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  1. Crusty Member


    Some of you will be aware that I'm getting some stickers printed up for the UK - lots and lots of stickers - over 9000 even.

    Latest version:


    I'm putting the order in Weds afternoon - so any changes or suggestions before then. These will be about 75mm by 50mm.

    Once the order is in comes the hard bit of getting them out to anons everywhere without me getting worried they're going to end up with the scientologists, and you getting worried whether I'm for real.

    Anyway, any comments on the design or word please put them here before then!

    Good comments are nice too - the more of those I get the more I figure people want them so the more I'll get printed.

    Oh, BTW they'll have peelable glue to avoid being accused of vandalism etc.
  2. TGOW Member

    hey I would love some of those, im sure i would easily be able to spread these around my college and hopefully get a few more to participate in the manchester raid.
  3. dave Member

    An suggestion:

    we have to be very careful. the paranoid lightbulb in me says suspect all of being a scientologist, so please dont be offended when I say this, but I don't think I'd want to supply my name and address to have stickers sent to me. I don't think others would either.

    What I would suggest, is making a template/graphic for the sticker, at the right size and DPI, find a good company, and let us all know about it. We can then download the template, use the company and have our own stickers.

    Plus it will save you a mound in postage/hassle.
  4. TGOW Member

    hmm didnt think of that, perhaps we could use PO boxes?
  5. Crusty Member

    I'm not offended at all - and there's no way I'm going to be asking for anyones address, or name. Have a week while the labels are being printed to work this out. The point of doing it centrally is the job volume discounts are so massively extremely huge.

    So - people who know people who know people in each town is going to be key to getting this to work... And then when 15/3 rolls around, the people with labels at each location can hand out strips to anyone who wants them.

    If a couple of people in each place have access to a PO box or similar - maybe can somehow receive mail addressed to a pseudonym at work - that might be a good way to get it started, but I'll need to be sure THEY'RE not sci moles...

    Stay paranoid - I'm sure people will come up with ways we can work this and still keep everyone comfortable.
  6. dave Member

  7. only way I can think of it find a sympathetic local buisness to hold them and when someone comes in and asks for them (pm the buisness names to people your sure arnt plants) they hand a stack over~are there any companies that specialise in this kind of thing? (holding things for others)
  8. Crusty Member

    OK - so, here's what I'm thinking.

    Ideally I'd like to get stickers to two different reasonably well connected Anon in each place where there is a CoS.

    That is:

    Plymouth, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Sunderland, Inverness(?), London (any I've missed)

    The printer I'm expecting to order through is nearish to Birmingham. So if I can arrange a semi-anonymous meet with someone up there, once I know when.

    I'm near London - so that's easy. If you are in London and know several other Anons, we can arrange something we're all happy with.

    For the other places, if you are there and know other anons, please start thinking about ideas for how to receive stickers for yourself to filter on through to others.

    I will probably get a PAYG SIM just for this - so people can contact me - and will also advise a short-term email address closer to the time.

    There should be over 9000 stickers for EACH locality that could use that many. Quantities not over 9000 for Inverness and Plymouth though??

    Basically, I don't think there'll be a one solution for all, but if it takes 20 different solutions to get them to the right people - so much the better.

    NOTE: having postings here at enturblation under your alias from BEFORE the 10th of Feb will make it alot easier for ME to know YOU arn't a Scilon.
  9. rasputin Member

  10. rasputin Member

    I don't follow. I would imagine more people being interested in Anon as a result of the protests on the 10th, some of whom would then have registered here. how does a post-10th reg date indicate Sci?
  11. Crusty Member

    It's not that Post-10 indicates CoS at all.

    Just that anyone posting BEFORE the 10th with helping to plan the raids that have occurred I figure I don't need to do any more to be sure about. Others not a problem, but they might have to help assure me they're for real.
  12. Crusty Member

  13. rasputin Member

  14. Crusty Member

    Sounds reasonable, so long as the CoS won't be able to just walk in and take whatever stickers we've sent.

    But a great idea - if you can liase with the centres and find out what's doable, give me an idea of how many stickers in total, then I can forward that quantity on to you for onward posting? (somehow, safely)

    This might also be a good way to reach alot of places where scientology isn't currently really active?
  15. Heretic Member

    Im around the london area i'd love some of your stickers to hand out or if we can get other londers together we can as a group hand these out
  16. Crusty Member

    Cheers - I've placed the order - waiting for the pro-forma invoice tomorrow am, once that's sorted it's all go.

    Expected collection from the printer somewhere towards the end of next week.
  17. Crusty Member

    Payment sent. :D :D :D

    One Hundred Thousand :!: :!: :!: stickers to be collected next week.

    Who wants some :?: :?: :?:

    I have a small impending problem - turns out I need to go overseas the week after next for a bit. I may need someone to handle distribution of any stickers I havn't managed to offload. :eek:

    Would need to be someone keen, with sufficient time and dedication to see it through. I don't want to see that poundage go to waste - but more I want to help the church in the UK fall apart. Scilon agents need not apply. I'm going to be travelling quite alot next week - london - newcastle and back via birmingham - so based anywhere on that route could work...
  18. AnonZombie Member

    I would advise against posting stickers in public places. Stick to flyers, pieces of paper on phone poles, etc. My reasoning behind this is that by some (crazy) people, stickers are associated with graffiti and the like. It's not extremely likely, but it is possible the Co$ could add "vandalism" to their list of claims about us and cite the stickers, especially if some idiot puts some on any of their buildings. Just saying.
  19. Crusty Member

    As partial defense against this, I paid the extra to have peelable glue rather than permanant. So shouldn't be seen as any more vandalistic than chalk - but I'm sure they'll try it on.

