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Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Dec 28, 2013.

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    You clearly have a lot of questions, with ready made up answers.

    Let me try to help you be a little less confused about the world around you:

    Ben Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill because he was one of the people responsible for the declaration of independence, which he signed in 1776. He is often referred to as ''the first american'' due to his extensive campaign for unification of the states.

    Most people who are assassinated are killed because of either a lone nutjob or an organized effort against them. I personally believe Lee Harvey Oswald was pretty crazy and unstable (as evidenced by his past) and that it is very likely he acted alone (I'm aware this isn't a popular stance but maybe we can debate it one day) Sadly we will probably never know WHY he did it.


    Because of limited ressources

    Because humans evolved separately on different continent, therefore creating different cultures.

    It was given to the USA by the french as a symbol of their liberation from britain.

    You mean the guy who mis appropriated tons of work by the ancient greeks and called it his own?
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    Who knows? I find it all a bit of a mystery.:D
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  6. Kilia Member I'm old and dumb...what the heck was that gobbledygook all about?
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  8. Of all the founding fathers, Franklin has the unique distinction of having signed all three of the major documents that freed the colonies from British rule and established the United States as an independent nation: the Declaration of Independence, The Treaty of Paris, and the United States Constitution.
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    you both are right but have you been aware of the political conspiracy played by Benjamin Franklin. Its just over line you are talking. He was actually one of the greatest free mason. He played with the France king and finally beheaded him. His conspiracy was greatest in history.
    John f. Kennedy was the one who didn't actually know about all these secret and was a threat to them. Prove? search the speech where he says that he wasn't known about secret happening and is sorry.
    Osama was CIA agent . But he was Muslim and you might don't know but I know as I am close to them, they are very hard with ethics they hold and he go rouge when he knew such parts. If you really search about 9-11 you would be surprise to know that it was firstly supposed to be military plane and it wasn't actually similar when report came out. And we are blinded by government as it has its many secrets, that the reason why we are protest. Adding to this there watch this documentary it was shot during 1990s and was predicted that there would happen something during 2000s or nearby 2000s after meeting of the world wide secret society member in 1999 watch the number of meeting 1(999).

    There was business going on to world resources, if you see the early time. There were enough of resources and those resources which are not there were traded it was peaceful. If you consider world war and time before. you can find involvement of such society there too. Hitler used very much symbols not even from his own religions like shwastik. War is a step to make the weakness. The other reason is greed. Don't watch it with eyes provided by US watch it with analysis. These families actually own very much oil business and there are war in these golf countries, the Arabian countries, it has there fault too but if you see closely, why US army should interfere there?

    Statue of liberty have different symbol then symbolizing the liberty. The face the light and the book. How can that show liberty. The book of secret it is. Do some search to it.

    You know our ancient civilization hold alot of detail then we know. They had existed million year and know about stars and planets and many other thing. Some of them knew earth was round and sun was in the center of solar system. But there develop the superstitions and mis-believe about all these concept in between era where the people who understand these things began to misuse them for only there profit. Things like witch prays and different donations are encouraged. Though this religion don't know a lot about the modern days and technology they do know about the politics and conspiracy in there million year of existance. And see how these egyptian symbols exist in different parts of America.. Suppose to be christian country, you can search this better. One of example we can normally see is symbol of illuminati, the pyramid.

    Though it was in middle, finally. They know how the religions divided. They actual origin of religion is misinterpretation of symbols. Everything written was not of literate understanding and people weren't aware and those who were aware used it differently. Though there are many similarities as they are same but it is year of misinterpretation by different culture to dominate. For example, King were suppose to be similar to god! in many culture, Which is total misinterpretation as we know it today.
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    This is what u mean, rite?
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    no he wasn't, the CIA aided him and afghan soldiers to fight the russians during the war.

    the US isn't a christian nation, it's secular. there just happens to be a christian majority.

    WRONG! the INCOMPLETE pyramid symbolizes we still have work to do to help create a more prefect nation. to bad we are still highly messed up.
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    This is weird form. But any of you know that our car could run with water and baking soda??? You might find it foolishness and is dangerous too as its not what its meant but such discoveries of the use of water as fuel has been made... Many early scientist had done it and you know why such information is not published???? Because our government want us to buy fuels and if such thing would come right now, it would just blow there trillion dollar business of fuel....
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    This is weird form. But any of you know that our car could run with water and baking soda??? You might find it foolishness and is dangerous too as its not what its meant but such discoveries of the use of water as fuel has been made... Many early scientist had done it and you know why such information is not published???? Because our government want us to buy fuels and if such thing would come right now, it would just blow there trillion dollar business of fuel....
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    Whats the prove with you that there wasn't Tim Osama whats the prove that it had to be the way the government tells you

    Okay its not Christian nation, it have majority of christian, some jewish, some hindu perhaps. But why Egyptian Structures? The religion that has ended Why?

    Half made is symbol of the still working, but you must know pyramid symbolizes the slaves of thousands of people that had been used to build it.

