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  1. Anonymous Member

    Unless you register a forum membership, no one is going to take your question seriously.
  2. When and where is the next protest
  3. Anonymous Member

    Wrong question. You should ask "when and where is the next [put your cause] protest?', or better "is there a community of people from [put your area here] who care about [put your cause here], and if there is, do they plan to do a protest in the near future?". And the best thing you'd do is lurking (reading threads and forums of your interest) - that way you'll meet people, find out what's going on, perhaps find some interesting materials on your cause and learn something new. Other (bad) scenario is that you find out no one here cares about your cause. Anyway, you should lurk yourself, instead of asking very very very general questions that anyone would answer in a different way.
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  4. Hi, is there an area on the site dedicated to protest technology?

    To be more specific, NOT web page software. Things like apps, hardware mods, platforms or packages. TOR is one example of a package as it combines a number of anonymity / security tools into a single download.

    Also, can members recommend existing tech like the above or web sites. My interest includes new development and integration.

  5. Anonymous Member

    I'm confused. Why would you want to protest technology? Maybe you should try protesting scientology instead?
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  6. John Duff Member

    Not yet.
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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    A couple of problems
    Recommending tech can't be posting commercial links to tech. A review article or discussion is ok.
    The closest thing here is about resources.
    Avoid anything illegal.
    In addition- register an account here if you want to be taken seriously. Opening an initative or a new topic won't work for you unless you are a real member.
  8. Thanks very much for your offer. Sounds great!

    I figured out I can set up an account on my comp without altering the phone issue so I'll get TOR running. So that way I'll be less irritating.

    I still think it's important to explore this kind of access to the site. Cuz it exists and will be used by all sorts of undesirables. Myself excluded of course. ;)

    I need a day to get TOR set up. I'm still researching the phone thing off site but will give the anon posts a rest then except in co-ordination with yourself.

    Cuz I'm not a troll... :) really... I'm not. Stop thinking that everyone... :)
  9. Newb and having a problem with knowing if i'm really anonymous. Read the info but how do i know for sure?
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  11. Anonymous Member

    How often does it happen that during Chanology protest a Scientologist comes up to you guys and agrees to talk, or asks you questions about Chanology, or doesn't run for their life when you try to talk to them? Just wondering
  12. John Duff Member

    Real Scientologists don't talk. We are not worthy of a conversation.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I imagine. I asked this question because I've seen a post-game thread here somewhere where OP said that "Scilon actually talked to me!" and he was so happy and excited that I've been thinking, shit, all those years, and they never thought there might be something to it (Chanology protesting them) and asking Anons about it wouldn't hurt?
  14. John Duff Member

    This Scilon was probably punished for this and had to distribute propaganda near the subway stations during several weeks (or worse).
    This kind of behaviour is strongly repressed (they don't want Scientologists to get un-brainwashed). So I guess this is very rare.

    Maybe the man was starting to realize that he was trapped in a cult and wanted real informations. In this case, I virtually applause him for his courage.
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  15. K new so idk wat to say but I was wandering why the gov and news only talk about all the supposed bad stuff we do like why didn't they talk about how we turned in all the Isis recruiting profiles or attacking all those child porn sights and bringing them down
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  17. Zexile Member

    My only question is, how do I get started.
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  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I suggest you start here. It's straightforward, you are working with experienced Anons who will get to know you. You can settle in and find your area of interest.
    This is a project working against Scientology to keep them from tricking people to join. Our history with Scientology- this is how Anonymous started out. A lot of on line activism is organized reporting,
    emails ( poons), comments etc. welcome here

  19. Mod Edit: No trolling in the New Member's area
  20. Zexile Member

    in reply to you, thanks.
  21. The eye Member

    I would like to ask, what would anonymous ultimately like to achieve? I'm not at all saying you haven't achieved already, but would like to know anonymous's true goal should it have one. If you could sum up in a single sentence the ultimate goal of anonymous what would it be? I do not wish to sound rude or arrogant but just want to know that I have come to the right place, I have read up and done my homework, and even though most of what has been done by anonymous doesn't seem so have a visible effect on my surrounding I see potential in them and get a kind of tingle down my spine (in a good way) at the idea of them. Also could you please share what you may want to do that you haven't already.
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  22. A.O.T.F Member

    Excerpt from - A Message to Anonymous From An Anon

    by The Fifth Column • June 18, 2015

    Anonymous Population Census

    Anonymous is a legitimate idea. However, if you have an open door policy there is no entrance exam or interview.

    Anyone can become Anonymous. There is an assumption that as soon as someone dons the Fawkes mask that they are one of us and they will act as one of us. The hardcore Anons are a very small portion of the populatio, and the vast majority are still relatively new to the idea and need the guidance and encouragement of the collective.

    The migration has been made from the internet to the street. We now occupy the physical world as well as the cyber world and great things are happening in both arenas. Whether you have computer skills, or not, there is a broad spectrum of opportunities to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    If you are going to be Anonymous then you should be portraying a positive image for Anonymous. There are many people who want to wake up and might only see us as an information outlet. We are not serving effectively if we are creating an image of non-approach.

    If you are new and motivated to be a positive contributor do not make drastic changes on your profile immediately. Share information that you feel people need to hear. Be about the idea. Send a subtle message. Everyone has an obligation to do what they can to give something to the cause. A genuine self respecting Anon will commit his/her time to selfless goals and agendas and not your own.

    The true opportunities for greatness in the future of this organization are in the physical world. Hacktivism has its place, but was the methodology of an extreme minority lacking in manpower. The tables have turned. If you believe that the only powerful Anons are the hackers you’re not seeing the big picture.

    Now is the time to focus on the future not the past. The next chapter in this story will not be set in the cyber world it will be in the physical one. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Get into the streets if you’re not already. There is no excuse and there is nothing to fear. Get that mask and get to work.

    Goals or Agenda

    Perhaps now would be a good time to step back and take a breath and think about what we have accomplished over the last year as well as years past. Look at what we do daily.

    Is what you are doing really making the most difference or could our energies be more beneficial being directed elsewhere? Wanting to change the things that anger you is a good thing, but finding an outlet where you can use that energy productively and without creating drama and division should be your utmost concern.

    – Anonymous

    Source -
  23. The eye Member

    Thank you, I see.
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  24. A.O.T.F Member


    You are so very welcome. And yes, you have come to the right place. Here you will find an incredibly brilliant and diverse selection of people. ;)
  25. A.O.T.F Member

    Biella and I have always gotten along splendidly. As someone who purports to know everything, I put it to you to prove the rumor by getting Biella to come here to prove your accusations.

  26. The eye Member

    I would also like to ask where one might go and with who to speak about ideas of their own? I ask this because I feel I have decent ideas to share. I would also like to meet people who feel similar to myself.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Eye
    It's best you get to know us, and we get to know you, before starting an Op here.
    This is a good place to start.

    It's straightforward, you are working with experienced Anons who will get to know you. You can settle in and find your area of interest.
    This is a project working against Scientology to keep them from tricking people to join. Our history with Scientology- this is how Anonymous started out. A lot of online activism is organized reporting
    emails ( poons), comments etc.
    Welcome to WWP
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  28. The eye Member

    Thank you
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  29. Anonymous Member

    What I want to add to what AOTF has posted is: Anonymous has no goals itself. Anonymous is just a name that media gave people from 4chan who stood against the practices of the Church of Scientology, and some of them embraced the name (and some didn't). Anonymous is just a name for people, who do "something" anonymously. "Something" may be anything, and in Chanology's case it's activism, but it would as well be gardening or dancing naked around the fire. But activism is what is mostly associated with the word "Anonymous" by popular media and popular opinion. Not that it's something bad - I personally think it's good, but it's never good to assume that Anonymous means only good things.

    You can use Anonymous for any purpose you want. What "Chanology" part of Anonymous uses it for is activism, dedicated mostly to fighting Scientology, then fighting surveillance and censorship, pedophilia, rape, and injustice. But it's not the only way to understand Anonymous.

    My point is, there is no such a thing like "ultimate goal of Anonymous". But if you want to know what is the ultimate goal of what I, and many people here, and on other sites, everywhere in the world, understand by Anonymous and what we're looking for in Anonymous and what we want to use Anonymous idea for, is defending human rights and justice. And that is what we try to do, as good as we can.

