Spontaneous Thrift Store Raid-Clearwater

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by amaX, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Spontaneous Thrift Store Raid-Clearwater


    so, i drove up by that house that kirstie alley bought. our vehicle has major dark tint on the windows and it was raining like a cow pissin' on a flat rock---no piccy's. i'd never been on that street---NOT a good neighborhood. i felt bad for the neighborhood that she'd bought the damned house.
    so, i went to a thrift store to buy some second-hand books. ugh!

    i found a novel called "a very strange trip" by L. RON HUBBARD and dave wolverton. i pulled one of the anonymous blubtard dollars out and took this picture with the damned book:


    so, i tucked the anonymous blubtard dollar into the book with just a little peeking out before my husband SLAMMED the book really hard onto the shelf. here's a pic taken right before the SLAM:


    i was so pissed that the blubtard book had tainted the other good books, that i decided to just leave.

    heh. i found THE perfect tie for our anonymous protests.
    i call it the "HERE COME THE INTERNETS" tie.

    bad camera phone piccy:


    black tie with computer thingies all over it! zomg!

    this was my funday/sunday in clearwater with a spontaneous mini-raid on the thrift store.

    the end


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