Stealth ninja pwns CCHR promoter and child hater Meryl Dorey

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  1. Post #77 you missed my point entirely. My point being, all three diseases disappeared anyway. All three diseases had a horrendous body count. As for polio, have you googled the situation in India? Kids becoming paralyzed by the actual vaccine that was meant to prevent them from developing polio and thus becoming paralyzed? I am waiting for anyone to address #71 and break it down, piece by piece, using science if you will. Since we are all nutty moonbat conspiracy theorists, you shouldn't have any problem doing so.
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  2. #80, I've already provided the proof in post #71, which you've conveniently ignored. Have a read, then get back to me.
  3. GuyFox Member

    Because they share the exact same anti-medical lunacy, perhaps?

    Because both are equally unreasonable, zealous and seem completely blind to all logic?

    We've seen it all before - from our favorite cult.

    Look, medicine is not a simple matter. Fixing a human being is a a tad more complicated than fixing a TV or a car. There has always been a risk of side effects, allergic reactions and such, since the dawn of medicine. There are constant advancement and the risks lessen, but they can never be eliminated.

    So, if your story is true, your child had an adverse reaction to a vaccine and *may* have developed autism because of it? Well, tough luck, but still better than coughing your lungs out in TB or dropping dead from a mere bug bite or somebody else's cough. The benefits FAR outweigh the risks.

    "Corrupt pharmaceutical industry"? "Pharma shills"? At this point I'm supposed to pose a dramatic rhetorical question, "Are you mad?!" or "Are you delusional?!" or something. instead, I'm gonna make it a statement. You ARE bloody DELUSIONAL.

    I'm guessing you'll also tell me that contrails are in fact "chemtrails" and part of big pharma / US govt's plot for mind control? That sprinklers causing rainbows is proof the government adds mind-control chemicals into our water? That 9/11 was an inside job? (or was it Pearl Harbor?) Is Elvis still alive, but in hiding?

    People like you are why I've lost a big chunk of my faith in humanity.

    P.S. Cue you accusing me of being a "pharma shill" or "medical practictioner" in 3, 2, 1...
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I can testify under oat that every time I got a needle, I felt injured.
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  5. Can you prove to me that vaccine side effects are rare? The vaccine reporting database is not compulsory, it is estimated that about 10% of vaccine reactions are reported by health professionals. Not only that, many parents aren't even informed that the vaccine reporting database exists.
    But getting back to post #71. No answers? Thought as much. Shouldn't be so hard to discredit by post. Hop to it.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmayyyyyyybe.... :)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    We have a famous vice president wana be who is famous for pushing junk science in court. It is a really bad place to debate science. Given enough money, you can have any number of "expert" witnesses, and the jury can pick who they believe.
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. And what are you trying to say Guyfox? That my children's vax injury is acceptable? Collateral damage to you? Doesn't it concern you that the current vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety in its entirity...not ever? I'm really glad that you think that your government has your best interests at heart. We all know what fans of the truth they are. Julian Assange can vouch for that and the trumped up charges against him, as well as the lies that the Aust govt peddled to the public about not knowing of the US's wishes to extradite him. Because the government is accountable to the people and not the other way around, huh? That would explain why the UK govt is trying to pass a law to enable the govt to read anyones emails, in real time, as well as snoop on what websites such and such visits. Because the govt has your best interests at heart. So go ahead, bucko. Trust your friendly government. The same group of people who are in active persuit of whistleblowers and who tried to conceal trapwire from the awareness of the general public. I only know these facts because Im a CONSPIRACY 'theorist' So sure, I'll believe in my conspiracies...and you continue to believe your mainstream media hype, because contrary to what you are peddling, I actually have alot of evidence on my side. What do you have? Dogma?
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  10. Internetzin Member