    Hope that helps.
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  30. The eye Member

    Thanks that does answer my question, however, as I am new to this and have only briefly looked into what seems to be Anonymous's biggest target (Scientology) i fail to understand why Scientology is such a great enemy of anonymous and how protest or hacking of any sort can actually erase the problem? Once again please don't take my questions or curiosities as an attack, I mean not to be rude or arrogant, it is nice to be able to ask these questions.
  31. Anonymous Member

    That is the question someone else will answer best, because there is no Scientology in my country and I'm not that concerned with this particular cause. The only thing I can say is that Scientology has a long history of abuse, slavery, human trafficking, tax evasion, harassing of it's critics, murders, and more (more more more). And thanks to Chanology and other critics' work, Scientology is slowly dying. Other people will answer this question better than me, linking you to more dox and information.
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  32. The eye Member

    You say that the foundation for Anonymous is love, but anonymous clearly hates Scientology, how is this so, surly this contradicts love being the foundation, if love is the case shouldn't you strive to help Scientology if you feel they are wrong, why the fight?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous is both love and hate. It has the potential to do both good and evil, and sometimes even the "good" side of Anon does things morally questionable or just cruel, to achieve something they think is good.

    We hate Scientology, because it's evil. It doesn't contradict our good intentions. We also hate ISIS. Who doesn't?

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  34. The eye Member

    Please can you tell me what it is about Scientology that you hate so much, I have briefly read what it is their about though I understand there's probably a lot more to it than detailed, but to me they seem to hold similar beliefs to what is known as the laws of attraction or hidden science, based on common sense and logic alone one can see how these beliefs when used correctly can have a positive effect on a person's life, please help me understand.
  35. A.O.T.F Member
  36. The eye Member

    This doesn't really help me to understand, I can see that Scientology appear to have done things that Anonymous consider to be wrong, but does this mean a whole system of belief should be branded in such a way due to the actions of a small part of what seems to be a big organisation, have you ever considered that there may be people guilty of the same things in Anonymous? I'm sure that amongst anonymous there is at least on person who has raped one person who as murdered and so on...., if they pose such a problem is the right solution an attack? Will this not start if it has not already, a game of cat and mouse as a result of action and retaliation? Will it ever end? And couldn't a potentially world changing organisation such as anonymous be using their power in numbers to do better and more practical things?
  37. A.O.T.F Member

    I strongly suggest that you check out the above links. Read the literature supplied. Take your time, and then come back to us. OK :)
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

    It's alright. All's good. You just need to do some homework.
  39. The eye Member

    I did and I'm greatful for you trying to assist me and help me understand, I personally feel no need to persue Scientology any further I feel that whatever they are upto it can have no negative effect on me or my surrounding if I don't let it or even contemplate it, therefore I will cease to ask questions of this kind, I came to Anonymous because I have ideas, I would like to speak about my ideas with someone who if not in charge has a ability to reach out to the masses
  40. A.O.T.F Member

    There is nobody in charge - There are no leaders. Like i said .. You need to do some homework.
    Ideas, sure. Lets see what you've got.
  41. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Derail from the Questions thread moved.
  42. The eye Member

    Why I don't get this? I was asked about my ideas so I spoke of them please tell me why the post was removed?
  43. The eye Member

    So when someone talks of such things their post is removed? I spoke of my ideas I do not understand what you mean by derailed from questions?
  44. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Eye
    The posts that were derails were not questions, for example back and forth about who was insulting. You started explaining your ideas, and that's better in a different thread. If appropriate questions were removed then please look at
    and let me know. It's best to not declare something utter nonsense before you can get an explaination.
  45. The eye Member

    In this you are right, thankyou
  46. Can I trust the anonymous videos posted on YouTube? I feel as if 90% of youtubers posting videos are only trying to gain recognition.
  47. John Duff Member

    Anyone can make these videos : "real" Anons, or attention whores.
    In general, look at the Twitter account linked to the Youtube account to make sure it's a real thing.
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  48. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Excellent advice, Twitter exposes intentions. Ill ad that to advice to newcomers.
  49. Helllo Anonymous.
    I am looking to join the legion, and I am very passionate about what the Anonymous brothers and sisters have done, and would like to join them in doing the right thing. showing the people that they do have the right to privacy and that the government is violating the human rights.
    Please allow me to enter the legion.
    if you need to privatly contact me.
    My email is hackrat..............@........
    P.S. Please dont spam me or hack the acccount, this is not a threat, but a request to be part of the greater good.
    Hoping to promote further contact with Anonymous.
    HackRat out.

    Mod Edit email deleted.
  50. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ih HackRat. Think of the paradox- posting an email address on a Anonymous forum, then requesting the email not be hacked or spammed. See?its best if you give out your email via PM to people who ask you for it because they are interested. Don't post emails, real names, schools, jobs or anything that can be used to identify you.
    You need to register an account to use the PM system.
  51. Hello,
    I'm trying to be more secure with my internet usage, any tips you may have for me?(Software,websites, articles, etc..) I have a PC, running windows 10, i use tor and Firefox. I am in college so anything free or cheap will be useful.

    Thank You
  52. Anonymous Member

  53. [H4CK3R] Member

    How i can help in the operations??
  54. Anonymous Member

  55. synexel Member

    Hi, I was just wondering who I could talk to about doing protests in Canada?
  56. [H4CK3R] Member

    When is the next operation
  57. Anonymous Member

    What would be the subject of your protest(s)?
  58. [H4CK3R] Member

  59. [H4CK3R] Member

    What is the PM system??
  60. Anonymous Member

    Private Messages.

    Check your Inbox.
  61. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi you two
    I wrote a long message but the mods deleted it. That's a joke. I dont know where it went. Requests about on-the-ground protests- it's better if we know you. There is a thread called 'Taking down craigslist' that's a good place for us to learn
  62. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    In answer to where to find protests- use the search bar with your town/state/provence. This isn't a complete schedule of all Anonymous protests. I suggest you search Twitter.
  63. Sheetrab bit Member

    I know this is a weird question but are any members Christian are you fighting the illuminati just for freedom
  64. Rixty Member

    i'm new. i want to protest scientology. i'm making signs in san francisco. i have more crafts supplies than a kindergarten class. but i'm newer than s*** so i'm gonna try to find some humor in this ron.hubbard crazy-talk and keep reading the forums until i find someone in the area. come in peace save for miscavige-ers.
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  65. hola disculpen yo solo quería aprender un poco sobre esto y como hackear obvio ustedes no enseñaran pero tienen algún consejo o alguna parte por la que comenzar?
  66. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I have no idea.
  67. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There is a very active group of protestors in San Francisco. They protest in front of the Scientology building downtown.
    This is MOOG our dance master
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  68. SilentScream Member

    Good day Anons!!! look im new too anonymous and ive got a whole lot of questions I'd like to ask.
    But we will get to them later.

    1) How do i get involved more deeply into anonymous
    2) How do i find out about more anon protests and how do i get involved
    3) Whats the best way to get more people involved with what were doing

    Ive only ever seen the million mask march where im from.
    And ive seen a whole bunch of activity through out the world
    I want to get mor involved.
  69. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi SilentScream
    WWP is a small slice of Anonymous. Some of your questions are best answered by searching Twitter. To search here use the search bar and search for places near you.
    We don't have anything like a schedule of all Anonymoys protests here.
    Take a look at our initiatives and find something that interests you.
    WWP does a lot of on line activism and I suggest this thread to see how that works. It can be long and not very interesting at times but this Op shows you your part of the effort and we can get to know you.
    Post there so we can see how you are doing.
    To keep Anonymous in the headlines- keep talking about it and posting about it on line.
  70. asosipww Member

    I got a couple questions, like:
    1. How do I post anonymously here?
    2. What does WWP have to do with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ cuz I seen their buttons and shit and I though they not good for us and anonymity but I'm really new to the anonymous stuff so maybe I just got something wrong?
    3. Are there any big protests planned here right now?
    4. How to get a higher rank in anon?
  71. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    When you register if you use a proxy and a disposable email you can't be identified here.
    So far as I know, all those buttons mean you can sign in from those places. Signing into facebook and THEN signing in here is a bad idea.
    We don't have a master lists of protests here. Twitter has more information because there are many Anon groups that are active there. To find protests in your area use the seRch bar and look for cities or areas near you. Check this forum for some protests.
    Don't ask questions about rank here
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  72. asosipww Member

    Thanks Disambiguation ation tion ion on n.
  73. i was wonDEring if their was anY protests near Detroit coming Up?:)
  74. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Start one.

