Stockholm, Sweden

Discussion in 'Europe' started by SweedleDeelde, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. SweedleDeelde Member

    Stockholm, Sweden

    So, just back from a sucsessfull protest.

    It was Me, KUTHULU, Skwee, Anonymusx0, RedReaper and Oliver Stone(6ppl if you cant count)
    Handed out some kick ass fliers(dunno how many, but alot of em)
    Waved the Anon flag around and Rickroll´d ppl :D

    So if i forgot anyhing, fill me in.
    Aso looking forward to pics/videos of the protest, especially the ricking and rolling ^^
  2. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Woho it was awesome. I'll upload the video I made once I'm done with it.

    Thanks to RedReaper for borrowing your mask! (I hope you're able to put back that strange thing that fell off to the place it's supposed to be, and sorry for it)
  3. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Yay, Send the youtube link when its up :D
  4. Kilia Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Good job, Sweden!
    Looking forward to pics and vid.
  5. Skwee Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    It was a good protest. Lots of people who were out in the winter cold doing their Christmas shopping got flyers and some talked to us about their point of view. I talked to two girls who were really suspicious. First I thought they were Scilons, but they were just practising their critical thinking and promised to look up the things we referenced in one of the fliers. A woman said she had bought the book (probably Dianetics) but that she hadn't continued in $cientology after reading the non-coherent thing. She wanted to know why we protested against something we hadn't experienced ourselves.

    We were filmed by an old lady in a green coat who disappeared when we started filming her. She'll probably show up somewhere in the video. I hope she can put her filming skillz into use outside the cult someday.

    In conclusion, there were dancing and lulz and only one scilon (that we noticed) bothered us today.

    For future reference: People seemed to accept more fliers during "What is love" than the other songs we played.
  6. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Nice guys :)
  7. Vir Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

  8. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    O RLY? then it must be played at the next protest :D

    Makes me want to collect some fliers :p
  9. Skwee Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Haddaroll ftw :)

    Oh, I just remembered a really funny lady I met at Plattan. She said that everything boils down to discipline or rather, the lack of it and that the people in $ci really seem to need it. She also said that it is so tragic that people (us?) concentrate och problems so far away when when there are bad things nearby. She took a flier anyway, hope she reads it and joins us. I bet she would scare the Scilons silly... :)

    Well, my hope is that the estimated 250 - 500,000 Swedish kids with alcoholic parents don't turn to $cientology and/or NarCONon for help. That would spell disaster, but I want to believe that Swedes in general stay away from the kooks.
  10. Vir Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Could be interpreted as why are people in Sweden so interested stuff like US party politics when we have Scientologists right here in our country.

    It's not really an either-or thing. We can care about Darfur, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan too, but that can be done without being anonymous.
  11. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    I'm done with the movie.

    Where do you want me to post the You-tube link? (Once I've uploaded the camera, to say)
  12. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    just slap it up here on the forum! :D
  13. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    okay, but please try to not get dissappointed.

    It seems my camera sucks balls, and alot of the filming were lost (for example the part where that strange lady that monitored us, walks away from the protest after I filmed her)

    Everything was fucked up, but I managed to save a little bit of it..
  14. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Well, atleast its better than nothing :D
  15. Skwee Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Aw, balls :(

    Just post the part that was ok then :)
  16. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Yes, I did.
    I also have to admit that my skills on filming is on lvl 0..
    I focused alot on filming the Anons specificly rather than everything, and I regret it. I shall improve myself until next time.

    It's really nothing to see, though. Pretty uninteresting.. :/

    Note: There are some clips in the beginning with you guys handing out flyers. Those are in grey scale since all the colours

    Note2: I might let someone else do the editing next time since I'm not so good at that either. (I guess you can tell)

  17. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Its all right
    Also i liked the grayscale. And editing :D
  18. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    I liked it :)

    And yeah, that lady is most likely a scilon. Good job on the video and the demo. Wee :D
  19. Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    That wasn't grayscale... thay was really how the scilion looked
  20. Skwee Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    I think someone just leveled up in filming.
    Gratz :D
  21. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    *Anonymusx0 level up!*
  22. Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Good demo work, nice video! Congrats on level up! :)))

  23. KUTHULHU Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Detta var den bästa och största demonstrationen sedan den i juni (men vi behöver ännu fler deltagare i framtiden för att slippa vara sämre än göteborg).

    Sex deltagare och snygg flagga och bra maskering - och det enda som inte riktigt fungerade var musiken - och vi delade ut massor med fliers - ungefär 400 - och pratade med folk som alla var allmänt positiva till oss.

    Klockan ett drog vi till scientologibokhandeln - som var lika tom som vanligt - och tog lite kort och la lite fliers i deras brevlåda.

    Stort tack till de som dök upp för fösta gången och tack även till dem som varit med förr - hoppas vi ses igen nästa år.








  24. Kilia Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    You did a super job on the video, Anonymusx0. Great music to go along with it as well.
    Stockholm Anons rule!!
  25. SweedleDeelde Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Yay frekking awsome pics! Also, i hope the next protest will be even moar grand than this 1
  26. Anonymusx0 Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Hej! Här kommer fyra bilder som min gode vän Anonym (Hä hä hä..) tog.




  27. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Stockholm, Sweden

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!

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