Still stealing library books.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonamace, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Muckraker Member

    I sent a letter to my local branch, and have made a template:

    "Recently, I learned that there was a large attempt by officials of the Church of Scientology, mainly members of their Office of Special Affairs, or OSA, since the 1980s to deface, hide, or steal entirely books that were critical of the Church in libraries. An ex-member claimed "I trained other Scilons (term used by some ex-members to refer to the Church) where to look for security strips and how to excise them from the books with a simple razor blade. We learned it was alot easier just to take a razor blades and remove the 1st & last chapter of the book making them unreadable, then taking the book to a librarian and showing them what we found when we just happened to look at the book."

    Other claims included destroying card catalog index cards and other items related to the books.
    "When people heard something about Scientology and went to their local library to find a book on it and the book is not there despite the card catalog showing they had the book, it deprived the reader the opportunity to learn about the cult for themselves.
    Scilons not only deprived libraries of the books but often the card catalog index cards giving the reference to the book (when they could be easily pulled out of the file... some libraries insured this couldn't happen by laminating the cards which made it extremely difficult to remove them from the file)... so when people looked for the book they would never find the reference for it."

    Here is a link to a transcript of a court case where officials confessed to the thefts.

    Keep any material related to Scientology, supportive or critical, in a safer place, where people have to ask librarians or volunteers to see it.
    Check for changes in materials, especially around the late 1990s

    Please do not take this out on anyone who is a member of the Church by not letting them check out books, own library cards, etc. The libraries should be open to everyone.

    If anyone needs any more information, please feel free to e-mail me back.

    Do not let censorship slide so easily. Freedom of Information helps our citizens. "

    We need to include the part about libraries being open to everyone as sort of a disclaimer, so that we wouldn't be responsible if there was a ban.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Please tell me you didn't actually put the term Scilons/b] in the letter
  3. Muckraker Member

    I only used it in a quote, and explained what Smurf meant when he said scilon

    "I trained other Scilons (term used by some ex-members to refer to the Church)"

    Mission accomplished.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is a good thread that's worth reading.
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