  75. Brak Member

    asosipww = wwpisosa cute.
  76. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No trolling in new members area
  77. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Bienvenidos aquí. este foro de España estarán activo próximamente. Espera.
  78. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    If you want to be active here you need to register, then you can search for protests in Detroit that are discussed in WWP. Otherwise I suggest you search Twitter.
  79. bonjour !
    je suis un hacker debutant
    apret avoir aprie les php et la long binair
    et les algorythms jaimerai rejoindre anonymous pour vous aidée dans votre comba contre les illuminati et scientologie
    mrc de me dire les etapes a suivre pour integré anonymous .
  80. hiya
    i just got rippedoff by
    they stated my problems arent theirs while i payed money for their services
    is there anything i can do?
    i dont even mind the money but it took me 8 hours of fiddling with my windows to not get it working
    i just feel like their an exploit site or something
    i felt it was weird paypal only
    greetz mikey
  81. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I've got no advice for you.
  82. Rixty Member

    Hey-looking to meet up with SF folks.
  83. Anonymous Member

  84. Baller06 Member

    I don't understand how one person can speak for anonymous? It's a collective group that is tired of being oppressed and tired of the 99% being used. We are all the 99%. If you think it's an issue bring it forward, start an operation to get the word out about that issue. It's not certain people's job to censor anonymous. It's a open group with big and little issues that do need to be braught up. Anonymous is here to help fix those little problems and big problems. You will find more people who are about your cause. We are all anonymous. No offense to this forum but I have seen too many questions that seem way to redundant and too many answers demeaning or shutting a cause down . Don't ask how you can help, Think about a cause you may have that could help someone in that 99%. Ask around see if you can find others in your area but if you have people you know who want to fight for your cause or a different cause then do something with that group. Start something. I hope not to offend anyone with this post but we need to look at the 99% as a whole, not divided. If you think mental health is an issue get the word out start getting donations build on the idea. Do something about it don't ask questions asking if anonymous supports it because you are all anonymous. We are anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are coming.
  85. Iamjax007 Member

    Hi there. I responded on an older thread (which related somewhat to a question I have re scientology) but instill want to post a new thread question, however I still do not have any priveleges under the scientology board.
  86. Anonymous Member

    The best advice I can offer to you is to contact a Moderator - try DISAMBIGUATION -
  87. Iamjax007 Member

  88. Anonymous Member

    If using a Desktop appliance, go to the upper right of the front page of WWP. You'll see INBOX up there.

    Click mouse on Inbox and you will have a small drop-down panel appear.

    On the right side of the panel is "Start A New Conversation" so select that and then type in 'disambiguation' as the recipient/addressee for a private message to be sent to the moderator.
  89. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  90. skreech Member

    Anyone know of any movement or marches or demos in or around east midlands in England. Wenon :) Expect me.
  91. Where can I find anonymous group online protests? A link please?
  92. Anonymous Member
  93. The Wrong Guy Member

    You can start looking here:
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  94. LavaGhost Member

    How can I get into hacking? I know ANonymous isnt bout hacking but i would like to know how to start off. I have an auto-hacking USB and installed kali linux
  95. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We aren't the part of Anonymous who hack. Try searching Twitter, lots of other parts of Anonymous are there.
  96. Anonymous Member

    Take courses in computer programming, or computer science.

    Since "hacking" has been rendered illegal in many western countries, WWP is only about legal, peaceful activism and protesting.

    Every time someone claiming to have Anonymous status is arrested on cyber crime charges, the contemporary definition of anonymous suffers. Please, don't make that mistake.
  97. furball Member

  98. White Tara Global Moderator

  99. furball Member

    No sweat. When I'm here I'm occasionally useful. ;)
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  100. Anonymous Member

    Best way to report thread or post spam is to use the Report Button found in the lower left area under a posted message. When I do it I just type "spammer" and send the report.

    EDIT: further to that advice, it's best to post below the spam notifying the membership that the spam has been reported - "Spam reported."

    That saves the moderators from getting a deluge of reports about it.
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  101. furball Member

    Useful information. Thank you.

    In this case the user had not yet posted anything and I was simply looking to keep it that way.
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  102. White Tara Global Moderator

    Not everyone notices their arrival, but we do get a few reports when obvious spammers register, even before they post. Either way all reports on spammers are appreciated :)
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  103. Anonymous Member

    If you mean "hack attack," WWP Anonymous doesn't attack webs. There's no illegal "hacking" at WWP.

    WWP is only about legal, peaceful/non-violent Activism and Protesting.

    Perhaps you've come to the wrong forum?
  104. Hi im asking if anyone can direct me to anonymous in mexico, im having trouble finding any useful info on this
  105. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  106. x.2 Member

    Thank you my brother much appreciated
    I found anonymous iberoamerica, do you know if they are legit? Id hate to disembark in this journey with the wrong people.. Thanks for ur time
  107. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The only way to determine if Anonymous is legit is to watch them for awhile and see what they do. I don't know them but a quick look - they look legit. They refer to Code Pink, million mask March, VICE,
    This does not look legit
    Luxy Bell
    7 de noviembre a las 11:22
    NWO Chip 666 RFID en Humanos Bestia-AntiCristo Vaticano. Privatizar... Ver más
    Me gusta · Comentar · Compartir
    This looks like idiota
  108. x.2 Member

    Idiota lol funny. thanks for your time appreciate it. One more question is there any way to get an "Anonymous godfather" lol you know someone experienced to walk you thru the basics?
  109. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Any Mod here can help you with WhyweProtest. If you mean someone to teach hacking then no, we don't hack here. For mentoring- go to discussions that interest you and start talking. Then ask.
  110. Bmerron1509 Member

    I'm a father and I've seen the kind of world I'm leaving for my children, my father and grandfather fought for me and I couldn't live with myself if my children/grandchildren couldn't say the same. I'm not intelligent or good with computers but I will give my heart and soul to any cause that can save them and me.
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  111. Anonymous Member

    Teach your children about the hazards of cults. They are extremely dangerous to young people, particularly the cult of scientology.
  112. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    HI bmerron welcome to WWP.
    This thread is an introduction to us and what we do. Take a look through the forums here and find an area that interests you. Ask a Mod for help and welcome here. Glad to have you!
  113. this is corr_er_uption, i would like to know if there are any other members.. near my den
    I would appreciate if a senior member texts me at my email .
  114. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Use the search bar to find discussions about your area. As a rule I don't email people I don't know because honey trap
  115. Anonymous Member

    Hello Every One. What is the procedure and policy for this organization? How about the doctrine and bylaws? Also the agenda and accepted philosophy?
  116. Anonymous Member

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  117. Anonymous Member

    So is the problem with the church of scientology corrected?
  118. White Tara Global Moderator

    Its an ongoing battle, particularly when you consider its ongoing and ever evolving front groups.
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  119. Hi,
    The link to the New Members FAQ ends up in a 404 and so do the other pages I tried on some other posts on this page. Where can I find some relevant new member information?
    Thank you
  120. WhyYouHaving Member

    I can join on anonymous? To attack the fucking ISIS
  121. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Check the OpIsis thread, report back what you do.
  122. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  123. WhyYouHaving Member

    You can spend?
  124. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No comprendo.
  125. WhyYouHaving Member

    Me lo podrias enviar? Se poco ingles srry
  126. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  127. WhyYouHaving Member

    Por cierto cuando te dicen perdon en españa se dice no ahy problema y cuando te dicen gracias se dice de nada
    Ahora si gracias xD
  128. [IMG]

    Think tank for France idea perhaps?

    Why not cease all action for a moment to think this through? back trace the Admin computer for each ISIS site, send a virus to encrypt the hard drive that they have to pay a ransom to decrypt. They pay the ransom to a(n) account. They do not get the decrypt key. Submit the funds earned to help the lives of the ones hurt in the terrorist attacks. Submit the back trace information to the nearest mercenary group in the combat zone. 4 Horseman, or "Zee" formally known as BlackWater. Problem solved problem staying solved. Let the suites have the decryption key to handle their job in the combat zone. May just be me here, but I feel this would be helpful towards all sides as well as everyone wins.

