. And so, since the Scifags realized that I wasn’t going to go away so easily, they decided to shatter my suppression by giving me a small pamphlet about Anonymous. I read it, and then corrected her point of view. So after that, when she was walking away, she made a big mistake of mocking me, (because I was alone); she said something like this, “so where’s the thousands of Anonymous that are supposed to be right next to you?” That, right there, got me a bit flared up. But then I started thinking. “Why does it have to be hundreds or dozens of Anonymous to raise awareness? I mean, I was doing just fine, I was holding up a sign making sure people read it. Two is fine, three is ok. Thousands would be great, fantastic, phenomenal, and it would attract the media!!! But if there were only hundreds and a local news station didn’t show up, it would be the same as if there were only six. So here’s the strategy, we can continue to gather once a month AND/OR spread out within our local territory and protest once a week/month. We can protest in groups of two or even one, if you guys dare. Our main goal was to let people know that this cult has a tax exception status, and that that shouldn’t be so. But our other major objective is to simply raise awareness and inform people of the criminal activity of this cult. And so here’s another question; “where and when can we be able to inform the most amounts of people about the dangers of Scientology?” The answer is part of the strategy. Where? In front of an entrance or exit to a highway or a freeway. When? It can be done just before rush hour, like around 4:30pm...

    I'll add more ideas on another thread.. but let me know what you guys think.

    I have many plans for the next couple of protest. I'll share later, have to cut this short.
  2. Erra Member

    Re: strategies

    You didnt get any meaningful responses in GD, so now you're going to post this tl;dr here and hope that someone validates your existence?

    Well I read your wall of text and its really nothing we haven't said or heard or done before. Really a pointless thread that smacks of egofaggotry on your part. If you have ideas for your local cell, find where they usually get together and bring your ideas up there, don't spam WWP with your crap.
  3. mrfyde Member

    Re: strategies

    glad you solo raided... don't try to leaderfag. (It gets ugly)
  4. Re: strategies

    Anonymous Overseer,

    Let me give you some advice.

    First, your long statement boiled down to two strategy ideas: sticky note fact sheets on people's doors, and standing at freeway on/off ramps. These are two very specific ideas that if you want to give them proper attention, you should have created 2 threads in the Think Tank forum. NOT IN THIS ONE.

    Second, your ideas aren't that good. No offense, but the first one involves walking and possibly harassing people at their homes which turns us into Mormons. The other idea involves us standing on the side of the road, looking like homeless people, and possibly getting run over by a mad $cilon.

    Third, you're using a conservative format of presenting where you tell us what you're about to tell us. You tell us. And then you tell us what you just told us.

    Ideally, if you want to present an idea before the hivemind, go to the Think Tank forum, and don't include all this fluff (motivational or otherwise). Just write a clear, detailed statement (2 paragraphs maximum) about how your plan will be executed. Then see what the response is. If you get some good notes, incorporate them into your overall plan. Once you have modified your plan accordingly, and achieved consensus, then (and ONLY then) should you consider moving it to the other forums.

    Other than that, I commend you on your solo raiding, and wish you the best of luck.
  5. JoshTheater Member

    Re: strategies

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
  6. Re: strategies

    i love the feedback, every single one. like i typed, i am pretty new to this. oh! and the spam thing wasn't intentionally. well Thanx yall.
  7. Re: strategies

    So this is how it should have been;

    the first section " I have been working..." shouldn't be in a thread at all. It should be on my profile thing.

    second section excluded.

    -high quality printed sticky notes pased out in a maped territory composed of several square blocks.

    -dividing our cells into groups to cover more ground
    - protest in location and hours in which we will inform the most amount of people
    -at a bridge that crosses over a freeway
    -entrance or exit of a freeway (sure, we might look like homeless people; but the difference is we're not)

    and the third and fourth section should be "fair game" forum. Sorry peeps.

    I guess my newness doesn't validate my ignorance. x_O

    by the way, there's absolutly no ego in me just humility.
  8. Re: strategies

    London TCR will be getting weekly raids probably from mid February, but they are sort of expecting them at any time all the time anyway.
  9. Re: strategies

    Best wishes to you, sir. It would be great if WWP adds a sub-forum under think thank called "strategies" or "methods" listing, numerating, or caping general ideas that would be easy and fast to read and understand.

    Anonymous Will Succeed.
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