Sticky: Mohsen Sazegara's Nightly Advice to Protesters

Discussion in 'Videos' started by FreedomAgent, Jul 23, 2009.

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    New video posted
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    Today's Video

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    Today's Video

    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazegara Friday 9 Mordad 1388[/ame]
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    VERY IMPORTANT: Message to the protesters for Wednesday

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    Today's Video

  7. What is this guy saying?
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    He directs protest routs and gives advice on peaceful protest techniques, he was one of the original revolutionaries 30 years ago. He was also the one that asked for "god is great chants" at nights and the timing of electrical outage protests.

    In this video he is mostly talking about Thursday's big protests the places of protest. He is showing pictures of the basij asking people that it is very important to identify them, once identified start pressuring them through their loved ones and neighbors for them to stop working for the regime (he said this in past videos)

    He always asks people to be vigilant and not play into the authority's hand. "If protesters notice a big force to change directions and to protest in other predetermined spots, if that fails protest all over in smaller groups (Thats what we have been seeing in the newer videos, lots of places but smaller groups)

    He has also preached about traffic jams all along, that some people are not confirmable or even scared to be in the streets, he has asked them to get into their cars and create traffic jams so police and basij can not relocate quick through the streets

    Here is a little bio:

    Mohsen Sazegara (Persian: محسن سازگارا) is an Iranian journalist and political activist. Dr. Sazegara held several high ranking positions during the early years of the Iranian Revolution, such as deputy prime minister in political affairs, deputy minister for heavy industry, deputy chairman of the budget and planning department and many more before becoming disillusioned with the government in 1989 and pushing for reforms. He applied to become a candidate for President of Iran in the 2001 election and was refused.
    His reformist policies clashed with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, eventually resulting in his arrest in early-2003. Following his release in August 2003, he moved to the United Kingdom for medical attention. He currently resides in the United States.
  9. Cool guy. Makes me think of Khomeini sending tapes back for some reason. Is there anything ideological in here or is it simply tactical?
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    I would have to say 100 % tactical, I have never heard him support anyone specifically, he keeps mentioning the green movement and the green wave

    He does give very sound advice and mentions numbers, I remember in one video I heard him say that the the revolution 30 years ago took 11 separate million +people marches and so far the green movement has had 4 or 5, he asks the protesters to have patients and live to fight another day

    He is also a regular on the VOA Voice of America satellite that gets broadcasted to Iran, I have been following all his videos and somehow the next day the images and videos show up and people seem to be following his advice very well
  11. Well the number of million people marches may not be good indication of the stage of the revolution we are in. This one may go faster or slower... Still though, I think we can reasonable expect another 10.... Which days does that 4 and 5 include do you know? I'm guessing Neda's 40th and Rafsanjani's Sermon are in there...
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    The main message in the video is that the football/soccer games are starting in Iran and he is advising the protesters to take advantage of these gatherings to chant and protests against the government. The games will be held on Thursdays and Saturdays all around Iran.
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazegara Saturday 17 Mordad 1388[/ame]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazegara Monday 19 Mordad 1388[/ame]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazegara Monday 19 Mordad 1388[/ame]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazgara 11 Aug محسن سازگارا ۲۰ مرداد[/ame]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazgara 13 Aug محسن سازگارا ۲۲ مرداد[/ame]
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    [ame=]YouTube - Mohsen Sazgara 14 August محسن سازگارا ۲۳ مرداد[/ame]
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  24. sazegara is a murderer. why do you put up his videos for sticky?

    shame on you, supporting the same people who created this brutal regime.
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    wonderful another reza phalavy fan ranting

    why don't you watch the videos its all about peaceful protest
  26. I don't know if the poster is a Pahlavi supporter or not, but it sure seems from your initial response that you find the truth to be a little irritating to swallow.

    Ask the people who lived through what Sazegara brought to watch his videos. The widows, the mothers without children, the daughters without fathers, ask them to watch. Tell them it's only about peaceful protest.

    And grow up. Sazegara is just another Iranian abroad trying to get a piece of the pie and get in on the action. He is a murderer and he does not represent what Iran needs. There MUST be a break with the past and with these murderers and we must have a pure secular democracy.

    The world has enough reformed butchers, thanks.
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    wonderful another reza phalavy fan ranting

    why don't you watch the videos its all about peaceful protest
  28. i agree wit other people i am NOT pahlavi and NO MOLLAH BOTH are greedy and cause harm

    only pure democratic can work!!. we do not need murderer like dr sazegara tell us what to do,

    stop supporting murderer,,, and you say your name is freedom agents

    violent man do not believe in peaceful protest dont care how he act in his movies, is all show,,,sorry
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    obvious that you are all the same person or members of the same family, interest group maybe even basij not wanting his message reaching the protesters

    these videos have been posted here for a long time and they will continue to be posted because the messages are

    - democratic Iran
    - peaceful protests and types of protests (Italian, Iranian, chanting on rooftops ..etc)
    - information to protesters on routs, times and dates of protest
    - first aid information regarding dealing with tear gas and other types of injuries
    - information to ordinary citizens who have property around protest areas to leave their doors open so protesters can hide if need be
    - information to ordinary citizens to leave running water in their yards so protesters can have a drink or wash their eyes if need be
    - information gathering in forms of pictures and videos of faces of the basij and security forces and identification of individuals
    - and much more, I suggest watching the videos before judging

    Someone has to coordinate these types of information and be able to decimate it to the masses

    I am not here preaching for his presidency and personally think if him and the likes of him were able to topple the shah than hey are experts in the art of peaceful protests and the information he provides is invaluable

    When Iran is finally free and he decides to run for office just vote against him just like I would, there are many more qualified candidates including 90% of the students currently protesting
  30. i dont know other people i am last poster if u do not suport him to lead taht is good,,,

    but remember you tube block is in iran so his video do not do much,,,honestly

    yes i agree wehn iran democracy then we vote i dont vote for him no more murder in office

    if u dont support murder tehn u are my friend,,, we hav edifferent agree on dr sazegara (once u murdre u always r murder) but we work for free iran together,,,,

    i see all his video,,,i get angry each one,,, i say where was he 30 year ago to help my family with such words?/ he busy killing my friends 30 year ago

    but for now we friends we work together,,, dont b angry my cousin say american on internet r very angry so,,, shab khosh we r friends
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    hehe ... man aslan asabani neestam va nemeesham, ma hame fagat to kareh komake azadi hasteem, doorood bar shoma
  32. Remove this articles


    didnt anyone know who Mohsen Sazegara is ?

    He is the founder of the Revolutionary Guard Corps!

    Why must i read posts about him in this forum?

    I think it is a slap in the face for everybody in Iran who has to suffer with all inhuman institiutions of the Islamic Repulic.
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  35. What did you learned from the past???

    Same people like how build this regime talking now about freedom and democracy and you trust them again!!!

    How often do you want to get fooled by these people???

    When did you learn your lession???
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