    No she shouldn't get ofF lightly. It is raving nut bars like her and her brain dead friends that are responsible for whooping getting out of the bag again. They should own the blood on their hands of the little babies who can not be protected from whooping cough till six months. Does this bitch know Australia is having a delightful mini pandemic of whooping cough that Is killing the babies of people who would love to have had the chance to immunize their children. These people have brought back whooping cough to society as a whole for there own ignorant reasons. DIAF! You and your psycho wackjob mummies groups.
  11. No one is 'rebranding' autism as a mitochondrial disorder. You entirely missed my point. One is triggered by the other. There is no routine testing for mitochondrial disorder. Anywhere from 1 in 200 to 1 in 50 carry the gene for it. Just because you have a susceptibility, it doesn't mean you will automatically get autism. Thats like stating that everyone who has heart disease in their family will die of a heart attack - and thats rubbish.
    Genetics are the gun, vaccines are one of many triggers.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Name ALL the triggers.
  13. Whooping cough? B.S. Two-thirds of those who tested positive to whooping cough in the Californian outbreak were known to have been fully and appropriately vaccinated. Not only that, but the current strain in Australia accommodates for 86% of all cases of whooping cough, and is completely resistant to the vaccine. So please, 'New to this', do your research. I can assure you I have.
  14. Don't change the subject, #92. Address post #71 like a true skeptic should be able to. Apparently I am a moon-bat conspiracy theorist. Shouldn't be too hard to debunk me, should it?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Anything that causes a fever potentially may cause brain injury in someone with bad mitochondria. So if a vaccine causes a fever, that could cause the injury. But an infection could cause the injury also.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    How's the weather down under, Ms. Dorey? It is you, innit?
  17. If a vaccinated child receives 'x' number of vaccines, that is 'x' number of extra fevers they are more likely to have as opposed to an unvaccinated child. Vaccines are not recommended at the time a child falls ill either, and the reason for this is because vaccines are known to hamper a child's immune system. For example, my unvaccinated youngest child has only had 1 fever in all his 13 months of life. My eldest child had a fever each time he was vaccinated.
  18. Can someone please explain to me how a country such as the US, spends so much on vaccines and healthcare, and still has one of the worst expected outcomes for infant mortality in the world? Can you also explain why countries such as China and Sweden who vaccinate half as much have a proportionate number of infant deaths? Thats more of that whacky moon-bat conspiracy pseudo-science for you to ponder. Enjoy.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I would suggest that vaccines do more good than harm. And if you have been adversely affected by a vaccination, I'm sorry to hear that. But it looks like you have nice tits :)
  20. Anonymous Member

    Vaccines are are just little bits of protein.

    You vaccinate yourself every time you get some foreign protein into your bloodstream. Like when you brush your teeth or take a poo or skin your knee.
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  21. For starters, vaccines don't enter the bloodstream. Maybe eventually some does, but it is injected directly into a muscle. This does not compare to skinning ones knee. The body is designed to deal with natural 'assaults', not needles inbedding toxins deep inside a muscle. I can wipe a scrape with an alcohol swab, but I sure as well wouldn't go injecting alcohol into a muscle.
  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ETH, you said you were done with this thread, but you're still here. I don't mind, since I usually enjoy a good debate/trollfest/etc., but am just curious what changed.
  23. And no, they are not just little bits of protein. They most contain 'adjuvants' (i.e. the metallic component which triggers an abnormal immune response). Why would you go injecting a newborn with an aluminium adjuvant when up to 60% of newborns are jaundiced (meaning their liver is under strain). The liver is what cleanses the body of toxins. Why would you compound that with a Hep B vaccine within a day or two of birth? If you are that adament that this particular vaccine is neccessary, why not space it out or wait til the child is older? Oh...Because thats not what the CDC vaccine schedule recommends? Ask yourself with a newborn would even require a Hep B shot anyway, particularly if the mother is not Hep B positive. If you're so convinced that the govt are funding this vaccine programme (with our taxes) out of the goodness of their sweet little hearts, surely that last point must make you raise an eyebrow.
  24. Johnny. I changed my mind. I was accused of being a conspiracy theorist with no science. I have done my research and can prove as much using links and scientific fact, not mainstream dogma.
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  25. BHX Member

    Glad your kids are ok. So are mine 22 and 24, both vaccinated, long time ago. But I have a friend who was NOT vaccinated for polio in the 50's, guess what? He's been hobbling around on crutches since he was five. I have a hundred other friends who WERE vaccinated and they're hobbling around on their feet. As am I. This vaccination paranoia and lies MUST stop. It was not only bad science but a lie. Go ahead and never allow your kids to get vaccinated, I hope they don't get injured by your ignorance. But fuck you if they do.
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  26. My kids are NOT okay. One is vaccine injured. I am sorry to hear about your child, however mine is already injured. What would you suggest I do? Throw my other child to the wolves or allow my first born to suffer another adverse reaction? While I am not opposed to the idea that vaccines may in some cases work, I am simply arguing that the current vaccine schedule is completely excessive, and many vaccines, such as the whooping cough vax, are proven without a doubt to be completely useless.
  27. GuyFox Member

    Again, what's a "vax injury"? :rolleyes:

    To me? Better than death from stupidity, that's what it is to me.

