Stealth ninja pwns CCHR promoter and child hater Meryl Dorey

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Anonymous, Aug 17, 2012.

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    screw that, feeding trolls can be fun.
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    You're defending an industry which has been proven to be corrupt to the core. Since I don't trust child molesters, animal abusers & frausters to tell me what is best for my health, I'll leave you to entertain yourself. Adios troll.
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    “The school wants me to put him on another medication because he won’t sit still,”

    FFS, So somebody finally suggested that she stop loading her rug rats up on Super Sugar Crispies every morning before sending them out the door.

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    You should not ignore very frequent adverse events. Autism isn't one of them though.

    You get vaccinated then some bad thing happens, like a seizure. But that bad thing might have happened anyway even without the vaccine. So for you as an individual, it is hard to be sure about a causal relationship.

    But epidemiologists who monitor reports of adverse events can and do make causal links using statistics and maths and stuff. They are pretty good at this.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Personally I would like to thank Meryl Dorey's defenders for sharing their perspectives on vaccines, the CDC, fluoridation, and public health generally. I suspect that they have made a lasting impression.
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  9. Internetzin Member

    The pharmacological, threshold for serious adverse events is set deliberately low, when it hits that threshold it sets off mechanisms put in place to suspend the use of said vaccine. Yes it sucks if you are inside that small percentage, and it sucks that it's all part of an enormous cost/ benefit equation. However you do run the risk of death etc just by being alive.
  10. anon walker Moderator

    You are correct. I grabbed several of their more ZOMG images to make this graphic for Dr. Dave's website on the Jeremy Perkins tragedy.
  11. anon walker Moderator

    So you'd prefer polio or pertussis? Okay...fine by me.
  12. anon walker Moderator

    Refusing to vaccinate kids because of a SLIM CHANCE of a bad reaction vs. well hell, cholera kills people.
    Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, these people.
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    The lurid, blood, sex, crime committed [allegedly] by Thomas Westerman and Kimberly Lindsey at the CDC has some strangeness about it. For example, Mr. Westerman is not just a failure at life generally. He is also not good at resume writing:

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    INB4 people realize the CDC isn't the only fucking major diseases organization in the world.
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    Yeah, I'm sure the night watchman has a lot to do with the CDC's science work.
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    Dox on the resume above:

    It's hard to understand how a person with such a bad resume could be hired as a security guard at the CDC.

    Other strangeness: Dr. Lindsay lives with her bf Westerman and a 6 year old boy. It's not clear who is the boy's parent. The boy said something to a health professional who filed a report of two suspected incidents of sexual abuse happening sometime between 1-1-10 (apparently when Westerman moved in) and 8-22-11. That is a huge time window, so the kid might have been four or five when whatever happened happened.

    During the investigation of the suspected abuse, police happened to come across pics of the doctor doing something sexy with a pet. Totally unrelated to the kid issue.

    You would think she'd hide that nasty business a little better. How embarrassing.
  18. Anonymous Member

    By far, my favorite claim by the anti-vaxxers (or anti-chemo or whatever anti-medicine) is that the researchers and scientists somehow run this massive scheme to dupe the public. Somehow, it's never explained, the scientists get together to plot the subjugation of all mankind to BIG-BAD-PHARMA. It's my favorite because it clearly demonstrates that the anti-flavor-of-the-month have never actually known real people who do real research.

    Many years ago, I worked with this man. Shortly after the Wakefield fraud was published, I asked him about his opinion on autism and vaccines. His response was the closest I ever saw the man get to anger. It wasn't anger exactly, but more of an extreme frustration that we are wasting resources on this wild goose chase when we could focus on the search for real solutions. Before you accuse him of being a big-pharma stooge, you should know that his child has autism. And from what I knew of the man, his love for his children wouldn't be sold to provide a cover-up.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Yeah but you missed the funny part: Who would make a LinkedIn page with "Fired for insubordination" and "UNEMPLOYED FOR 96 WEEKS"?

    The answer is nobody. Nobody would make a resume like that.
  20. Internetzin Member

    I hope the sexy thing with a pet wasn't a little kitteh.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I posted the wall-o-text with the red highliting. I should have labeled them "anti-Dox" because its the argument against "vaccines cause SIDS, autism, and solar X-ray storms"
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    Got this from Slashdot -
  26. Ron B DED Member

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    To the retards that think they have read the insert, but actually haven't.

    The insert specifically says those events (SIDS, autism) had been reported during the study period butnthat no correlation with the vaccine was found. They are required to list all reportable events. However those events are not correlated with vaccine use.

    So it is not listed as a side effect. It is listed as a reportable event, but it is also noted that no correlation for that reportable event has been found.
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  28. Any mouse Member

    Let's not forget the Meryl Dorey supporters are supporting someone who sells many (not just one) Scientology related products. She even sells some that you can get for far less elsewhere.

    So she sells Scientology shit, lots of it, and she sells it for even more than other people.

    I doubt if Meryl is really into Scientology. However she is a cultist, and cultists tend to like other cultists. Scientology has an anti science and anti medicine bent. She jumps that train. However if she does she must accept the consequences.

    If you sell Scientology crap expect reasonable people to get annoyed.

