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Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by AngryGayPope1, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. restim Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Why not file a complaint and let the water authority sort those details out? What's the downside if we're wrong?
  2. 33755 Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Why not CALL the water authority to find out if that property is covered under the water restrictions. They would probably tell you if Gold Base is one of their customers, or not.
  3. restim Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Because I don't see a DOWNSIDE to an immediate complaint. That's why I asked what your concern was.
  4. Hartman5555 Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Their flowers are planted all the way to the edge, leaving no path for pedestrians. This is a safety issue. I think a letter should be sent to the proper authority to insist scientology allow a one foot path.
  5. Re: Sprinkler Tech

    AGP, you needed a bath anyway.
  6. anonhuff Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    One foot isn't very wide.
  7. Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Could umbrellas be used to defeat the closer sprinklers by redirecting the spray at the edges of the bed?

    i represents the sprinkler and -) represents the brolly.

    i-) <-- like this, only of course with the convex side snugged up closer to the sprinkler.

    Get a large golf umbrella. Use the top to create or support some kind of sign made of fabric and pinned on. Use the bottom to deflect the spray, perhaps with a weight tied to the handle at the end to make sure the brolly stays down if the water pressure is strong.

    If the plantings are indeed on public right of way this should not be a problem, and it should redirect the spray back into the bed where it belongs.
  8. subgenius Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Or just use the umbrella as an umbrella.

    I think it is a powerful image: that your lousy sprinkler tech won't defeat us. (I know the idea has been pooh-poohed)

    I just remembered another thing a brilliant anon did: put a hard hat over one, and a cooking pot over another of the sprinkler heads.
    (Although someone will probably find something wrong with this too.)
  9. Miss Cabbage Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Regarding the lack of any footpath outside Gimp Base, it made me think about cycling. Unless the road in question has a 'no cycling' prohibition in place (with appropriate signs) you can ride a bike past Gimp Base as slowly as you like). You wouldn't be trespassing or obstructing; you'd be a legitimate road user... who just happens to be displaying a protest banner. Don't wear masks though.

    Maybe you could organise a mass cycling day, and get a constant stream of cyclists going past, in a loop. This also has lulzy potential for any Scigimp Org that's located on a small block. (If you don't mind riding round and round four hours...) Since bikes don't have license plates, you'll remain anonymous far better than you would in a car.
  10. BigBeard Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    According to property documents in the Gold Base "Property Line" thread, Gold IS served by the EMWD.

  11. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Cross-posted from Gold Base Property Line thread:
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    This is a good question. Perhaps I have a good answer.

    The Ordinance applies to all "customers". It doesn't apply only to water purchased from the EMWD.

    My hunch is that, even if the CoS have wells for water for use in reticulation, etc, they won't have a water treatment plant sufficient to enable them to produce potable water. Ergo, they are likely a customer. Ergo, the ordinance applies. :D

  13. anonhuff Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    I posted in that thread, some contact information for the relevant permit offices. Since a permit was required, there is photo proof of vegetation changes (and sprinkler installation?) between a specific known date and another specific known date perhaps a public inquiry into the relevant permit could be made. One of the functions performed by the permit office is handling public inquiries.

    This appears to also be the office that would have the information required to determine what area around specific roads is county easement/property and would require an encroachment permit. Two birds, one stone.

    Sprinkler installation, if it was not already there and had a valid permit for installation, might require additional permits from riverside flood control agency - main page this opened in a new frame when searching for 'encroachment permit' on main page.
  14. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    And I figure that unless they pipe it in from the 8th Dimension or the Lost Dutchman Water Mine, their wells are plugged into the local water table. You can't just dig a hole in a ground and suck out all the water you can.
  15. Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Heh heh, sprinkler tech is common at San Jose protests. We either:

    A) Enjoy it

    B) Deflect with umbrellas


    C) Place empty plastic beverage bottles over the sprinkler heads to stop them altogether. They have not yet complained about it, so in the meantime it's been an effective tool.

    And as for them ruining the signs via sprinkler tech, its easy to just coat the sign with clear packing tape and its lifetime will double. It's become mandatory for all signs we make locally, since we never know what else they'd try to mess with them.

    I wish you luck in moving forward with this, though. It'll definitely do a good job to take advantage of the drought emergency and use it against them.
  16. atsah Member

  17. RightOn Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    Is this it????

    BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, that as of March 1, 2009, Ordinance No. 72.23 is hereby
    rescinded; and
    BE IT FINALLY ORDAINED, that the effective date of this Ordinance No. 72.24 is
    March 1, 2009.
    ADOPTED this 4th day of February, 2009.

    3. Penalties for Water Runoff
    All existing and future customers that allow water to runoff into an adjoining sidewalk,
    driveway, street, alley, gutter or ditch are subject to the following penalties:
    a. For multi-family, commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural and landscape
    i. For the first violation, the District shall issue a written notice of fact of such
    violation to the customer.
    ii. For a second violation within twelve months from the first notice of violation,
    the District shall issue a final written notice of the fact of such violation to the
    Special Conditions
    All Commercial, Industrial and Institutional customers and dedicated landscape metered
    accounts – including those with golf courses, decorative lakes, ponds, and water
    features – shall abide by the District’s Ordinance 68.2 ”Amended Rules and Regulations
    Governing the Provision of Recycled Water System Facilities and Service” and
    “Mandatory Use Requirements Policy”. Requirements include, but are not limited to:
    approved use of recycled water (or other non-potable supplies) to the maximum extent
    possible; and use of recycled water whenever it is available. Customers must follow
    District standards and procedures; and are subject to penalties for non-compliance.
  18. atsah Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    I believe Ordinance 72.24 restrict users who are supplied by Eastern Municipal Water District water.

    Ordinance 754 is a Riverside County ordinance, which is in response to the Federal Clean Water Act and the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (California) see Section 2 C.

    The source of the water (wells, imported) does not matter.
  19. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Here's a video I did on water waste

  20. atsah Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    This may be a little weird, if it’s OK, I would like to reply to Jeff Jacobsen’s post in Operation Clambake Message Board – Gold Sprinkler Tech, I have tried to register but they seem to be a little slow, hopefully he reads this site.

    County of Riverside Ordinance No. 754 Section 3. B.

    Discharges from the following activities will not be considered a violation of this ordnance when properly managed….
    Keyword “properly”

    Ordinance 754 is a Riverside County ordinance, which is in response to the Federal Clean Water Act and the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (California) see Section 2 C.

    The source of the water (wells, imported) is not important.
  21. ARC Member

    Re: Sprinkler Tech

    PS: Remember that it's not an obligation, only a courtesy. If you want to surprise the Scilons with a baloon or whatever, you might want to refrain from giving advance warning to the sheriff.

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