  129. mj18 Member

    Does Anonymous have an official website?
  130. The word official and anonymous do not go together.
    Anyone can be anonymous, check what it means.
  131. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No. Is a large unorganized group of people. There are Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and you tube channels saying they are Aononymous. You just have to lurk until you know.
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  132. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Gracias. No hay problema. :)
  133. John Duff Member

    We only take legal and peaceful actions here. You're in the wrong part of Anonymous.
  134. Q. Who are 25426
  135. firebird Member

    what can i do to support anonymous i don't have special skills but i can help
  136. firebird Member

    how can i help anonymous
  137. firebird Member

    where can i find anonymous events in belgium
  138. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    the fastest way to find Anonymous actions in Belgium is to search Twitter.
  139. poldybloom Member

    What's the right part?
  140. hmm..... is this site legal??? is there not like an email i can send my comments instead of posting them here visible to the world??? what if i want to say something evil ;P
  141. do you guys have facebook page? and just out of curiosity would you open to interview onlilne? if someone wants to get your story and make a movie out of it for instance...

  142. and just did a quick fb search you guys have more than one page, which one is the real one??
  143. poldybloom Member

    What's an IRC service?

  144. i don't use twitter though.... why twitter why not facebook?
  145. Internet relay chat. IRC
  146. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    when you have questions like what is IRC it's best to use google. If you see strange phrases you can try Urban Dictionary, for information about who we are, what we do, and why we are so mean read the Welcome to Why We Protest thread.
  147. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Check Twitter. There is no official Anonymous but you usually see conversations you are interested in.
  148. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    WhyWePotest is legal. We don't have a Facebook page. Twitter is your best choice to find different parts of Anonymous. If you are interested in OpIsis or OpParis you can search Twitter for those topics. There are threads in General Discussion about OpParis and OpIsis, you can start looking there.
  149. firebird Member

    i do not speak inglish so i do not understand what the new members FAQ is
  150. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What language do you speak
  151. Anonymous750 Member

    I want to form part of Anonymous, give new ideas and be an active member, what can I do? or, where can I start?
  152. furball Member


    Some basic orientation: Welcome to WWP

    Just search around and find a project that is of interest to you. Take some time to get a feel for what is happening with that project and then think about what you can do to contribute. If you feel that you can contribute, jump in and give it.
  153. poldybloom Member

    How can I post anonymously?
  154. White Tara Global Moderator

    You just did :p

    Nah, we used to have a post anonymously button.
    You can log out of your account and guest post as an alternative though if you prefer.
  155. poldybloom Member

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  156. I know now-a-days money transfers are done electronically! Most banks are connected this way and use wire tranfers. Why now take Isils money that way? I know of hackers that hit several banks that way! Personally I know nothing of hacking. My deceased brother was killed by the illuminati in 2001 was into it. Oh,those that killed him was aced by others. While I aced some that let it happen. Are you afraid to steal their money? For I suspect they have most of it in a bank account. For now with the bombings it is wiser!
  157. SnowAmber Member

    I know im new but can a veteran of hacking can help me to hack the page "" by the name i guess you guys know how works the page is teens sexual abuse we need to close those pages this page got 20 more pages with different names and URLs so can we close all those pages?
  158. Ogsonofgroo Member

    The easy part is, the answer is no. Please read the FAQ's and do not be afraid of using the search function, many topics are already threaded (so to speak), and pages that explain this part of Anons, the basics being that this is a site to promote the peaceful, legal arts of protest, are relatively easy to find.

    I think that these are not the Anons you are looking for, and I suspect you'll not be here long enough to actually communicate with anyone anyhow, probably out of sheer boredom.

    Welcome anyhow mon, reading be a good thyang, uh-huh...

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  159. White Tara Global Moderator

  160. White Tara Global Moderator

    No trolling the NMA TYVM :)
  161. mj18 Member

    Is there a website I can visit to start learning hacking?
  162. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Probably. Not here tho.
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  163. Emito@n@ Member

    Un veterano? De anonymous que me enseñe el bello y fino arte de el hack para ayudar
  164. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No hackers aqui
  165. tempes Member

    hello everyone,
    i need everybodys help because i lost a lot of my files.
    i just installed kali linux and i forgot to back up my files.
    so now i cant find my photos an music. i feel really stupid cause i didnt know this was a new system and not just a programm.
    so i hope anyone knows way to get to my files back. i read something about that if i delete grub that i get my windows back.
    but i dont want to try something else untill im sure its gonna work.
    i hope that someone can tell me if its possible to it back or that i just have to life without a lot of memorys.
  166. furball Member
  167. Ideafarm, where do anonymous got those guy fawke masks?

  168. Hello. I am a very dedicated to the idea of a better world. Not for me but my children and their children. I do not like the way the world we be if something isnt done. I have been seeking help to no evail. Would like any information i can get on how to help. Groups in my area. Or starting one even. Whatever it takes. I have unlimited time and resources. Please respond. Thanks
    Sincerely, Justice Burg.
  169. ideafarm Member

    You sound like you've got exactly what it will take. You're needed. Welcome. (I don't speak for anyone but myself and am a new member here.)
  170. furball Member

    New members should be cautious of this ideafarm guy. Look around this site and you will see that he is a raving lunatic that simply cannot be trusted, and he is not trusted. Better still, search long and hard on the webz and you will find all sorts of information about his lunatic past. Searching for "ideafarm" or "mountain view sign man" should give you some clues. You can make up your own minds, but just make sure you do your research on him.
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  171. Ok, so I am a newb and was just curious to learn about some upcoming raids in FL?
  172. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There are active protests in Clearwater, search for other towns using the search bar. The best thing here is to lurk and start talking to people in your area- people have to know you before you get invites.
  173. The problem is that I went onto a a group of forums for upcoming raids on the east coast and all of them are old.
  174. Perdon pero quisiera participar en una operacion, no soy hacker pero quisiera aprender... M e gusa mucho la idea de ser hack y defender la libertad de el internet. Soy de Volombiayse que en colombia se trabaja mucho y muy bueno con anonymus Gracias por tu atencion contestame rapido... ANONYMUS IS LEGION.
  175. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No trolling in the newcomers area.
  176. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Did you look here?
  177. No_One122 Member

    I m new to Anons;)
    But I still got some questions. Please explain all the question.

    1. Who organize these operations? (if anyone can organize an operation, how they will?)
    2. Are all Anons around the world are equal and have equal rights?
    3. Who send messages to Donald Trump and other Peoples or agencies?
    4. If I have a message to someone e.g Obama, how can I send message through this youtube channel ( ) or any press ?
    5. How can my operation become popular?

    Sorry for bad english.
  178. Can someone give me links to the anonymous group 4chan threads ? I am having a hard time trying to find those threads .
  179. Labibgamer Member

    Besteln et anhefrn is my name tho .
  180. Labibgamer Member

    The anons as far as I know select a goal by discussing with other anons and there is no leader
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  181. Labibgamer Member

    One website said the warner bros sell them
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  182. The Wrong Guy Member

  183. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Google 4chan and go there
  184. Labibgamer Member

    I meant the anonynous threads are hard to find in 4chan and i cant find them using google.
  185. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    4chan is a mystery. I can't help you.
  186. How i can hack? (Sorry for my bad english)
  187. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We a
    We are not the part of Anonymous that hacks. You can google hacking schools of try Twitter.
  188. can i get help from anonymous to expose corrupt trooper Foote at buena vista new jersey and court in estell manor new jersey

    please help me
  189. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    First- become a member here.
    Do you have links for us to read about it, or tell your story.
  190. G3TD1CK3D Member

    ur url link cant read
  191. oscarsRazor Member

    how do I find a local group thread?
  192. Franky242424 Member

    I'm looking for Cause Distance Effect lectures (12) and the 7th ACC Lectures (74) by LRH (And possibly the transcripts would help). F
  193. supra black Member

    whether I should join this group to study the network tentan
  194. turkhack Member

    heyyy stupids! who are you? if you man,let's attack myXXXXXXXXXX MOD EDIT LOLNOXXX

    heyyy stupids! who are you??????? if you man,let's attack my sites!!!!! We support to DEAS with this sites.We are paying all gains here stupids!!!! Do You Understand meee?
  195. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  196. CounterFaith Member