    What would be your reply for "Novus Ordo Seclorum" down the pyramid which means New World Order, perhaps you know what New World Order is....
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    Actually CIA aided afghan Soldiers for war but He was among agent who helped us to divide Russia and make it weaker... You might not always be in the good side of the story.... Never follow...
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    there is no Tim Osama you retard.

    why is there also roman based structures? and latin words? why not help preserve elements of once great societies that are a part of our history?

    the pyramids are tombs, and not everything was done by slaves.

    mistranslation, New Order of the Ages. remember, all this happened during the age of enlightenment where people like the founding fathers wanted us break away from religious ideals and rule.
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    How can you be sure that he Never existed. While I am giving you the link and that you can find the me
    "The Bush family's involvement in the Skull and Bones Society and the Trilateral Commission, a joint commission of world leaders accused of seeking world domination, is no secret. George W. Bush, in his 1999 campaign autobiography, "A Charge to Keep," speaks of his membership in Skull and Bones. "My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can't say anything more." Now, there is also a new book exposing the secrets of the Skull and Bones Society. Alexandria Robbins, formerly of the staff of the New Yorker, is author of "Secrets of the Tomb." Robbins, a Yale graduate and award-winning journalist, interviewed more than 100 Bonesmen for the book and includes information on Geronimo. Based on her research, Robbins believes the grave robbing incident took place, the log entry is authentic and the skull belongs to Geronimo."
    During 9/11 Bush was president and was a member of Skull and Bones.

    As the history of Freemason implements they were architects of these societies and Illuminati came from the free masonry. And as of preserving the elements of once great societies that are a part of history, its not by recreating them with different layouts and numbers, its by conserving them in there very existence.

    But on pyramids that is building everything is done by slaves.

    I missed on translation point, But The initial existence of these society were good they were for enlightenment of people as you say. But the journey to the time had made them no different then founding fathers who were willing to rule us. I do like the points of unity, I do like the point where people unite and no-one is dominated but where there is secret there always will be the conspiracy and conspiracy are the reasons that highlights the domination.
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    Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin. "Tim Osman" was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments. [...] There is some evidence that Tim Osman ... visited the White House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment. Why hasn't this been reported in the major media? Read more....
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    Read this one it is stunning article about statue of liberty I hadn't cover the reason there is statue of liberty....

    ...Some may know that it was given to America by the French, but few know it was orchestrated by Freemasons, the secret society, not the government of France.
    It’s interesting how America accepted a “gift” from a secret society and then put it up in New York Harbor, don’t you think? Can I donate a monument and have a major city put it up where everyone can see it? I hope so, because I have some great ideas..... Read more...

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    Please, produce this evidence. Not some moonbat video or blog, but EVIDENCE.
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    It was someones humerous attempt at 'creepypasta' years ago (posting creepy ghost stories on internet message boards - the kind of ghost stories you'd tell round a campfire as kids) - the poor english skills, grammar, typos and the fact that it makes so little sense has given it some internet fame.
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    There are so many lies in this world that you just could never know who is good or who is evil....
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    There is actually no proof of him ever being trained by the CIA or being on their payroll.
  33. PresidentShaw Member

    The freemasons are a well respected society, some of it's members were prominent founding fathers of the USA and were very much involved in the development of democracy in the new world.

    Problem officer?
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    If you have time try watching this.. osama_alias.gif
    I am not saying all free masion are wrong. I appreciate the philosophy they had held with them but history is tampered. The free mason is changed into something else. They have secret which there own member don't know there are no true evidence.. But If you see truely, lets say they are good still now. Why secret society why such rituals even they are of high philosophy. Won't it ring a little alarm in your brain....
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    Kilia, you're not old and dumb at all. This is just another of those "incidents" we read about from time to time, the usual case of a passenger getting on the wrong train and landing in Anon.
    Had he gotten on the right train he would have alighted at Moonbat Central and none of these conversations would have taken place.

    He'll be telling us there's another seekrit organisation called WWP next ;)
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    Allright, I will if only for entertainment purposes, even though I have already researched the issue at length. But although the US government DID fund mujhahideens, there is no evidence that bin laden himself was on their payroll... Even if it was the case, you have to understand the context that afghanistan was being invaded by the soviets, and the CIA was (clumsily as usual) trying to counter it by funding local warlords. Hell is paved with good intentions and never attribute to evil what you can attribute to stupid.

    The freemasons are a society with secrets, not a secret society ;) Some of the rituals and teachings of freemasonry are a lot about self development, which is highly personal. That being said, did you know that most lodges have a rule of not speaking about politics or religion amongst its members?
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    well I'll tell you that there is organization called wwp where everyone could come and see this things happening and join freely... But there are things where you can't go and they won't share there philosophy hidden within....
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    "their philosophy" ... thank you.
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    Ok I cannot resist this, actually yeah I can.

    Caek not moonbattery please.
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    Well terror is a great weapon to control public if you see it the way, and they could use the same warlords to spread terror. So tell me wouldn't they kept account for such warlords? and what cause them to counter attack American who pays them and help to win the war..
    Freemason are the society of great architect they have great wisdom and they passed there wisdom secretly. This secrecy was there power and for generation they were good but at some point they got corrupted by though. You can't ensure for power to be good all the way. And of politics and religion, you know all the political leaders of US were freemason almost everyone in the politics are freemason....

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