Still stealing library books.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonamace, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Still stealing library books.

    This pisses me off enough to buy several more books and donate them to this library. They will soon have a complete collection of anti-sci book. You brought this on yourselves, cult criminals.
    Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library /All Locations
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Look on the bright side it probably got into the hands it needed to be in.

    Horse / water/ drink.
  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    So... CCRLS = local public library system? And you're mad about the abundance of Sci-crap with so little truth? What's with the thread title?
  4. Re: Still stealing library books.

    Slightly off topic but I notice that Omar Garrison's, THE HIDDEN STORY OF SCIENTOLOGY is on the list. He was not a Scientologist but he wrote a highly favorable book on the cult with the help of the GO.

    Then they wanted him to write a bio of LRH and when he found out the truth he denounced them. They later paid him off so that he wouldn't continue to talk or write the truth.
  5. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Omar was commissioned by LRH's representative, Laurel Sullivan, to pen his official bio. When Omar discovered a laundry list of lies about LRH's accomplishments (with the aid of Gerry Armstrong), he was determined to complete the bio, lies & all.

    In June 1983, he agreed to a settlement with the Church. The Church wanted to be absolutely sure that the manuscript wasn't made public. Garrison reluctantly agreed. He too had been followed by private detectives, "bumper to bumper." However, Garrison retained copies of documents from the Hubbard archives to ensure the church's reps wouldn't continue fair gaming him.
  6. Re: Still stealing library books.

    Thank-you for that.

    2 members and 20 guests.

    Must be sexy topic here.
  7. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.


  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    I wanted to do that!
  9. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Why it's always been Scilon policy to rid the public library system of suppressive materials? Happens all the time. I was quite good at it when I was in the cult.

    It's either steal them or tear multiple pages out of the books so they are made unreadable. The library will take them out of circulation and trash them.
  10. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    It could have actually been lost. In the old days, they wouldn't have paid for the book.
  11. Lorelei Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    If they continue to steal those books, a smart librarian will put spine strip beepers in them and embarrass the thieves when they try to slink out with their stolen goods. Downstat!
  12. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Sweetheart. I trained other Scilons where to look for security strips and how to excise them from the books with a simple razor blade. We learned it was alot easier just to take a razor blades and remove the 1st & last chapter of the book making them unreadable, then taking the book to a librarian and showing them what we found when we just happened to look at the book.

    Black op successful. Suppressive book gone.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Please elaborate iin detail how you learned this. I'm a sucker for specifics.
  14. thefatman Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    They did the How to Steal Books from Libraries course. Haven't you heard of it? It's great. You learn heaps of skills. Hubbard wrote it in 5 minutes while upside down in a birdcage.
  15. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Not quite sure who told me this. A staffer in OSA, though.
  16. twig Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Wait, really?

    I thought Scientology was bad, but somehow I never thought anyone would stoop so far.

    Stealing library books! Is nothing sacred?
  17. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Not when you're a classless wog (non-Scilon).
  18. Lorelei Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    That's why you put the security strips actually down in the spine, not on the pages of the book.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    And still no footage of them raiding the news boxes of St.PeteTimes, too bad. We know they do it, they know they do it.... hm, book with built in dye-package anyone?
  20. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    My dear, it is very easy to access the spine of a book with a razor blade.
  21. Re: Still stealing library books.

    I just make the head librarian aware that criminal activity, perpetrated by over zealous cult members, is taking place in their library. They have the addresses and phone numbers of the persons that "lost" the book. Once it becomes a regular problem, they can contact law enforcement and better yet, they can contact local media to publish reports of the thefts by crazy cult freaks. Librarians hate people that mess with their books. Small, local newspapers eat this stuff up.

    This library is about 4 miles from the Delphi school, in Sheridan, Oregon. I donated the book there because I was abused at this school when I was 7. I had a learning disability, and was punished with isolation and hard manual labor. I was planning a long term protest campaign at the entrance of the school when all my legal troubles began. On of the things that was said about me in court, was that I might shoot up a school. I'm sure when I get there to protest, the police will be told the same lie. Of course, I will have contacted them in advance and preempt this tactic.