    <enter> My NaMe's CounterFaith, I'm ReaLly happy tO DisCovR thIs siTe.
    I'Am 17, Nd I wAnT to pArtIcipaTe in the CreAtion of a bEtTer WorLd, and to mEet nEw colLeagues to HeLp mE if thEy have SamE ideas.
    I'Am a freEdoM FighTer.
    I'Am aGainsT the ͡s̡cie͢ntişm͢.
    I wAnt tO knoW, hoW can I HeLp yoUr Job ?
    Otherwise, I'Am against tHe evOlutiOns of articial intelligent "T̀h́e͏ ̕Ma͝chiņe҉ ͢i҉s͝ t̷hy too̕l̢,̧ ͜not thys̵elf.̴".
    /CounterFaith, Disk0.
    ̵S̡cie̷n̨c̛e is ̡e̷m̡a̸ncipatory͠, ͡s̡cie͢ntişm͢ ̀is̴ ęns͢lav͝i͏ng͏.̶.
    Wi̸ll̡ ͝You ͏Tr͜ans͢cend,̡ Dec҉ay,̛ or̨ ̡In̛i̸ti̛a̸te҉?
  197. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Counterfaith. This thread is to answer questions about Specific things. None of the Mods can answer your general questions.
  198. So temping it makes me almost ignore the ban on trolling in the NMA

  199. Say sonny you got the wrong show this one is for adults only.
  200. Karazim Member

    which browser will be the best? Is TOR good enough?
  201. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Many of u don't use TOR when we sign in here. So far as I know any bowser will do.
    We don't do anything illegal so we don't have to proxy up to be here. We are not the hacking part of Anonymous. There are others who come on proxies so it's up to you.
  202. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No trolling in NMA

  203. Since when is asking a question about how this place has gone to the dogs trolling?
  204. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I did not know dogs trolled. Thanks for letting us know.
  205. Excuse me for my langage i'm french and i have see a video about the 9 mars and the bluebeam project and i want to know if you (anonymous france I think because the video is in french) have post a message the 16 february 2016 (phoenix anonymous). Videos are deleted now and i want to know if it's really you or a video to discredit you.
    Thanks for all you made.
    A french men
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  206. Disambiguation Global Moderator
  207. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  208. A video about nibiru (planete X) come and disturb the earth the 9 march 2016 and cause disasters. Illumati or an other bad organisation who activate blue beam project the 11 march to make believe an alien invasion and to activact the new world order for the humans who still be alive (witch rfid microship (puce rfid in french))
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  209. The youtube link was
  210. I found ! this video (sorry it's in french)
  211. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    These are not regular Anons. We call this moonbattery
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  212. Thanks for your answers and your time

  213. Drugs has to be legalized in Portugal.
  214. fishypants Moderator

  215. stefi simon Member

    pls translate this for me
    man khaili badam.
    nemidonestam chi behesh begam. Goftam age mishe post kone shayad intori kamtar zahmat bashe barashon. Mishe bad az in ke post kard man behet bargardonam ? man layeghe mohabathaye to nistam.yaghean arzeshe dashtane to va hedyehaye to nadaram.
  216. Harry Krishna Member

    seem I have "insufficient privileges" to post in all forums I have accessed ... why is that ?
  217. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Yesterday stuff was weird, are you trying to post or start a new thread? Insufficient privileges usually means the thread is locked.
  218. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  219. Nma

    Here's what's weird you troll as a guest but no one else is allowed to do it.

    Fuck you.
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  220. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh the irony :rolleyes:
    No troll the NMA Nma mkay
  221. Anonymous IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  222. vicieuse Member

    How you act in France
  223. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  224. Mr. Devious Member

    I apologize in advance for being a newb but my critical thinking leads to ask question when they reveal themselves. One is that the logo is much like the UN logo. I. Will admit to lurking Anon for a while and have many of the ideology that the legion also has and represented for a long time. I also know sites can be tools for the enemy such as our evil government who can use this to round up dissenters . I watched a YouTube video that echoed my fear within these sites and I apologize that the link is not provided. I understand enough to know that we are individuals acting on are own responsibilities but also can be getting setup by entering these sites and getting involved in these important causes for justice. I would like reinsurances if possible and of course it may not be possible I assume.

  225. Seriously dude lighten up.
    No assurances of anything can be given to you here, your anonymity is your responsibility and how you handle it too.
    Don't give out any personal details and don't ask for any either.
    If you think you're being set up here or anywhere else ask yourself why and who would have anything to gain from it.

    Question what you hope to achieve from your time here and what you hope to contribute also.

    WWP is strictly about peaceful and more importantly legal protest.

    Also lurk moar.
  226. Mr. Devious Member

    Well I did admit to being a newb and I guess a paranoid fag, I will remove the tinfoil now.
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  227. You're no newfag so don't pretend otherwise dude.
  228. the777 Member


    i was wondering where i could get some old anonymous videos? the ones with the deep voice changer...
  229. fishypants Moderator

    YouTube perhaps?
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  230. the777 Member

    no, it doesnt have them. it used to i think
  231. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Are you asking about voice changing software?
  232. the777 Member

    no, there were videos that used this technique
  233. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Do you mean crap like this? >

    There are lots of vids like this still on YT, you just have to look around some, good luck on learning to search :p
  234. the777 Member

    yeah, but has a figure with a mask in it
  235. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Meh, there's lots of those, most are kinda durrr, like I said, ya have to look around a bit~

    Take your time and use the YTube search, try 'Anonymous Message to (whatever) ', literally hundreds of 'em, some are good, some not so much, and yet others are plain derpy kid stuff. Its up to you now.
    That is all.
  236. the777 Member

  237. RustyAlyce Member

    Hey, I would love to read the faq page but it never works.

    Also how do I locate the Nebraska thread? ;(. Does one even exist?!
  238. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi. Things are buggy in that thread sometimes. For Nebraska- use the search bar for Nebraska or towns near you.
    If you have questions at this point you just ask a Mod.
  239. ypizo yl96 Member

    plez a want help i want to lering hackar want i kan to do for lering haw i kan start pleaz gays help me
  240. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don't hack. You've come to the wrong place.
    By the way that's not believable as English as a second language.
  241. hey my name is michel i have a question is possible hack whatsapp???
  242. White Tara Global Moderator

  243. El_Kaki Member

    (I have an idea and I don't know where post it) Why not making an app of the forum?, if there is an app of the forum can someone give me the link
  244. White Tara Global Moderator

    Not a bad idea at all, try posting it to general discussions, lets see if it resonates with others. :)
  245. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It was Tapatalk, but I believe Sue was not happy with it.
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  246. White Tara Global Moderator

    oh lol thats what that thing was :p
  247. I am wondering what chat room discusses hacking the FBI? I have many sources for exposure and I would love to join a skype chat.
  248. White Tara Global Moderator

    LOL no.
    Strictly legal peaceful and non violent protest discussion, promotion here on wwp, anything else you will have to search elsewhere.
  249. fishypants Moderator

    Right here:

    I know, newbies area and all that, but honestly....

  250. Fiiiissshhhhhhhyyyyy Pantalones how're you doing this fine day?
  251. Nyx Ares Member

    I joined today, because I am forming a protest with a group of friend and I wanted to get the word out to anyone else willing to join, but it says I have "insufficient access to post" on nearly all the threats. What's up with that.
  252. White Tara Global Moderator

    That's not usual at all, I will let admin know.
  253. White Tara Global Moderator

    Could you please try again, posting a new thread. Admin has checked it out and there seems to be no obstacle to you posting. give it a go and lets see ok?
  254. We just started a march on the Texas Capitol here to protest money in politics. We've already got over 200 who agreed to join but we need far more to make sure the media can't ignore us. Where on this forum can I promote the march?
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  255. White Tara Global Moderator

    Please feel free to post a new thread in general discussion. Good for you guys by the way, Politics, influential monied individuals and companies are inextricably linked the world around it it seems. However to me the worst of it seems to happen unashamedly in the US. The system is so damn broken.
  256. Hello guys im new i wanna join ? Anonymous
    Im from the NL i hope someone can help me get in contact with someone who can help me out!
  257. Bompton Queen Member

    Hey everyone im a newbie i would like to know if you guys give away a free mask If yes can I please get one thanks.
  258. Heads up.
  259. Rebel530 Member

    Hey, I want to inform everyone about Monsanto and see if anyone would stand up against it with me, and was wondering how to make it known to everyone.
  260. I wish to contact a member of anonymous. I hear a lot about them on the net but not enough to give me a full idea about their over all goals or if they match my own agenda so how would I get in contact with an actual member?
  261. i will Nsinner8 lakeland fl

  262. You muppets are fucking hysterical.
  263. fishypants Moderator

    There isn't a membership list, anyone can be anonymous.

