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Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Hey guys, for recent days I have been searching though a lot of dark stuffs. Stuffs like aliens in area 51, Secrete society, World War 3. The way I see now, they are rising(Still contradicting about aliens though) But the every events will link upon each other like jigsaw. Its a destiny for change I see. Scientology had gone way beyond its power, like fool teenager but there are parts which still hides and are more dark, more powerful. The worst thing I see is we ignore them, some of us are corrupted by the power they show and there would rise another Scientology, even more powerful. Anonymous is not only the idea in the world there are ideas like domination among diversity and even darker. These corruptible ideas are breathing among us and is have there faces in different form. There are secrets and they are planning to just get greater and rule the world and they will snatch someone's right for it. You see until world war 2: people were fighting for broadening there borders and there were discrimination and domination and the discriminated one's right was gone, and If we see now there is still that ideas among our leaders and the organization like UNO are only thing I see that is trying to stop war though it is too corrupted. We need to change this idea. We are thinking ourselves as god, in religion and in-spite of bringing peace we are taking steps to war. This must end from the inside and from everywhere at one before there happens another world war.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Put down the bong and step away slowly.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Man, I need Bong as its been almost a 48hr~Decade I didn't have.....
  4. Anonymous Member

    Do you think it this way the other anonymous guy is also a part inside you like many guy hawks talking to you??? Anyway I don't do bong.... -thread creator
  5. Anonymous Member

    Gah! Insta-dome!

    Good frikken Lord mon, watch it or 'Guy Hawkes' will fuck you up bro.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Budo, English Ma vanna sakdaenas??? Hamro ta vasae xaena hoi.
  7. PresidentShaw Member

    Yeah damned UNO trying to fuck with us. Ya think we dont
    see the illuminati symbolism in those colors and numbers?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    There should be something done... We would forever be ruled..... laws would always destroy our freedom despite protecting them....
  9. CarterUSP Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    No What?? If its that it won't be the way I am saying then think again. The secret societies exist and most of there primary motivation is world domination. Most of them are racist and they would dominate over someone, and that someone's right would be snatched.. Its not about I am of there complexion, of there religion so I must support them. Be on the other side and think that way.
  11. the anti Member

    what did I just read?
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  12. CarterUSP Member

    Let me reiterate: No
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  13. Anonymous Member

    You read about the world behind the curtains. The king above puppets and the storm inside silence...
  14. Anonymous Member

    Your reiteration is your views dominated by the daily life you live that either don't have the existence of such secrets or you assume that they are not your matter of subject you should concern. Well indeed its you and you are your own master. I couldn't change you as its I, I am, but only thing I will for you is to understand though you can't see strings, puppet don't act by themselves.
  15. CarterUSP Member

    My illuminati masters tell me No,
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  16. Anonymous Member

    You see, I am not talking about illuminati I am talking about secret societies only. I never coined any of the society name. But we must understand the nature of the power. Why there are these societies? There might be some society good or some evil. But they all are secret and they all are growing there power. Why they need power? Why they need to be secret? You can't ensure your sword won't cut you. The only thing sword need is blood not of either good or evil. Power is the same. Power corrupts people you can't ensure it would always be used for good. Though intention of there creation might be good but they could turn out evil. These power should not exist centralized it must be spread and being secret don't allow that to happen that also why they become secret. If I would tend to describe everything in this comment it might be a book, I believe you can figure it out yourself. Use your soul be on every side of the story. Simulate every aspect with in you or else be dependent in manuals to teach you how to live.
  17. CarterUSP Member

    Oh no. Our secret societies have been discovered.
    Tepaphones are charging and pointing in your direction.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Well I have got nothing to live for if that so. And don't act brad cause I am the bully of your nightmare.... They are not yours cause if they have the chance they would fuck you up.... Just the way Scientology turned against many of its followers.... Things change and if you don't understand it, if you don't understand the complexity they might rose...... Then you don't understand this thread and what I am talking....
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    5150. Just sayin.
  21. Anonymous Member

