SSL certificate/encryption for WWP?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by aNONanon, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. aNONanon Member

    SSL certificate/encryption for WWP?

    I realized some time ago that when you're using anonymizing software like Tor or any other proxy they can see all traffic you are transporting through them, meaning all your passwords can be seen on exit nodes as traffic to destination site is not encrypted!

    In Tor you never know who is operating exit node you're using and with other proxy you never know if they're keeping logs or not!

    It would be very good idea for WWP to support SSL encryption so it would be accessible trough "https://" protocol to avoid identity theft and stealing passwords!
  2. lucifuge Member

    Re: SSL certificate/encryption for WWP?

    We'll look at this.
  3. Trepalium Member

    Re: SSL certificate/encryption for WWP?

    Not to mention if someone was using a cookie sidejacking tool such as ferret and hamster. People could post as users on this forum simply by pulling the packets from an unsecured wireless network they were using.

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