    ^ Quinn Norton's article is a good intro.
  264. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome to WWP. WhyWeProtest is one part of Anonymous. We don't have phone numbers or any direct way of reaching Anonymous. Anonymous is huge and there are many sections. If you don't find what you want here, check out Twitter. Many Anons are active there. If you have used your real name, please register with a nickname. Never use your real name here, or give out your phone number, or give anyone your email unless you have gotten to know them. This isn't a safe place for personal information.
    Please look through the forums here, you will find a topic that interests you. You can start a discussion after you've been here for a while. For those of you looking for action in your city you can use the search bar for towns or states near you.
    It's hard to answer your questions until you register.
    Welcome here!
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  265. Why can't I create threads?
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  266. White Tara Global Moderator

    hmmm, you should be able to.

    In each sub forum, upper left of screen should be a blue button 'post new thread' does it appear for you?

    EDIT: NM you got it :)
  267. I just needed to link my google account and now it works, thanks though.
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  268. Peasent Nerd Member

    I get to post here? YAY!
    Was just wondering if you still have a Thunderdome. Because it looks to me like you've become a bunch of easily triggered pussies!
    *jazz hands*
  269. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We easily triggered pussies object to your characterization
    To get to the Dome "add user group " and choose NSFW. Its on your profile page.
  270. Rfli5 Member

    Hi i'm new in here,, can u answer my questions?
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  271. Speak up newb.
  272. say it fucknuts
  273. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oi NMA is supposed to be troll light mkay. :)
  274. Uh, I'm not sure if this is relevant. My Facebook account got hacked. Is there any of you who cloud stop it? Should I delete my Facebook account? If so, can any of you retaliate against the hacker who messed with my profile? If you could do me this favor, I would be very thankful and greatly appreciate your time and effort.
  275. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Conquering Spirt
    In general we avoid Facebook because it's not secure, in fact they host much data -mining. As a rule we don't hack here.
  276. ok then, sorry to be a nuisance
  277. I'm trying to delete my personal fb account right now. Is deactivating it the same as deleting it? I'm not sure and I've never done this before.
  278. It's ok, I just deleted it.
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  279. A while ago, there was a video on YouTube of Anonymous declaring war on Donald Trump. Where would I go to talk about this in further detail?
  280. is there anyone here who can help me with security problems ?
  281. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Shawdow King
    Some people here know a lot about security but we aren't the part of Anonymous that hacks and spies.
  282. Hi!
    I have a question.
    How do i succesfully find a Anon group closest to me?
    i have searched on the forums, but couldnt find the answers.

    I want to participate with all the help i can give.
    Can somebody help me? thnx!
  283. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi, welcome here. In order to find things happening in your area use the search function. Take a look in the forums, you'll find issues that interest you. Join the conversation and you'll make connections here.
    This is a Op against Scientology- a big target here.
    You can go there and join in, it's not as active as it was but its good practice for several Ops we do.
  284. When you shut down Sony for awhile how you do dat
  285. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    That wasn't WWP, if you are looking that part of Anonymous try gamers.
  286. I have a picture of a missing child notice. I'm not sure exactly where to put it but I knew you guys could help with shit like this.
  287. file:///Users/Jonathan/Downloads/20160513_171059.jpg
  288. fishypants Moderator

    Upload it here to be begin with:

    Then as least it'll be on the internet and you can link to it from other places.
  289. xXDjxWolfzXx Member

    Is there any way someone can teach some hacking skills ( in general ,) maybe how to remotely shutdown a computer ETC.? Can i not ask that ? ( i saw the post from the wwp staff )they stated hacking can't be talked about here But , any chance we can talk on skype , teamspeak,ETC>?
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  290. You can't read?
  291. RavenEyes Member

    Here you go. Good luck! :)

    The FBI can be contacted 24 hours a day, every day. Here’s when and how:
    FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
    (202) 324-3000
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  292. fishypants Moderator

  293. ironURL Member

    is there any 'official' way to join anon????? or is it just what you would consider yourself apart of.
  294. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi ironURL, there is no "official" Anonymous, just a group of people who decide they are Anonymous. You just decide you are and
    *poof* you are.
  295. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don't hack here, we do legal and peaceful protesting.
  296. Lucifuge7734 Member

  297. fishypants Moderator

  298. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    . ......................
  299. fishypants Moderator

              (__)             (__)             (__)             (__)
              (oo)             (oo)             (oo)             (oo)
       /-------\/-*     /-------\/       /-------\/   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      / |     || \     )*)(\/* /  *     / |     ||
     *  ||----||  *   \ |||/)|/()(    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     \/|(/)(/\/(,,/   \)|(/\/|)(/\
       Cow munching   Grass munching   Cow in water       Cow in trouble
         on grass         on cow
  300. RavenEyes Member

    My thoughts, exactly.
  301. Thanks for the assists. Wish I could be of greater use to you, but I'm just a believer.
  302. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Spend some time lurking and find a place you're interested in.
  303. fishypants Moderator

    Why have a ballroom with no balls?
  304. Trolls be warned? Whoops. Guess my new member post was too soon then.

    My only one you should ask yourselves. Are you really doing anything?
  305. How are you gonna hack their tanks, jeeps, and machine guns? Or are we to wait until the age when all of that is digitally controlled and we are stuck in primitive communities?

    Oh wait...they are giving those digitally controlled machines to us. Great.
  306. What's the point of this website? What's the point of anonymous?

    "Aww, we just now realized we were right about being brainwashed. We're telling on you!!"

    Good for you.
  307. I thought everyone knew the government was full of shit?

    This is the questions thread right? Sorry I don't internet talk much...or all. I don't know what I'm doing.

    But I guess they didn't. A good time to be rich I guess.

    A real question though. How far are you willing to go? If what you reveal is as serious as this propaganda makes it out to be, how far are you willing to go? If Americans are so dumb to think only 5 minutes ahead into their future as to what concerns them and how their decisions will impact them, then how far are you really willing to go? If whats said is as serious as implied and thought deeply into, shouldn't we go further?
  308. Tell it like it is for these fuckers have buried their heads so deep into the sand they're in danger of coming across immigration controls asking for their passports.

    You're wasting your time here it's dead along with the brains of its existing anons.

    Fuck them all.
  309. Is a dragon really magic anonymous?

    Edit: I guess you're right person above.
  310. There's more life in a mythical dragon than you'll find in this shithole.
  311. somewone help me. I cannot understand from where can I join. I Am new here .. I cannot know english well
  312. Need registrations?
  313. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Deja_vu
    Register here, because it's hard to help you until you do.
  314. need registration here if here is another registration page for new member
    Thank you for feedback
  315. I have registered. if you have some free time give me a little basics to begin please
  316. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Sure. Your first question was how to join Anonymous. We make jokes about Anonymous ID Cards or Anonymous Entry Exams but those are jokes, all you have to do to join Anonymous is say you are Anonymous. If you are asking how to get involved here I have 2 suggestions- first join a conversation then help out. We don't do personal contact, and stay Anonymous- don't give out your real name of email.
  317. I would not ask this if I didn't think it was important. I saw something peculiar in Marvel's Captain America Civil War and I'm not sure there is a large enough discussion about it. Is there a thread or conversation about possible cases of subliminal messaging or politics interjecting itself in pop culture?
  318. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Conquering Spirt
    Subliminal advertising is a great topic IMHO . You can start a thread in the General Discussion thread. Expect controversy, some people don't understand subliminal advertising
  319. NoBozo's Member

    Hi everybody, I'm 100% new to this. Its about time people are waking up instead of watching dancing with the stars or other stupid stuff. People in Europe protests in the streets, that's what needs to happen in America.
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  320. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi NoBozo, welcome here. Our culture can be a bit rough. For more information about this check here
  321. Could you please remind me what IMHO means? Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could get other members to see my thread for further discussion.
  322. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    IMHO= in my humble opinion. If there are other words of phrases you don't know try Urban Dictionary.
    Where is your thread? Can you post a link?
  323. Oh Brainstorm. Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  324. You wish you were as stupid as me. :rolleyes:
  325. Aug

    Come on you stubborn ass.
  326. :) hola me llamo yerai
  327. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hola yerai
    Register here as a member please.
  328. I've been spreading the message of anonymous via social media and was wondering if there was a more direct way to help if so where could I start.
  329. I'm looking for Freddy the Dane and the Brighton Belle and Axel if anyone has any info on them I'd be grateful.
  330. xxSocialismxx Member

    The only results I seem to be coming up with are a dog, a Train, and another dog. Could you be more specific as to what you're asking for?
  331. xxSocialismxx Member

    Hello, Noah Anonymous, there are many ways where you could directly and indirectly spread the word of anonymous, both of which are fine.

