Spoksman form Indect wish Julian Assange found dead

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    All I read from the OP is a a heap of bad English.
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    a a heap indeed
  6. Big323 Member

    can anyone translate that page?
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Is this the answer to the question "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like"?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    1 Click on link
    2 Virus
    3 Profit??
  9. Anonymous Member

    Why wasn't this sent to my junk mail?
  10. over9000OT Member

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  11. xenubarb Member could write the sequel to Dianetics. lol...
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  12. Anonymous Member

    This is the best I could do. It's from Polish:
    tl;dr - body found, severe decomposition, ergo, no identifying marks found. No identification documents found. Everyone is pretty much - "WTF?"
  13. Big323 Member

    so what does this have to do with Julian Assange?
  14. DeathHamster Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    There were no references to JA in the Polish text I worked with. I think this thread falls into the basket labelled "shit."
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  16. 00anon00 Member

    [IMG]Unknown body found
  17. Anonymous Member

    It would appear that someone, somewhere, is forging a head.
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  18. 00anon00 Member

    O MY GOD
    Start posting pictures of cute cats.
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  19. LocalSP Member

    U wouldn't dare.
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  20. Smurf Member

    Some Pole on Twitter trying to be funny. <yawn>
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  21. 00anon00 Member

    I DARE
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  22. 00anon00 Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. 00anon00 Member

    This comment will bring this thread to the top of the "wikilieaks" group
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