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    The greatest problem we face in the world today and the reason why world peace is so unattainable despite the fact that the most powerful countries on the planet are supposedly united in a global forum of diplomacy committed to that very objective is because Politics has always trumped the Truth and Diplomacy has never been about solving issues with true concern for the public good but instead it has been about exchanging influence on matters of pure economic gain. It is time for this to stop for once and for all.

    Thanks to Steve Oh for lighting that fire in my belly that allowed me to come up with this.
    The UN has proven its absolute uselessness to the entire world at the very moment that it allowed the illegal invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of countries sat idly by in fear of taking the right side of the matter and stopping the war effort in its tracks.

    The world is a big place and the USA as powerful as it has been should abide by certain rules to maintain its status in the global society.

    The War on Iraq did not happen just because Chenney hoodwinked the entire country. It also happened because nearly every other country on earth sat idly by while the United States broke every rule of engagement by which the modern concept of State Sovereignty and international Justice is defined, essentially unweaving the very fabric of civility upon which our 21st century civilization has been founded upon.

    Terrorism, however horrible, is a very very small threat to the safety of the population in general and the only thing that has kept it as a Red Herring to control the mindless herds around the world is the threat of a repetition of the greatest State Sponsored act of Terrorism ever executed which was the bombing of the two most populated civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagazaki.

    This threat has kept the world in fear for nearly a century and it is still the most used excuse for concentrating the control of the world in the hand of the rich and powerful countries.
    This is a video that exemplifies how far fetched the notion that an all out Nuclear War might be imminent for any reason imaginable:

    Anyone that wishes to understand how illogical the concept of Assimetric Warfare truly is should read The Social Contract by Rousseau where it is made clear that an action by individuals against a State could never become an act that justifies a war. Only States (including the 4th state The Mainstream Media) are capable of engaging in Terrorism by engaging in acts of genocide against civilian populations, with weapons of mass destruction or militarized acts of organized mass murder.

    We are at last coming to an era where the Cold War and its continuous threat of Nuclear Deterrence might finally be disarmed once and for all by a very simple yet very real concept. The complete and transparent flow of information made globally available to all. What Wikileaks has proven and what Bradley Manning is bravely fighting for is much more than engaging in a front of "cyber-terrorism" against the Status Quo. It is a dream with a meaning much deeper and hopeful than any other ideal ever claimed by the cunning facade of any UN ambassador spewing its most utopic sophistry in the puppet theatre that decides the fate of millions on a daily basis.

    It is the idea that if we all come to know each other on a deep personal level we will understand how stupid and vain it is the policy of bloodshed. In the realm of ideas we have long reached the understanding that Might does Not Make Right regardless of who lives and who dies.

    If we see how foolish, prideful, petty and shortsighted our governments really are when negotiating their State Secrets around the globe in their private arena hidden from the public eye we could put our rulers to task and demand from them a true representative democracy where Facts matter more than convenient lies and half-truths.

    Just as the so called "Justice system" would benefit greatly if it dared to evolve to put the search for truth as the greatest priority such as it is the basic principle of the scientific method, shedding away all biased technicalities and striving to adjust for bias in the very stage of lawyers, judges and grand juries.

    The most central pillar of Foreign Politics should not be what is best for my own country first and foremost. It should be what is the best course of action for all the players involved, corporations have not just infected the US Government, they have been dictating wars and appointing regimes for well over the last 50 years. Iran is the Greatest example of that.

    Every country that has ever received "Foreign Aid" in the last century has been forced to sign agreements filled with loopholes for multinational corporations to abuse and explore. There are countries right now where all the pure drinkable water is being funneled to Coca-Cola factories while the entire population survives with spoiled water sources dying from cholera and diarrhea.

    How is it that the world media allows all this to happen right before our eyes while cluttering our eyes and ears with nothing but the propaganda from the Official Sources and bombarding us with thousands of forms of entertainment.

    How is it that we do not all seethe with rage when the entire might of the american army is sent to kill innocent civilians with the bullshit excuse of fighting an "asymmetric war" against a handful of religious extremists?

    If we are to stop the US to do the same thing to Iran and its citizens we all have to participate in an effort of changing the venue and MO of international diplomacy itself.

    Call, write, send "gifts" to all your representatives, in whatever part of the world you may be and demand that they take a stand against this planned "collateral" genocide.

    The world no longer needs any Super Powers with the convenient ability to Veto the outcry of the innocent and those who try to assist them.

    I will do everything in My Power to make my country Brazil stand up against the Military industrial complex and its insatiable lust for bloodmoney.

    We will stand on the side of what is right, and if i have my way, we will take the consequences of our actions with the truth and facts on our side.

    Whoever is with me, forward your own vindication to your representatives as well as: (wikileaks superior)

    UN Secretary-General <>;

    14 UN Security Council delegates (other than that of the U.S.)

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>,

    Ambassador <>

    plus an email to contact or tweet Anonymous (which i have no idea how to do yet)
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    It could start with something simple and direct as this:

    We the People of the World will no longer sit idly by while our "Representatives" are coopted by the Corporations and corrupted by their own access to power introduced to a legalized mafia where the truth is the first casualty of the continuously ongoing Cold War in which a gang of Countries decide the fate of the world by engaging in a worlwide farce with countless speeches of sophistry instead of actively working for a better world for all, a world where the lives of innocents are not a coin to trade in a battle of influence and economic interests.

    The dozens of trillions of dollars given with No interest to the Big Banks of the world would be sufficient to end poverty, hunger, disease and war in the whole world with an overwhelming amount of surplus to spare.

    It is time that the politicians that we elected started working in our favor according to our will to end unjust bloodshed and war perpetuated by the all consuming military industrial complex of the United States, Russia, China and Others.

    First We the People of the World Demand that the Worldwide Governments and Media stop beating the drums of war that are sounding unjustly against Iran so that yet another Illegal Invasion such as those of Iraq and Afghanistan at the behest of the whims of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States Military Industrial complex are averted before it is too late.

    Our country should rise against the "collateral genocide" that such military actions would cause unless the blood of the innocent is once again spilled upon our collective inactive hands.

    Second We the People of the World Demand that the UN should Abolish the right of Veto of the so called "Security Council" to be replaced by a Worldwide Secular Constitution to protect Truth and the minorities from the rule of the majority and thus it starts effectively taking action in its alleged goals of pursuing world peace and freedom.

    My name is Carlos Cox (ID number removed). I am a Citizen of Brazil and i Demand that My Country take an open and clear stance up against this injustice that is about to take place.

    If you guys want to know who is SteveO just watch this:

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    Thank you, op.
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    Thank You OP for posting .
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