    Submit your information safely to WikiLeaks or to other websites like BalkanLeaks
    Start protests and make clear where and when the protest is happening, contact local, national or global activist organisations for support and tweet the information to @YourAnonNews
    Research our leaks and those of our allies like @WikiLeaks, @CthulhuSec etc.
    Upload the research in PDF format to or and tweet to @YourAnonNews
    How to start an Anonymous operation:

    An Anonymous operation should be planned carefully, this checklist should get you along the way
    *What is the purpose of the op?
    *What are you trying to accomplish?
    *What kind of message are you trying to spread?
    *Make sure that the operation has a foundation that has been thoroughly thought out so that the op doesn't have to suffer later because of poor planning.
    *Why should people care about the op? The op is nothing if no one cares about it. Clearly, you care about it so you had better be able to tell the rest of us why we should also care. While we encourage ops, it should also be said that not every grievance and/or government wrongdoing is a reason to rally an op.
    *What are the relevant/vital pieces of information relating to the op? Assume nobody else but you know anything about the topic of the op. Gather the more important information that will get people up to speed quickly.
    *How will you communicate the op to the public? Whether you are going to use Facebook, Twitter, videos, press releases, etc. have a solid plan on how to execute and spread the op.
    There are a million things that can go wrong in the planning of an op and when you don't deliver while getting the public excited with a press release it causes a MAJOR discredit for the movement as a whole.
    Spread the word:
    Create Anonymous social media accounts and propaganda, spread flyers during protests and use street art to express your support, ask for permission of creators of Anonymous videos to reupload the video on your channel.
    Please note Anonymous is a decentralized movement, no one can speak for Anonymous as a whole, nor is there any official Anonymous account. Where Anonymous does not have a power structure, the most effective Anonymous operations had a temporary structure for an effective and efficient way of communication amongst operatives.

  332. Scarthumb Member

    Hi xxSocialismxx
    I am interested in aborigional awareness. Australia's first people have, and still are being treated badly, and more people need to know. Would the guidelines you posted be applicable?
  333. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Scaryhumb
    Good questions, it's great that you are ready to work on this. There are several conversations and threads about Australia, you can review them to find advice and other like minded Aussies.
    Here is a sample

    I suggest you pm the Mod White Tara, our Aussie-with - the-mostest. She will have other advice and thoughts.
  334. Scarthumb Member

    Hi Anonymous
    Do you have a copy of the basic rules? I saw what looked like some on the wiki page, but now there are none to be found. Can you help?
  335. Sockofleas Member

    Hi Scarthumb, down at the bottom of the page on the right there is a section there titled Terms and Rules.
  336. Scarthumb Member

    Ah. I see it. Thanks Sockofleas!
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  337. Sockofleas Member

    Yvw. :)
  338. Scarthumb Member

  339. Sockofleas Member

    You're very welcome.
  340. Scarthumb Member

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  341. Sockofleas Member

    Try urban dictionary, it's helpful. ;)
  342. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ah, I understand now.
    This forum is not all of Anonymous. This forum is part of Anonymous, OUR rules apply to WWP. In the thread
    this is explained.
    In general about Anonymous- there are no rules. If you say you are part of Anonymous then you are part of Anonymous. Look on Twitter for some of Anonymous, I think that is a good representation of the scope of Anonymous.
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  343. Scarthumb Member

  344. inf3573D Member

    If I need support to take down a government page (of course I have evidence of the reason why) can I have support here?
  345. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This thread is for questions about WWP and all things related. The willowtreewoman derail has been moved to NYPA and the parallel discussion in How Anonymous Creates Hate will stay in that thread.
  346. 3ikj Member

    I am not a hacker. How can I help?
  347. Wearing that on your forehead we don't want your sort here hacker or not.
    DIAF you Nazi scum.
  348. Trash.
  349. I'd like to help Anonymous, but don't know how to hack. Is that possible?

  350. First register it'll provide you with a better opportunity to see for yourself how we work here.
    Everything we do here is legal , we don't hack so feel free to hang around and get to know us.
  351. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Capt. We don't hack. WWP does legal and peaceful protesting. If you are interested in doing something on line as a protest check this out.
    This is legal. You can upload pictures to google about a location/ building on Google Maps. Some folks here are uploading pictures of Anonymous protests at these sites. Totally legal , totally lulzy.
    Here is another
    This is a protest against the cult of Scientology. They advertise on Craigslist for meetings on many things, then tell you "Welcome to Scientology!" when you walk thru their door. It's against Craigslist policy so when you find it, if you flag it, Craigslist takes the ad down. Recently they were targeting 16 year olds for acting classes. It's best to start active with operations such as these before you go IRL
  352. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    People are objecting to your icon- of a serial killer with Nazi beliefs. Charlie Manson was involved in Scientology earlier in his life. If you want to work with people here you should change the icon. If you want to troll people you're doin it rite.
  353. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don't do that here. Actually I don't know of anyone who takes down a website just because you ask unless you hire N Korean hackers who will do anything for $$$
  354. soy nuevo y apoyo la libre informacion que ha dado anonymus.
  355. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    ¡ Bienvenido a WWP. por favor registre su duro para ayudarte hasta que lo.
  356. SizzleChest Member

    New members FAQ is link rot. False flag operation? *looks around suspiciously*
  357. SizzleChest Member

    So is the "Why we protest" link at beginning of thread.
  358. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    That thread is out of date, usually we answer in the Ask Questions Here thread. The Welcome to WWP thread does have good information about our culture and history.
    False flag lol.
  359. Hi. Truth is that for the most part, the OPs that An onymous was working on as regards Project Chanology which was at the center at this website, are for the most part totally completed and over. Most people who participated in it have since gone on to do other things and the people that remain or come in here and even mod actually had nothing whatsoever directly to do with the implementation and creation of Project Chanology. In other words, for the most part, the whole thing is pretty much over, which is why you see that the forum pretty much sucks now and is dead. All the newfags are pretty much ripping off the basic formula trying to personal army people into promoting or working for whatever agenda it is they are trying to see through. All the OG are gone. So, it is wise to be very skeptical of it all. All of it.
    Cheers and Happy Saturday to you. Bye now.
  360. I'd like to add that in the past, this forum was more about discussion of ideas and self expression and actually less about reactionary antics or "protesting" things. It was more of an exchange of ideas and extended creative research project. Unfortunately at this point, that no longer happens. It really should not matter if you "register" or not to talk about things in the forum. You should not have to only personally contact one controlling mod to get their interpretation of what anonymous is or does. That is contradictory to the original spirit of anonymous. That is just how this forum is now.
  361. There used to be a number of different mods. A lot of them. Now, it is just "Disambiguation" who came in relatively recently and who actively censors and controls the forum, so it sucks. She and "White Tara" bully anyone with whom they do not agree. It is boring to anyone who is an independent thinker.:rolleyes:
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  362. White Tara Global Moderator

    Meh, some may beg to differ, but do try and remember this is the NMA keep the chit chat and trolling to a minimum. :)
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  363. What up guys, I just downloaded tor but I've been a part of the movement ever since I was a youngin. My question is, are these youtube and facebook "anonymous" pages actually legit? Is it a set group of people? Or is anonymous simply anyone who knows how to hack and has a Guy Fawkes mask?
  364. Anyone and anybody can make Anonymous vids.
  365. AnonJaceD Member

    How do I find specific forums (f. e. forums with discussions about my hometown or sth.)?
  366. White Tara Global Moderator

    Towards the top left of screen is the search forums button. Using keywords search the regional subforum or the Anonymous Vs Scientology subforum, that should get you where you are wishing to go.If Finding activity within your home town can be hit or miss, so you might find fairly local stuff in towns nearby. Failing that please feel free to post a Callout to anons local to your area in our general discussions section
  367. InsidiousBoy Member

    I'm new here, so hello evrybody.
    I want to fight against bad power and i think Anonymous is the best way to do that. I juste got one question, for my seach i use tor but can you tell me how to protect my self against hackers and viruses ? Thanks for your answer.
  368. Gig

    How do we find nearby anonymous protests
  369. We're do we look to find new protest in our areas??
  370. I was excited and interested to hear about your organizations conflict with donald trump. my question is what can my friends and i do to help, and when and why will we hear about what you have done to bring done this fascist dictator that is trying to bring down this great country we live in. I as well as many Americans appreciate what you are trying to do and what you will do. so on behalf of Americans allover this country i say thank you to the bottom of our hearts.
  371. 123qwe Member

