"Spirit Release Therapy" by psychiatrist Dr Alan Sanderson

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anonymous, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Saw this on a program from a TV series titled "Am I Normal?", episode 3: Spirituality (AU only, sorry)
    Edit: Apparently this aired in the UK in 2008, but a search of these forums showed no results.

    It comes scarily close to the upper auditing levels of processing body thetans. From the only wikipedia article I could find:

    What really irked me is it's being done by a qualified psychiatrist. In fact looking through the list of "practitioners" a lot of them seem to hold qualifications as either psychotherapists, psychologists, or counsellors.

    If any of you "Spirit rescue" people are googling for discussions after this aired, you are invited here to have at it!
  2. hmm...seems dodgy
  3. Anonymous Member

    They are not exactly qualified if compared to the more highly recognized mental health practitioners (APAs and ACA). They all either have bachelors or masters degrees, which barely counts for qualifying in psychology or psychiatry today. Furthermore, qualified psychiatrist means he's qualified in psychiatry. If one invented his or her own therapy (like this hogwash), then ultimately its his or her own thing. You can be qualified in psychiatry, but that does not mean someone is qualified in psychoanalysis. Both address mental health, but both have different theoretical standings and approaches.

    If the APA does not have it listed in its archive of "Evidence Based Therapies," (I'll bet money it isn't) then being qualified in it is really just self-endorsed to get customers, much more invented by the group who believes their original therapy works. APA's EBTs are based on peer-reviewed research that has established validity and reliability. Spirit Release Therapy has none as far as I researched. In fact their advocates spur "material science" for evidence and criticizes it for being too limited. So regardless of whether or not these therapists are educated, claiming qualifications are also pretty dodgy in this case.
  4. Anonymous Member

    On that note, this isn't Scientology. Just another small blip on the radar for quacks claiming they can help.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Just take liberal amounts of drugs & ECT and/or seclusion & restraint for Multiple Personality Disorder Body Thetans.
  6. thefatman Member

    The sad thing is that not even psychiatrists are exempt from falling for/cashing in on quackery.

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