    Even IF vaccines had something to do with your child's autism (which they didn't) - it's basic maths and common bloody sense. Many killer diseases pretty much died out by now, true - but that's BECAUSE of the widespread use of vaccines. Diseases can't spread in immunized populaces and die out together with the last unfortunate hosts.

    It's a FAR lesser risk than running around fully vulnerable to whatever disease may be looming about.

    It's a no-brainer.

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTfDwWN3MgpM30Wmb2sLv63F2DZSpxSU

    What the FUCK does Asange have to do with the topic?

    More utterly off-topic smokescreen.

    That's wonderful, because I have bullet-proof evidence of mankind having evolved from chipmunks. What's the difference between my evidence and yours? So far, absolutely none...

    Please show us one VALID scientific publication proving that vaccines cause autism. As others already stated, you're the one challenging established views. The burden of providing solid proof is ON YOU.

    Tales of governments in faraway countries agreeing to pay damages are not scientific evidence. Governments are not exactly known for competence, and more importantly, proof is sorely lacking. Please, show us the actual scientific findings (and their reviews) that were the basis for these incidents (if they occured at all).

    Me? You're the one challenging the entire f-in medicine. You're obsessed with your vendetta against vaccines and lash out at people who're researching SCIENTOLOGY rather than vaccines. Which means you're barking up the wrong tree.

    One more time, you're the one who's supposed to prove your theory and disprove all the scientific material already proving your theory wrong.

    One more time: Please provide SOLID, VALID, and scientifically PROVEN material that does the above.

    No smokescreens, no Asange (seriously, WTF?), no iluminati, no governments. Proper medical studies please.
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  28. adhocrat Member

    because diferent counties have different reporting standards. The US has the strictest standard, which skews the count higher for the US in comparison to countries with looser reporting standards.
    and i just realized that Germany, Sweden and US might be interesting test subjects, since they do seem to have the same reporting requirements.

    Also, you didn't answer about the polio and smallpox (did you know the only smallpox in the world is kept in a vault)

    Think if all those people at the end of WWI had had access to a flu shot...
    20m dead because they weren't vaccinated.
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  29. All I am interested in is vaccine safety. I am tired of our health choices coming under fire because of a mainstream fear campaign when most of the people when most people don't have a bloody clue what mitochondrial disease is, let alone how it can hamper a childs immune system and leave them susceptible to vaccine damage. So again, I put it to you all. How many times has the CURRENT vaccine schedule been accumulatively tested in an infant for safety? The whole 27 doses that a child now receives before the age of two. Any takers? I'll give you the answer. ZERO. This is why I have concerns.
  30. BHX Member

    Vaccine injured? Sorry don't understand. What I suggest you do is whatever is in the best interest of your children. If they don't get a vaccine for whooping cough, you better hope and fucking pray they never get whooping cough, it's killing children today. Funny how we seem to have wiped that out when vaccinations for it became prevalent and now because some parents do not vaccinate, kids are dying from it. I hope your children will be fine, but if you make bad choices based on lies and pseudo-science, if anything adverse happens, it's all on you.
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  31. "Even IF vaccines had something to do with your child's autism (which they didn't)..." - whatever dude. Mitochondrial illness can be aggravated by a vaccine and can lead to autism. Even the CDC concede this. So I guess you can take that up with them.

    To the guy above, I thought I answered your question about polio and smallpox.

    I have looked at graphs prior to the introduction of vaccines for these diseases and it certainly appears that mortality rates were already well and truly on the decline - PRIOR to the vaccine.

    But like I said, I am not 'anti-vax' as such. Where I have a problem is with the denialism of the pharmaceutical industry that 27 vaccines before the age of two is not excessive. It is batshit crazy. And their accumulative effects have never been tested. Furthermore, there is zero accountability on the vaccine manufacturers part to the people for their products.

    Whooping cough can be treated to some extent. Don't expect to hear that from your doctor though. We are told that sodium ascorbate couldn't possibly work because it isn't a drug. In order for something to be classified as a drug, there needs to be a patent on it. Pretty damned hard to patent a vitamin.

