St. Louis 3/14

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Hollow, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hollow Member

    St. Louis 3/14

    Everything went well. We even had a guest appearance by overlord Xenu. He seemed to enjoy himself.



    More images to follow.
  2. Hurley Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    Was a great raid today..
    some points..

    They had alot of non-scilon traffic today, mostly black males coming and going.. I'm not sure what bullshit they were pulling..

    A Chris Crocker looking fag came to troll us (very lulzy video to come)

    When SwordSworn went back to his car after the raid.. All 4 doors were wide open, but none of his money, mp3 player or anything was missing..

    More info/vids/pics to come
  3. Hurley Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    OH! and we had 3 visitors from WINNESOTA!! Awesome people
  4. Re: St. Louis 3/14

    rofl, nice job with the Xenu Welcoming committee :)

    SciFags? That is quite disturbing :confused:
  5. SwordSworn Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    Yeah me and LadyCrystle Came around the corner and my doors were all wide open but everything was still their. Had cops look through my car just in case they left me a surprise. If I get name fagged it was through highly illegal means.
  6. cubby Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    chris crocker handler, winnesotans, high org traffic, car doors open... what's missing

    1) CAKE (thx hurley <3)

    2) cops reiterated that the scilons were questioning whether us having "Honk" signs was legal, reiterated that they needed to do a little research on the legality of it... which is what happened last month, so i guess we'll just have to bring thoses signs again in April and find out if anything's been found out :3
  7. FUCK Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    <3 The Xenu.
  8. cubby Member

  9. cubby Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    i meant to post this pic too &gt;.&gt;

  10. Elbynonamous Member

  11. ThetanBait Member

    March Vid

    It was LRH's birthday and we didn't offer them caek. We are so out-ethics.
  12. Hurley Member

    Re: St. Louis 3/14

    the videos always get posted when I'm at work
  13. cubby Member

    Re: March Vid

    if this guy doesn't show up next month i am going to be verrrry disappointed...

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