    Frankly, if the CoS start saying in their videos that Anon are bad people because they put stickers on lamp poles, rather than because we send fake anthrax, threaten to blow up their buildings, and trade kiddypix, I wouldn't be complaining too much.

    Might be worth informally mentioning to the local authorities they're peel-off-able though, if there's an opportunity. And sticking over other peoples pasted posters etc, or very temporary advertising is usually safe.
  20. Dundee.Anon Member

    I wouldn't mind a few to hand out in Dundee and Edinburgh. Stickers always seem to grab peoples interest more than flyer for some reason.
  21. Crusty Member

    Will be collecting on THURSDAY 21st near BIRMINGHAM.

    So, any Anons in Birmingham on THURSDAY AFTERNOON who can take a roll of 5000 off me and be responsible for splitting up and passing on?

    Place and time of your choosing - wear a mask if it makes you feel better.
    Please post here - If others can vouch for you, or you have posting history here going back a while so much the better. The more people the better.

    After that probably

    Given the 'new building' thing in Manchester, figure they should have loads.

    Not going to make Scotland, so those will have to be sent. If Anons in Scotland know other Anons in places I'll be visiting please get in touch with them and see if they can receive stickers to post on to you.

    Likewise if an Anon in Plymouth can get an Anon they know in London or somewhere to collect for them.

    Of course, if anyone has a PO Box or other 'safe' address they can email me (I DON'T WANT REAL NAMES AT ANY POINT!!!!), then I can post a roll or whatever to them.

    I would like all the discussion EXCEPT the details of EXACTLY where and when to happen in the forum threads. EXACT details can be via either temporary email accounts, private IRC msg, or telephone if I get a temp SIM sorted.

    I am leaving the UK on the following Tuesday - So I have to offload all 20 rolls of 5000 labels between Thursday 21st AM and Monday 25th PM - Plus I've got packing to do.... Yikes!

    Point being, the more people step up to make this easy for me to get launched the better.

  22. Ehm Member

    I'm willing to collect the stickers for Manchester.
  23. Crusty Member

    Actually, I'll do YORK on FRIDAY as well.
  24. loloololManc Member

    I'd be willing to pick some up in Manchester, send me a PM with deets plz.
  25. Can I recommend changing the web address on the stickers if it's not too late? I've found that is a much better introduction to scientology than It's well paced from start to finish and links all of its sources.
  26. dave Member

    I think I can make thurs 21st for Brum, I'm usually not working.
    question then is how do I pass on to others? I can arrange another dish out for the saturday perhaps and everyone can come and claim say 200-300 each? If that's the case it may be worth me having over 5k.

    I think if others are coming, we all agree on one place and one time to collect. strength in numbers.
  27. MudkipLiker Member

    Hey dude, I just signed up for this. I was at the London raid and I'd love to pick some up for the London area.
  28. Heretic Member

    so we londonders gonna meet up and start sticking them around? i work in camden by the way so if you get back side there its a good place to start
  29. Crusty Member


    Right, Dave, you're responsible for getting a handful of anons together for Birmingham Thursday afternoon to collect from me.

    If you can work in the Brum threads, IRC, offline, or wherever, to sort out where and when - I will provide you contact info for me before then so you can let me know where to be.

  30. Crusty Member


    loloololManc and Ehm - You're on for Manchester - Same applies as for Birmingham above. Thanks :)
  31. Crusty Member

    Daedle, and others coming up with suggestions now -

    Sorry... the artwork has been signed off with the printer. Simply too late now.

    The design has been being tossed around for a couple of days now on various forums, and undergone a few revisions as a result. General hive feedback to this final version was very positive.

    sorry :(
  32. Crusty Member


    MudkipLiker and Heretic. Can you two work together to arrange something for SUNDAY somewhere in London. Pick somewhere anonish, where CoS might feel out of place.

    I'll just set up shop for an hour or two and hand over bundles of stickers to anyone who wants.

    People who come with a friend or two are better - especially if you want quite a lot of stickers to hand on further down - more trustworthy somehow.

    Again, I'll provide contact info closer to the time so you can let me know exactly where and when.
  33. iviv Member

    Iviv here, representing Newcastle. Ready to go stickering whenever you are :)
  34. dave Member

    ok one thing im still not clear on.

    are the stickers for anons to take a share of and stick up in their local area, or are the stickers to be handed out to the public??
  35. Crusty Member

    Whatever local anons want to do - but I'd say share them out, and some will be given to public, others will get stuck up around town. Key thing is to try and get strips of them into the hands of all local anons - and the March 15th protests will be the ideal opportunity for that.
  36. SovietV Member

    Manchester Anon here
    If you want another one I'm up for collecting some
    Doesn't matter if you've got enough
  37. Crusty Member

    Nope, that's cool - but can you liase with the others for your centre to either be with them when they meet me, or get some off them afterwards.

    The more people get 'seeded' with stickers, the quicker strips will get into the hands of all anon who want some. I just need to limit my interactions or my head will start leaking...
  38. Heretic Member

    yeah im working on the 24th so i'd have to do it 5pm onwards
  39. dave Member

    make sure to wear a mask or cover your face somehow

    all anons collecting stickers be sure to do the same.
  40. Crusty Member

    I have the surprise and sudden result of being offered a place to start uni and get a degree in a foreign country starting very soon [having finally got utterly sick of the corporate world]

    hence I'm a lot less worried about being identified than I was. I expect and encourage others to be more cautious though.

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