    You know when dog is told about rainbow it just start making fun out of the teller. You are acting like a dog who can't see colors and don't believe in it. These things one day will not only destroy you but all of us.... They might not seem to be against what we stand for "Freedom of Information" & "Human Right" but if you see deep inside them. You find the image of corruption. The families of secret hiding there will of domination. You never wanna get out of your pond and see the true world, and its your desire, your decision to be who you are not mine, but what you don't believe might be wrong too, indeed I might also be wrong too. But Just ignoring the thing and directly saying that I am wrong could be your mistake, as I am not ignoring your views. I had seen these things so I know they exist(Not the alien stuff though). There major motivation is there will to rule, there will for domination, you tear yourself in both part and judge equally. Being one of them as the powerful one, with slaves and you dominate things. Then there is second part you are on the other side dominated, hated without your human rights. It your journey to find which side you are in. But I ensure you if these things rise they would dominate someone is going to be dominated loosing there freedom of information and there human right. You reminded me once one of my master told me that the one with my potential either end up as the great one or as the mad one, it has been a long journey of my life and you siting in room sized world can't understand the things I've been through.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Its getting too much conflicted inside me. Why me? Why can't you just see what I am seeing. This is a path to destruction. Nobody told you to follow them. There are no leaders I wanna scream out loud man... And it sucks that no-one get hint what I am feeling then saying me mad. Cause you need to feel it from the inside.... There is no reason why I am saying this thing... Do you think I don't understand I would be looking like mad talking this shit? Do you think that I wanna talk about these craps and destroy my life?? I won't get a shit out of it no-one even know who I am.. Its just for all of us for sake of mankind. World is not a pond and you are not a frog.. Life has no law, no religion only it depends is on you, every one are equal... People don't know what its like until it happen and when it will happen we all are going to get fucked up... This is moment we can stop it now... I am saying this for the sake of mankind. So that everyone live better life....
  23. PresidentShaw Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    I think I need a drink now.... No-one would know this well enough... because we all are frog who like there tiny little pond while eagles are plotting to tear us.....
  25. laughingsock Member

    I love the sunday funny pages.
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  26. OTeleventy Member

    Learn to paragraph. Though, no matter how many graphs, derp is still derp.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Did any of you guys did any re-search any of this stuff. You might even don't know the history shared by europe and america? Why benjamin franklin is on dollar? why john f keneddy was assassinated? why there born osama? why there is war? why there are so many religion? why statue of liberty exist? and there are so many more... but everything is a jigsaw puzzle that fits side by side... You just think the man knows nothing and he is just simply shooting in air..... Scientology is a step of these stuff... Scientology is a child the reality is something far more beyond.... The fate of everything begun ever since the birth of
  30. Anonymous Member

    Francis Bacon was a great man and the philosophy he held was good. But the Idea in secrets changes easily and so had happened. They are players evolved from the time of Francis and holds the great power and position not only in physical world but also psychology of many people world wide.....
  31. laughingsock Member

    Whoah, i never put all that together. Is that why Jay-z flashes a triangle sign?

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Illuminati control the culture like puppet. With its heavy investment over music industry.... There are Many Tom cruise of Illuminate....
  34. laughingsock Member

    Can you prove it? Wiki is not dox, please help me understand your point.

    Really, connect the dots.
  35. laughingsock Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    I can't really prove it but connecting the points... But these are artist are said to be donated greatly by society Try watching
    This connects the point to the creation of illuminati... The F. Kennedy was assassinated for reason his philosophy was for the people and the secret was unknown to him (I am not saying Illuminati killed assassins). The CIA and different secret organization exist in society that create cults like scientology and indeed is not so different from them spying our life... Bin Laden was one of the CIA agent who know the actual thing and he stood against it in different manner which was in appropriate. But he wanted to take down economy because economy is really the chain... Its creating more chaos then ever... Though the manner of him was truely wrong... But I believe American government is more dark then him ... Presidency have power only limited beyond things they don't have control if they tend to go beyond there power things happen as it happened to kennedy... These war you see today where american armies are send across world to create democracy... These societies are trying to create the third world war to weaken world while spreading the sense of democracy.... They wanted to swipe us and recreate the new generation of slaves.... I know its too much of imagination stuff.... But they are here for domination if we see there moto and they would slave us for it..... We need a deeper eye if we wanna see the depth of these more clearly...
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Can't be long before "they" collapse the dollar.
  39. Anonymous Member

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