    I want to put political content online and I would like to do it in such a way that the government can't get information about myself. Though what I plan to divulgate is not illegal, I don't trust the government about it. I would like to ask a few things:
    - What is the best way to have an anonymous email?
    - Can I be recognized by uploading .JPG files?
    - Can I be recognized for uploading videos on youtube using proxy on the browser?
    - Can I be recognized by editing videos and exporting as ".avi" ".wma" or other formats via softwares such as Cakewalk, Mixcraft, Cubase?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    ps: I asked it here cause I couldn't post on "how to" section yet.
  372. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You have to post in an existing thread before you can start a thread.
    I'm no expert but do know some answers. .jpgs can be uploaded to imgur or other sites, and then loaded to another site anonymously. The jpgs will be tied to your Imgur account. If you use a anonymous email and use a proxy and ONLY use that email for that site, you should be ok. However check to see if there is a location stamp on the .jpg first.
    YouTube is Google, Google has your identifying information. You can start a Google account under another name for YouTube but you still have to prove you are "you".
    Unless you are posting government secrets or fomenting the violent overthrow of the US government, you should be OK if you're American. In many other countries much more secrecy is needed.
    Hope that helps.
  373. Hello,

    I have just introduced myself to this website and am looking to make a changes in the in the world and my community. I will be straight with all of you, i am a street cop and am looking for an opportunity to make big arrests against the real bad guys. I am looking to anonymous for help.

    What i need.......

    An education on how to keep my identity secret! (Will loose my job if discovered)
    A way to securely communicate with anonymous. (secure e-mail?)
    Any information a non-hacker cop like myself could use to make arrests or identify suspects.

    What i will do.......

    Use information given to me to make arrests, thus giving anonymous a effective and legal way to remove evil from the streets.
    Help organize protests for anonymous in my city, insuring their safety and police co-operation.
    I will post the arrest information in a secure location of any suspect brought to justice with the help of anonymous.

    What i will not do.......

    Anything illegal! However i am willing to break department policy if it means the arrest of the most evil (Like seeking the hacking/information gathering skills of anonymous)

    I am not a troll. This is real! If you give me help i can prove it to you will real arrests. Once i receive some information on how to keep my identity secret i will post the city i work and the extent of my abilities within it. My rank will go unknown.

    Thank you

  374. Oh no let us thank you for this:
    Fuck off you mong, you're mental.
  375. AmTheBane......

    Very good of you to want to help. Do not listen to these fools, you are just in the wrong place to ask (No one here will have the expertise to answer you). Keep digging. I bet you are using tor so your in the right direction.

  376. I bet you are using Tor so you are in the right direction.
  377. I see him. I will check him out and "educate" him. Will never turn down one who wants to help.

  378. Wants to help or wants to snitch?
    Leave him the fuck alone.
  379. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  380. Hey I'm newb, but I want to start hacking, I want to be usefull in this group . How can I start?
  381. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don't hack. Please lurk moar and read the many posts on this topic in this thread.
  382. Ferret Member

    Insufficient privilege? How does one gain privilege?
  383. Ferret Member

    How do I receive my messages? On the home page it says I have 2 messages.
  384. White Tara Global Moderator

    If you hover your cursor over inbox or alerts a drop down will appear, the rest should be self explanatory. Privileges for what?
  385. ]Sui-je un anons si j'essaye de vous aidé du mieux que je le peux ? Enfin es que je peux me dire anons. je ne sais pas haker mais je veux défendre les même chose que vous et je suis contre se que vous essayez de terminer pouvais vous me répondre ? Merci d'avance.
  386. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    S'il vous plait enregistrez vous
  387. aria danis Member

    Hi. How do i begin a new post. The only way I can see to join a discussion is to do a reply, but how do I begin a new conversation. thanks
  388. Spike1 Member

    Im new i need help pls i have my father and daughter so sick. I need u teach me how i can hack skrill paypal bank what u want for me is not problem. Are yhe most important person in my life and to the last. Pls i need help
  389. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Go away
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  390. Do you have a discussion for android and staying anonymous?
  391. I want to join you to help, what can I do, I red somethings about the IRConion network on tor but can't join it because I can't download hexchat. I live in Paris. Thanks

  392. want to join you to help, what can I do, I red somethings about the IRConion network on tor but can't join it because I can't download hexchat. I live in Paris. Thanks
  393. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Buddy
    Use the search bar for Android, or go to the forum

    If you don't find what you are looking for then start a thread with your question.
  394. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    Your question is technical, if you don't get an answer in the French form then try the Freedom of Information forum.
  395. Salut ! J'habite à paris et nous sommes deux étudiants à travailler ensemble, nous nous sommes enormement documenté sur anonymous ces derniers temps et sur les combats menés par ces derniers, c'est la raison pour laquelle nous avons décidé de nous y mettre vraiment. Nous voudrions trouver d'autres membres parisiens pour organiser une million mask march sur paris d'ici le 5 novembre ou le 13 novembre, distribuer des tractes, coller des affiches et autres dans le but de rappeler que l'on continu de se battre contre le terrorisme et qu'on continuera de se battre pour la liberté d'expression, sans parler des lois liberticide liés avec internet et autres... Comment contacter la cellule parisienne ou encore me tenir informé des prochaines manfestations sur Paris ? Merci d'avance
    The masked one, Yesterday at 5:45 PM Edit Delete Report
    #211 Bookmark Reply

    The masked one Member
    luvyanon said:
    Environ 1000 personnes à Paris. (je n'y étais pas)

    Salut, savez vous comment je peux me tenir informé des prochaines manifestation sur paris, merci d'avance .
  396. Salut ! J'habite à paris et nous sommes deux étudiants à travailler ensemble, nous nous sommes enormement documenté sur anonymous ces derniers temps et sur les combats menés par ces derniers, c'est la raison pour laquelle nous avons décidé de nous y mettre vraiment. Nous voudrions trouver d'autres membres parisiens pour organiser une million mask march sur paris d'ici le 5 novembre ou le 13 novembre, distribuer des tractes, coller des affiches et autres dans le but de rappeler que l'on continu de se battre contre le terrorisme et qu'on continuera de se battre pour la liberté d'expression, sans parler des lois liberticide liés avec internet et autres... Comment contacter la cellule parisienne ou encore me tenir informé des prochaines manfestations sur Paris ? Merci d'avance
  397. White Tara Global Moderator

    Vous êtes mieux demander cela dans le forum de langue française
  398. pillowcase Member

    Why can't I "like" things?
  399. Cuntsparkle Member

    Right now you don't have enough positive ratings, it'll kick in when you do.
  400. Cuntsparkle Member

    Roughly translated you need a higher thread count.
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  401. White Tara Global Moderator

    That was so bad it was good :)
  402. Cuntsparkle Member

    Give it a like then woman whats stopping you? :D
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  403. Cuntsparkle Member

    Where have you been hiding your charming self lately?
  404. pillowcase Member

    Thank you
  405. Hi ! I'm living in paris and we're 2 students working together, we learned a lot of things about the previous anonymous ops and also red a lot, this is why we decided to really get involved, so that's we did. We would like to find other members living in Paris to organize something similar to a million mask march in paris the 13th of November, to fight for freedom of expression, both body and mind, to struggle terrorisme and dissuade some weaker ones from doing something they don't want to do... Can someone tell me how can I contact the Parisian cell ? And also keep me up to date about the manifestations in Paris ? Thanks
  406. White Tara Global Moderator

    Posting as you have in the french speaking forum is your best bet for raising awareness of your proposal. If you have any takers, they will respond in the thread there.
  407. I was wondering where I can find information on Protest in Indiana. I tried looking but couldnt find it or a search bar. Maybe its the layout on my laptop..
  408. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi, when you register you can see the search bar.
  409. Does anyone know HOW TO ACESS FACEBOOK and send messages there ANONYMOUSLY?
    i am seeming to have a problem with the phone numbers authentication.

    or how to Contacts Anon Groups with already created accounts that can send messages for me anonymously?
  410. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Answered in the Introductions thread.
  411. Shaitan Member

    Link to New Members Site from the very first post gives me
    The page you are looking for cannot be found.

    Anyone who can tell me how to start a thread in "Protest Planning" section?
  412. please email me MOD EDIT EMAIL DELETED
  413. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Shaitan
    You have to post in a thread before you can start a thread. If it's still not working then let me know.
  414. Disambiguation Global Moderator