St. Louis -- Reminder for April 9, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by ThetanBait, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. ThetanBait Member

  2. over9000OT Member

    We'll be enterbulating from the other end of the state. The Scilons are going to be the meat in a lulzy Anon sandwich. Maybe we could Eiffel Tower them?
  3. Chi-town rolls on the 9th as as well. Team Central, baby! This is kinda cool, like back in the days when they'd get hit on the same day all over the globe.

    Back on topic, if anyone from Saint Looie is lurking and has never been to one of these, consider giving it a shot. ThetanBait is a cool guy and fun to hang around with, and there's the subplot of the police drama too.
  4. gazav Member

    could someone contact me and inform me on what is going on around me please
  5. Anonymous Member

    If I had to guess, I'd say that you have a bunch of penises flying at your mouth.
  6. gazav Member

    i love being new to sites and some fag decides to immediatly bash me god its so awesome that u took time out of your lousy day just to make a crack at my statement go cut ur wrists and play in traffic
  7. Anonymous Member

    I'll try the direct approach: LURK MOAR!
  8. over9000OT Member

    You write this ghey bullshit:
    Get flamed (because your post has fuck all to do with St. Louis, Scientology or anything even vaguely related to this site) and then write this:
    You really need to be a lurk moar or DIAF.

    Welcome to WWP.
  9. SeenTheLight Member

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