    For those not aware, here is more info on the history behind the book thefts.
    The following is an excerpt from a Public Record Court Document
    United States District Court Central District of California
    Case # CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx)
    Declaration of Graham E. Berry re deposition testimony of Garry
    Scarff. April 4 1994

    Garry Scarff was an operative for the Church of Scientology's
    Office of Special Affairs, (OSA)

    Books Critical of Scientology Stolen and Destroyed.
    Scientology Critics' Information
  22. anonsoldier Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    If they pay for the book, it isn't theft anymore. Of course, if they repeatedly keep losing the same book, that will appear suspicious and we've got something to work with. Alternately they keep sending out new Scilons into the wild to make library cards and keep stealing the books.

    Regardless, I think all Anons (especially those near an Org) should continue to monitor their local libraries for cult activity. Flyer their books and continue to ensure critics remain on the shelves. Let librarians know about the chapter removal tech Smurf mentioned, might be useful.

    In the end, they simply generate more revenue for the critics because more copies get purchased by us or the library (paid with their fines no less). So even that is a win.
  23. BigBeard Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    From the OP,
    Not to put a damper on the tinfoil, but since when have Cof$ actually checked out books to steal them, rather than putting them under a coat or in a bag?? And when, if ever, have they admitted guilt by paying for a book they've stolen??

    This sounds more like:

    a) someone, or their kid, actually lost the book

    b) someone loaned the book to a friend, who never returned it, so they ended up having to pay for it

    c) someone who liked the book so much they decided to keep it and pay the library
    for it.

    And, according to my local librarian, coming into the library and telling them you've lost a book, then paying for it, isn't considered "stealing" the book. It's an aggriavation to the library, embarassing to the individual, but it is not a case of theft. Taking a book without checking it out and never returning it would be.

    So what, exactly, aside from the "Lost and Paid" in the OP that doesn't fit a Cof$ operation, has everyone going on that this book was actually stolen by anyone??

  24. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Just a note on the situation in Ireland, including the UK part.
    The scilons claimed 100% library coverage in Ireland in 2009 with all the new basics supposedly in every library in the land, the facts are however very different.
    There are over 450 libraries on the island and the total number of Hubbard books is 36, yes folks, a mere 36 (thirty-six), about 80% of these are his science-fiction writings and all 36 books are pre-2007, most going back to the early 1990s.
    There are NO Hubbard books post-2007 in Irish libraries with the exception of Trinity College who keep one of every book in the world anyway as they are a huge college with more students than there are scilons on Earth (over 20,000).
    Any books that were donated have seemingly been disposed of either by plain good old dumping or by giving to local charity shops, possibly theft also?
    The point is that the scilons are claiming 100% books into libraries (this would mean over 8000 books) when they actually have 36 total for the entire country.
    And now the end is near...
  25. anonanchovie Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Is that Dermot Ryan's false report or mr kean's? Either way, it is an instant treason assignment :(
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    There are other ways to make books vanish too. Instead of taking them out, they could just take them into the bathroom and then drop them in the trash there. Cover them with some paper towels and viola, gone.

    One way to really mess them up might be to poon the library and suggest to them if these books keep vanishing, maybe they should just get rid of all Scientology books and put an end to this game once and for all. The library might do that just stop having to deal with the problem.
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    A lot of libraries have already purged the Sci-crap. Around a year ago, I scored(?) a box of the "basics" from someone I know who volunteers at a local library. The library was tossing the whole thing, with all the contents still in shrink-wrap.
  28. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Not too sure, Dermot, I think. They got a lot of money from Johnny Dennison for this campaign too, poor Johnny, where has his money gone?
  29. xenubarb Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    I was at our local branch library two days ago. Just for fun, I checked the sci-fi section, which is in alphabetical order. There was not one Hubbard book in those stacks! Not even Battlefield Earth!

    Next time I'll check for the other books, but the librarian I talked to didn't know if they'd received boxes of books from Scientology.
  30. Re: Still stealing library books.

