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Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Dec 28, 2013.

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  2. It's a new year so let this be the last year we don't allow the government to perform illegal acts against their own people & people from different counties! Stand up for the rights of your fellow human beings! The actions this government has constantly done are unacceptable and crimes against you and your natural born rights as a human on this planet! Who are they to run our country on the agenda of corporations?! Who are they to deny shelter, food & water to a human being who needs it because it's "not profitable"?! Who are they to call us those who fight for our rights and the rights of others "domestic terrorist" when they are the real terrorist, detaining people without warrants, trials, or a lawyer and then torture them to "obtain information to protect democracy & liberty" and when it turns out said person is just a normal American standing up for their rights and now wants justice for the wrong that has been done to them by their own leaders the government says none of their constitutional rights were violated. They want a war on terror so lets fight a war on terror and take down the imperialistic, corporate controlled terrorist most would call government and take back our freedoms once and for all! Lets show them this is OUR country and WE THE PEOPLE will always defend what our forefathers fought and died for which is our freedom & the freedom from being oppressed by those we are supposed to look to and trust to run OUR country!
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  3. PresidentShaw Member

    Actually there is a lot more christians than freemasons in US political history. Are we going to argue there is a christian conspiracy now? Oh wait, the freemason conspiracy theories were started by the vatican nearly 300 years ago. What a coincidence
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    You start to think I am saying hey look freemason they are our enemy.... Our actual enemy is secret societies like skull and bone illuminati. Freemasons is a religion with secret and its secrecy is where they started.... Freemasons are intellectual, they know more than other people from the past because they use to travel through different cultures and there is a secret knowledge. And you know knowledge could be used for good or bad... Some used it for good and some for bad.....
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  5. the anti Member

    skull and bone are just a bunch of jack offs that well, seem to have some strange jack off rituals. the existence of the illuminati is questionable and likely don't anymore anyways.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Props for spelling - G U E R R I L L A - correctly but I think you're getting a little too riled up about stuff here KingKong.

    This site isn't about planning armed-conflict. It's about legal, non-violent and peaceful protesting. You wanna fight a war? Join the military.
  7. Kilia Member

    Ahh..thnx for the explanation. :)
  8. TheFearless Member

    The dutch are awake, and we will not forget, we are the legion, proud to serve mankind. This is our time, this is our support.
    I aint got a face, i only got a voice
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    If 13 is unlucky and bad Why so much thirteen?
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  12. PresidentShaw Member

    Ok first of all, I'll point out the common mistakes in translation, here is the true meaning of the latin phrases you can see on the dollar bill:
    Annuit coeptis: He approves of the undertaking
    Novus ordo seclorum: New order of the ages
    E pluribus Unum: Out of many, one

    Not only does this strongly references the christian god rather than secularism like you seem to imply, but the eye of providence symbol was by far used a lot more by christians than by freemasonry at the time the great seal was designed.

    The all seeing eye in freemasonry is a reminder that a mason's thoughts and deeds are always observed by god.

    Now, the great architect isn't lucifer in freemasonry it's a non descript name used as a placeholder name for god, since many members are from different religious backgrounds (in fact a pre requisite to join freemasonry is to have belief in a single creator god (it doesn't matter which one, but you have to admit we are straying further and further from your implied secularism or even worse satanism here)

    But this doesn't matter, since the all seeing eye you see on the dollar bill is the christian eye of providence.

    1776 is the date the united states became a country...... Sure it is also the same year that the short lived bavarian illuminati group formed, but that happened in europe, and we are talking about the great seal of hte united state, referencing the date of the creation of the country on it..... I think this speaks for itself and is rather obvious....

    As for the numbers, you could attribute infinite ammount of meanings to them, for example I could say they used 72 bricks for the 72 virgins in islamist extremism. Making shit up to fill in the blanks is silly.

    Finally, this is clearly an eagle and not a phoenix, are you fucking blind?

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  13. TheFearless Member

    Your right at the translation, but it is still a translation used by NWO, but that is going for Ages, but i agree, people mistake the latin wrighting for something they want to believe.
    The Eye sees what the Eye wants to see and believe.
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  15. DARZOID Member

    how exactly have you come to form these opinions. by going on youtube and watching a few hundred videos
  16. Anonymous Member

    I've noticed that many moonbats exhibit a life-long addiction to youtube moonbat videos. They seem to like spreading 'em around like feces, smeared all over the Internet! Their disgusting behaviour is icky.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Is there no no safely padded site for these lost and ranting wanderers.
    Are there no prisons? Workhouses? Treadmills?

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  18. PresidentShaw Member

    They have a purpose, I find them very entertaining.
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  19. Woo Hah Member

    Proof that the Illuminati exist and infiltrate everything :

    Mods gave me powerz of liking / disliking posts.
  20. White Tara Global Moderator

    :p Oh lololol.
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  21. Masca Member

    All this time I've pined for like button never knowing it was the Illuminati who have the real influence.
    Dratz is all I can say, just dratz.

    I'll go look for their phone number now.
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  25. UK Government announces 25 Billion Pounds In Benefit cuts

    Benefits Street: a transference of evil

    The Trailer

    The fucking truth


    Lee Jasper Interview: this Government the War Machine

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  29. the anti Member

    what kind of blasted idiots do you constantly listen to that are puking out this crap?
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    Dox ^^^ proof it's all true:rolleyes:;):rolleyes:
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  35. anyone know where stormcloudsgathering disappeared to?
  36. Anonymous Member

    I think that the cult of $cientology hijacked it.
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  38. Masca Member

    Kidnapped by aliens on January 2. Possibly.
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  39. I do Believe in conspiracy there are many things the government hides like there diplomacy and policies... Conspiracy is normal thing among politicians, there always have been war for world domination in past and plannings and conspiracy were done and I believe in this world also there are conspiracy done by many powerful nations to dominate over poor one economically. I know this since I have seen it from from my own eye as poor nation citizen... Not even year ago India was encroaching borders of Nepal and there are proves of it.... well the foolish one make such open attempt if you think deeply.... I am saying this so you can understand there exist the concept of domination among the nations still today and so there COULD exist such conspiracy theory (I am not claiming that there is conspiracy theory) and just like other field of knowledge it also MIGHT have evolved in different form, by understanding the psychology of the individuals and society, since knowing how individual and society respond to an event would give you a power to manipulate them like sheep.. Scientology history if you see then they also have used psychological manipulations to spread themselves.... So there is possibilities for such theory but it would be hard to say that they really exist.....
  40. Well I opened youtube and on the front row there it is....

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