Stealth ninja pwns CCHR promoter and child hater Meryl Dorey

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Anonymous, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. anon walker Moderator

    Yeah, your body SHOULD be yours. At home. Alone.
    When you venture your disease ridden crap tube out in public, like mandatory school that crams a shit ton of random children together, their bodies should not have to be exposed to your unvaccinated ass. Unfortunately, there is a growing tendency for public schools to allow parents to opt out of vaccination for religious or idiot reasons.

    Hell if I can come up with a solution. As far as I'm concerned, those little potential disease vectors should be schooled at the portable classrooms and kept away from healthy, normal vaccinated children.

    Honestly, SOME OF THOSE DISEASES ARE DEADLY. I don't see why anyone should be able to place their unvaccinated spawn in classrooms and expose other kids to their diseases.

    It's a little off topic, but my first grade class had a ringworm outbreak because of one kid. He was a skanky kid anyways, one of those ones who always smells funny, had earwax, and hands covered in warts. I stayed away from him, maybe instinctively. It only takes one kid with crappy parents who are negligent to spark an infestation. RINGWORM! Eugh!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    1. I've read the PDR as part of my schooling and job. I'm not talking about potential adverse reactions. I'm talking about Doctors being able to tell which vaccine caused the adverse reaction IF there is one. and that is much more complicated when 4 shots are given with 4 combo, inoculations at one time. (they may not tell the general public this, but it is something that is talked about in the office) This is further complicated if the child is developing allergies, and specifically if there is no family history of adverse reactions, meaning the Doc has to start from nothing and try to find the cause of the reaction with more variables then any Doctor really wants.

    2.You clearly don't understand risk factor associated with lifestyle... which is part of Epidemiology.
    Some people due to where they live, and lifestyle choices they make are at higher risk for some diseases then others. Social status does affect where and how people live. A microbe doesn't differentiate, but each disease is not omnipresent. Each disease lives in very specific ways, and places. Heb B likes to live in Human crap, and blood of infected people. If you don't come into contact with infected body fluids, and solids then you aren't going to get the disease, vaccinated or not. Some areas of the USA have higher rates of Hep B infection then others.
    3. No, that isn't what I said... I said during an outbreak of a disease people who are not vaccinated are asked to stay home. That is what doctors and media would tell them to do. That is what everyone in a medical office is trained to tell people who call in asking what to do.
  3. Anonymous Member

    There are two solutions:
    1. People get smarter and do the smart thing collectively.
    2. The smart people make the moonbats do the smart thing using incentives, like being able to leave their homes.

    In this country at this time a heavy-handed approach to any public health initiative isn't going to work. So we are stuck with solution #1. But solution #1 is only possible if we can figure out some way to handle the organized disinformation campaigns around us.

    "The antidote for bad speech is not censorship but more speech," eh? But in this era of emerging sock puppet armies and full time non-stop media overload, that "more speech" can be lost in a sea of spam cooked up nearly overnight by well paid well coordinated public relations firms.

    Consider Oprah and the Huffington Post --too huge media outlets. Both systematically promote quackery and vaccine fears while giving little room to genuine medical science. Where is the "more speech" to correct this level of disinformation?

    I dunno, humans. I wish you luck with this one.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    If a kid has a bad reaction, then don't give that kid any more vaccines.

    Bad reactions are rare. So long as everyone else gets vaccinated, that kid should be protected by herd immunity.
    Hep A is in the poo. Hep B is in blood and saliva.

    You can't tell if someone is a chronic carrier of Hep B just by looking at them. Why take a chance?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Just to address a few;

    1. There a so many variants to your first reply a thesis or term paper could not address them all.

    2. Yet as with any disease or reaction there are, environmental, genetic, viral and hereditary issues just to name a few. Thank you for noting I have no knowledge of Epidemiology or that I have never researched the subject as I have with AIDS, MRSA, Hep etc.. Disease knows no socio-economic boundaries especially in today's world of modern transportation.

    3. To imagine any practicing physician notifying all of their non-immunized patients in the event of disease outbreak is irrational and would never occur.

    As my sibling runs a Large metropolitan hospital I think I have a pretty good idea on how the medical profession operates.

    If you studied graduate biology or epidemiology you clearly would not be making these types of arguments. Simply don't take any medications as you might be susceptible to an adverse reaction. Never take your child on a flight, bus, Md's office, outside, inside or hospital for fear of incubating a microbe.