    It is the opposite in my area. The critical books are not being stolen but while ago the Scientology books were vanishing. They have since donated more Scientology books to the library and it hasn't happened since.

    I keep inserting flyers in the Scientology books and every week the flyers disappear. They don't have to do that--it's not like anyone actually borrows those books as far as I can see.

    Naturally, I replace the flyers when I can but lately I have also been leaving an extra flyer in each book. It says: IT'S NOT JUST LRH BOOKS I'VE BEEN LEAFLETING IN THIS LIBRARY
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    I put some fliers and dvds in Sci-fag library books over a year ago..... and they are still there!!!
  32. subrosa Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    I just found a copy of dianetics that had been discarded by the library, it had been there 8 YEARS and had not EVER been checked out!

    (And the flyers and YFTC's were all still there as well)
  33. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Here's an idea:

    If you know of a few books that keep disappearing, you could stock pile a bunch and sell them to the library (at cost!!) You could also try and get the library to have more of those books on hand. This would always ensure that those books are available, as well as have Scilons financially supporting their critics which is kind of funny.

    If you can convince the library that is... which could be hard.
  34. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Many libraries now keep "disappearing" books behind the counter on display, and one has to produce a photo ID to check them out.
  35. Re: Still stealing library books.

    Hubbard is a minor Sci-fi writer, known mostly for pulp short stories during the '40's-'50's 'golden age'. Aside from anthologies of period work, he is not currently read, collected or reprinted (outside of his cult press, of course...).
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    That's about the lamest thing I've heard anyone do in my life. And you really thought, at one point in time, you were doing some super important work there?
  37. supafreak Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    I thought most, if not all libraries had that kind of anti-theft device these days?
  38. blackdove Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Hmm... I'm going to have recheck my local branch. Last time I was in, maybe 3-4 years back, they had an odd assortment of Scientology books and the library had no idea where to categorize them. I'd find some in sci-fi (HAW haw), some in philosophy, and some in religion. I checked some of them out for fun reading, but this was in pre-Anon pre-flyering possibility days. It was still pretty sparse, only 4-5 or so, and not any that people could get any use out of. I particularly liked the one with the caveman on the front eating the meat, there was lots of great nonsense in that one. And the 8-8008 one. I STATE THAT THIS CONCEPT IS TRUE, THEREFORE IT IS BECAUSE IT'S AGREED THAT IT IS kinds of nonsense, with lots of other nonsense about guhlaxies and thetans. I told Ken Moxon that the books read very nonsensical to us wogs and he said it's because I was reading them out of order. I'll get right on that, Mister Schmoxon... I started with Dianetics the Original Thesis and lamowwed.
  39. Smurf Member

    Re: Still stealing library books.

    Actually it was.. in the 90's... it wouldn't have the same effect today with the wide access people have to computers...

    In the 90's, owning a personal computer was relatively new so people went to libraries to do research or find a book on some subject that interested them. Some of the old timers hear may recall the old "card catalog" system we had to rely on to locate books.

    When people heard something about Scientology and went to their local library to find a book on it and the book is not there despite the card catalog showing they had the book, it deprived the reader the opportunity to learn about the cult for themselves.

    Scilons not only deprived libraries of the books but often the card catalog index cards giving the reference to the book (when they could be easily pulled out of the file... some libraries insured this couldn't happen by laminating the cards which made it extremely difficult to remove them from the file)... so when people looked for the book they would never find the reference for it.

    When the only information available is pro-cult propaganda, you can come to your own conclusion to what happened. Nowadays, however, people have Google... they don't need to go to the library & check out a book to find out about the cult.

    But, Scilons are a very sensitive sort and any library institution that permits a suppressive book to be checked out is committing a human rights violation against the most ethical people on planet Earth, so you actually believe you're helping humanity by secretly & quietly disposing of the book without the library knowing about it. Yup, that's what happens when you're a mindfucked Scilon.
  40. Muckraker Member

    We need to send this to every librarian.
    Gain some moar anons.
    Fox News will start talking about "An internet hate machine composed of angsty teenage hackers, and crazy old librarians who need an army of angsty teenage hackers to help them out."
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