    I haven't been able to find any links refuting the vitamin C treatment of whooping cough.
  33. adhocrat Member

    No you didn't, but then you didn't acknowledge the new information I gave you concerning IMR, either.

    I am sorry you child is not well, but this vendetta against something that has stood the test of time is quixotic at best.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    My own ability to fly to Venus using nothing but the power of my mind has also NOT been disproven. That's not how things work in the real world. There is no "vaccine court" in the U.S. The Poling case is in no way indicitave of a link between vaccines and autism. There simply is no science to support the idea that such a link exists.

    The Science Daily link that you posted does not support such a claim either. It offers a valid hypothesis that links mitochondrial dysfunction with autistic individuals, not with vaccinations. Mitochoodrial disorders often lie dormant until being triggered by an infection. It's not impossible that Hannahs condition could have been triggered by an infection of any kind attained during the administration of her vaccinations. Nor is it impossible that such an infection might have been the result of her rubbing her eyes after touching a door knob at the doctors office.

    The Italian case which you've cited also adds nothing new to this debate, other than that it may add support to the Science Daily article regarding possible links to dormant mitochondrial dysfunction and autism that you cited.

    In Hannahs case, the suspicion of a link between her vaccinations and and her autism was tied to the since discredited concerns over Thimerosal. Thimerosal was removed from these vaccines in 2001. Since then, there have been numerous studies and no link between Thimerosol and Autism has been found. Also there has been no sign of a change in rates of Autism since that time.Valentinos vaccination occurred in 2004 and contained no Thimerosol.
    So, if there is some yet to be proven link between MMR vaccines and autism, it would seem to have nothing at all to do with the "toxin" that launched all of this hysteria to begin with ie; the Mercury preservative contained in the since discontiued Thimerosol product. If we're going to continue blaming vaccines, then we're going to find a whole new bogeyman. Or continue looking in countless other areas that may indicate some other cause for an apparent rise in Autism rates.

    I asked you for a study proving a link between MMR vaccines and Autism. You came back with the usual canards. It would be wonderful if one day a link were found and proven. The offending component could be removed and the problem would hopefully disapear once and for all. But to date, nada. And not for any lack of trying.

    We have a special place for moonbat conspiracies here at WWP. It's sponsered by Pfizer. Trufax!
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  35. And whooping cough is killing kids? You think the vaccine itself isn't? I urge you to read a book called 'A shot in the dark'.

    Furthermore, my concerns are not based on 'pseudo-science'. No one, NOT ONE PERSON on this thread has been able to point me to one single study documenting the accumulative effects of vaccines on newborns.

    My concerns therefore, are valid. Take care everyone. Thanks for your input.
  36. Anonymous Member

    don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Freedom of choice is not absolute in a civilized society.

    Here is why your arguments are unconvincing: you are not an expert. I see no reason to spend 40 or 80 or 1000 hours of research on this when there is a community of experts who already do that and publicly report their findings. You will never convince me that there is some grand conspiracy and that you are right and all these other thousands of people who were smart enough to get PhDs are wrong.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    (Not the same anon)

    I am really sorry for your son. Autism is horribly on the victim and perhaps worse on the family. Being a parent and having had a disabled relative, I can certainly sympathize.

    However, your sons autism do not necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine, just because the two happened at the same time. Autism typically do manifest at the same age where the MMR usually is given. This has lead to a lot of controversies, but there is no confirmed link between the two. Considering the total benefit to individuals and society from the MMR, any such link must be proven scientifically before the vaccination can be dropped.

    And yes, forced vaccination is unfortunately necessary in places where large segments of the population would otherwise not vaccinate their children. Luckily, I live in a society where the level of ignorance of basic statistics and medicine is low enough that forced vaccines are not necessary. There are always nutter who refuse, and get very surprised when they travel abroad and catch something which normal people are immune to.
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  39. Anonymous Member


    Seen this MO before many times around the traps. Someone with no affiliation with scientology/anti-vax freaks miraculously shows up at an opportune time, starts ranting scientology/anti-vax based lunacies, then trots out the affected child to quantify her story.

    Piss off to the forum for moonbats and vaccinations.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Eauthehypocrisy - you appear to be suggesting that vaccines - all vaccines right across the board - cause more harm and actual deaths than the diseases they are designed to prevent.

    Is that accurate?

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