    Should you choose to propagate the species please do so on some foreign island so as not compromise the rest of society it would be appreciated.
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  6. Internetzin Member

    Not fussy here!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Wrong. Bad reactions are common. They are classified as SIDS. Is it any coincidence that the increase of SIDS spikes after the 2 month, 4 month and 6 month vaccinations? Is SIDS is so incredibly random and this is just a coincidence, then why is it that babies are dropping dead from SIDS at incredible frequency only following the Dtap shot and NOT the say, any of the other shots? Why not following Hep B vaccine which is administered when a child is born? Infact in the two years that the Chinese refused to administer any vaccines to infants amid safety concerns, rates of SIDS dropped to almost zero. That fact cannot be ignored.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I fail to see what any of this bullshit has to do with Scientology. U want to discuss medicine, fuck off and do it elsewhere.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Seems like this thread has morphed from a war on CoS to just a war on the antivaxers.
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  10. grebe Member

    Dox or gtfo.
  11. Anonymous Member

    It was always an antivax thread.
  12. Anonymous Member

    If you are vaccinated yourself then I don't see why you're so worried especially since the cocooning strategy for newborns has proven to be so incredibly effective (i.e. parents & relatives getting vaxed and keeping newborns away from people who are not). Or has it? You negate your own logic buddy.
  13. grebe Member

    The anti-vax people and the Scientologists are natural allies. Both groups have a lot of chiropractors and vitamin salesmen in them.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. grebe Member

    Herd immunity is what makes the difference. Herd immunity depends on a lot of people, like 90% or more, I dunno, getting vaccinated.

    Like someone said earlier, you get vaccinated for the sake of others.
  16. grebe Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    My mistake. Here I was thinking you really had a problem with Scientologists because they are a brainwashing cult connings its members into giving away their life savings in a never ending pursuit of perfection. I also thought u have a problem with it because ex-members have been threatened and stalked.

    So this is really a war on personal health choices even though chiropractics and vitamins siphon no where near the same profit of the pharmaceutical industry? Lots of people utilise natural health alternatives. What is so whacky about that?
  18. and how can the general population reach 100% saturation some years BEFORE the girls do?
    does not boys + girls = general?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Nutty sounding because her findings don't conform to everything that you've been spoon fed? You asked for DOX. There they are. GTFO.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Please provide evidence for this claim. A hell of a lot of research goes in to testing vaccine safety and whether there is any causal relationship between vaccination and SIDS. No association has been established.

    I was actually dropping in to post this link to an excellent explanation of herd immunity, if any of you are interested in finding out more on how it works. I don't often link this video because the guy presenting it takes the piss out of anti-vaxers a bit, but I trust that you can cope.

    What can be done? Challenge misinformation when you see it.

    Also, Viera Scheibner is a discredited crank.
  21. Anonymous Member

    See Above Environmental, hereditary factors, why are adolescent females experiencing their menses or developing adipose tissue at such an alarming rate. Probability genetic along with the dietary intake of both of the propagating parents along with the ingestion of dietary food and liquids of the progeny. So go Vegan and then only verified organic products however no exposure to the outside world is recommended. However the genetic traits of both parents will still be present along with the above.

    As you wish to continue you should also Immediately Stop ingesting any type of nutrients so as not to promote ASHD as well as any other reactions or diseases presently found in your geographic location.
  22. grebe Member

    Thanks, Anon. I figured as much.
  23. grebe Member

    Some Anons can multitask. I'm not big on Moonies either. Any of that MLM lying stuff, no wants.

    Everything in nature is natural, by the way. That word is for politicians and gullible people, not real scientists.
  24. Anonymous Member

    No comments on the Dox you requested other than 'this lady sounds like a nut'?

    Not a valid argument. GTFO
  25. Anonymous Member

    Your point is what? Are you here to wage a war on nature?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Correct however most respect the individual decision of another to go and visit a chiro. It really isn't any of your business and it doesn't adversely effect anyone.
  27. Anonymous Member

    By your same logic every one who utilises natural therapies is a Scientologist and most be stopped. You're going to be awfully busy.
  28. ZeroC Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Unless the chiro does a neck manipulation based on vitalist woo and kills or injures them.
  30. Anonymous Member

    LMFAO intermission
    *grabs buttered popcorn*
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  31. Internetzin Member

    It is impossible in a derp society to keep your newborn cocooned. Apart from anything else most disease carrying people are not showing symptoms in the early stages but are incredibly contagious
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Please compare deaths and from mainstream medical malpractice to deaths & injuries from chiropractics.
  33. grebe Member

    I'm not arguing with you. I'm trolling you for fun.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Even the originators of WIKI do not believe it is a very reliable source I have had conversations with them. Resource yes encyclopedia NO.
  35. grebe Member

    Sorry I don't know what to call the people you want me to talk about. Maybe I should just call them all chiropractors? Close enough, I guess.

    So what's it like being a chiropractor?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Whereas a decision not to vaccinate yourself or your child can adversely affect not just yourself and your child, but the rest of society. At particular risk are those who are unable to be vaccinated due to genuine health issues or babies who are too young to be fully immunised yet, who rely on herd immunity for protection against debilitating and preventable illness. That shit is everyone's business.

    Worse are those who spread misinformation and fear, causing others to doubt the safety of vaccination also. Antivax is a virus unto itself - the best way to fight it is by calling bullshit when you see it, backed up by evidence.
  37. grebe Member

    Hey if you like going to a chiropractor, fine. Not my business. But if a lot of chiros are telling people to take the CCHR seriously and that vaccines are poison, then that becomes a problem for me.
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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    Is this just more speculation or do you actually have evidence to back this up?

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