    Liz Hemple is not a reasonable person. She will defend Meryl, a lying sack of shit, for no other reason that Liz is a member of her cult. Liz may say she hates Scientology, but she doesn't hate it enough to dare tell Meryl, her dear leader, that selling Scientology shit is wrong.
  29. Internetzin Member

    And a friend of my enemy is my enemy also.
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    TL;DR for the fucktards: Somebody, somewhere was diagnosed with autism during the study, but nobody ever found reason to believe it was because of the drug, so shut the fuck up.
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  31. Internetzin Member

    Further to that to ensure absolute medico-legal coverage. The phrmaceutical company may even list 'possible head explosion' if anyones who has ever been vaccinated indeed had their head explode, ya know just so it can't be said ya weren't warned.
  32. Anonymous Member retraction after oregano/7180719/story.html
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  33. Internetzin Member

    This bullshit is absolutely out of hand. Couple this with the recent standing down of a Breastfeeding Association nazi who had been lecturing new parents on the parallels between baby formula and aids in killing babies. Completely Batshit out of control crazy!
  34. Internetzin Member

  35. Personally, I think his bias may be cancelled out by your bias. At this point in the discussion there has been no 'persecution' of the woman at all, that's just something you imagined up due to your own bias.

    I'm unsure though why you think that being a medical practitioner is a negative. In the issue of medical science, I can't help but feel that having a degree in the subject would give someone a bit of an advantage, at the very least in being able to understand the big words. Additionally, having a degree indicates a certain level of intellect that I find can be sadly lacking in discussions on this subject.

    The term 'vaccine injured' is a bit of a wank term isn't it? It had no definition and is freely thrown around by people who do not really understand it's meaning. Certainly in the case of Dorey she has admitted herself in a letter that her childs vaccine injury is self diagnosed and not validated by medical science. Indeed, if her own statements are to be believed she was so concerned about her child on the night he was immunised that she didn't seek medical attention. I think we all know what that really means.

    I don't disagree that vaccines can do harm, but I do expect people making claims of injury to validate that with some type of actual proof, and not expect us to believe their opinion, or in Doreys case, their self diagnosis. I think that if we rely on the science the vast majority of vaccine injuries simply do not exist, they are fabricated for attention.

    I have seen no evidence that the AVN support freedom to choose. Quite the opposite in fact as any discussion that does not agree 100% with the AVN doctrine is quickly removed and the poster vilified by the bretheren of the cult of AVN. Dorey doesn't understand the concept of pro-choice, and I suspect neither do you.

    Assange is a cowardly idiot, hiding in an embassy rather than facing the court and proving this innocence he wants us to believe he has. I think the term self important weasel works really well for him. If you want to truly appreciate Assanges true worth, look at how he assisted the guy in jail in the US for handing over the information .. help from Assange? NONE.

  36. So, you speak for AVN? Interesting.
  37. Seems to me you wouldn't know reality, the truth or a fact if any of them reared up and bit you on the arse ..

    Just saying ....
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  38. and that makes you different from 100% of the anti-vaxxers, as they self diagnose their childrens supposed vaccine injuries.

    But as someone said on the front page .. what is a vaccine injury, has it ever been actually defined?
  39. Actually, you're correct. Vaccine related autism has not been disproven. The correct term is that there has yet to be a single study that has managed to link the 2. What has been totally disproven is the Wakefield study which supposedly linked vaccine to autism.

    To repeat. There is no evidence linking autism to vaccination. In fact, there seems to be more and more evidence that links autism to environmental factors such as food etc.

    In the instance of Hannah Polings, the medical professionals found that she had an underlying cellular disorder that was aggravated by the vaccines, causing brain damage with features of the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The vaccines did not give her autism as you suggest.

    Nor did the italian court do anything but make a ruling on the probabilities. Legal institutions make rulings of law based on probabilities, they do not make medical determinations and they tend to err on the side of awarding payouts to parents. Not sure why, but it's a boon for the malicious litigants of the world.

    That's because every immunisation is different and should be treated differently. if a child has a reaction to the whooping cough vaccination, that doesn't mean all immunisations will cause the same effect. It's a failing of the anti-vaxxers that they cannot understand that.

    I would challenge your belief that immunisations haven't been studied .. 90% of the community are fully vaccinated, that's a huge group to study.

    That's one of the most ignorant statements i've ever read. The 'vaccine pushers' (an emotive term which attempts to liken pro-vax to drug dealers and shows the idiocy of the poster) have evidence on their side.

    To use your simplistic view on the subject, if immunisation caused autism why do unvaccinated children have autism? Why do many children show the autistic markers prior to being vaccinated? Seriously, there are plenty of other factors that differ between now and 500 years ago that all need to be investigated, why aren't you hanging on to those? cars. additives, preservatives, education, housing, electricity. These are all potential causes, many seem more viable based on current studies. I repeat, there is yet to be one valid study that links autism to immunisation.

    Well, there aren't that many who are diagnosed. Big difference. One of the increases in instance is the increase in diagnosis. With such a closed mind, you are worthless as an investigator.

    I personally know 3 who are aged between 60 and 80. You don't see them as they were institutionalised.

    Acutally, it would be negligent to think otherwise. An immunisation has a finite dosage, whereas we ingest food and interact with the environment on a daily basis. Seems to me that it's ludicrous to hang onto the immunisation is poison mantra while feeding children additives and preservatives and cleaning your house with cleaning products and putting a child in a car and driv9ing them around, and having them interact with plastics etc.

    What are these 27 shots?

    But having said that, by the age of 2 most kids have had hundreds of meals fed to them out of jars and tins, they have crawled over 100's of floors (or 1 floor hundreds of times that are covered in chemical cleaning products, they have breathed various chemicals and eaten various additives. So, I ask for your studies that makes immunisations worse than these other factors or that link immunisation to autism.

    Acutally, you are completely anti-vax. If you weren't you'd distance yourself from loons like Dorey.
  40. Anonymous Member

    He would have been in Sweden by now if the Swedish gov had given an assurance that he would not be extradited to the US. It was this refusal to give such an assurance that the Ecuadorians used as the basis for granting asylum.

    No help for Manning? The Bradley Manning defense network disagrees with you.

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