Speech on reverse processing

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    Speech on reverse processing

    After watching Jeanne-Marie Boucher's speech in DC, I wrote up some ideas that have been rattling around in my head for a while. I plan to give this speech at the 4/12 raid, schedule permitting, and offer it to anyone else who wants to use it.

    Technical corrections on the terminology and the description of tech are welcome.


    (Intro patter)

    Everyone talks about the advanced-level material but today I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about how people get into Scientology and how it goes from being something that helps them to something that hurts them. I hope the people inside don't apply PTS/SP and tune me out, because someday their sanity and their lives will depend on what I'm going to say. Nobody gets into Scientology with the idea that they want to be exploited and abused. We all know it's not like that, right? They get in because some time in the past they had a problem, and a Scientologist helped them confront that problem. It could have been drugs, or lack of education, or the death of a loved one, or any of the problems that people face in life all the time. Scientology says that no matter what your problem is, they have the answer. They tell you that something can be done about it, and that something is applying Hubbard's tech.

    So people take the training courses, and then they go off and try to tackle their problem again. Some of them find that they're able to do it. Now you could argue about whether it really was the tech that made the difference, or they just found the confidence to do something they could have done anyway. Maybe it's like the Wizard of Oz, right? Dorothy and her friends go to the Wizard to solve all these different problems. The Wizard promises to help if they do him a favor, and when they come back he can't keep his promise. Then Dorothy finds out that she never really needed his help. Maybe Hubbard is like the Wizard!

    But those are the people who stay in Scientology. They took the courses, they took on a problem, and they had some wins. So they decided to stick with it.

    Scientology promises to make you more alive . That's one of their big selling points. They even have a scale of aliveness called the tone scale. The higher you are on the tone scale, the more alive you are. It goes from 0, which is body death, to 40, which is serenity of beingness. In the church you pay for services that are supposed to raise you up the tone scale. I'm not sure how well-known this is within the church, but the tone scale also goes the other way, into negative numbers. It goes down to shame, hiding, and on down to minus 40, which is total failure.

    The church does processing, which is supposed to raise people up the tone scale. But what people in the church don't realize, and the reason we're here today, is that the church also does reverse processing. That means processing someone to push them down the tone scale instead of up. I'm going to read from an ethics order Hubbard wrote March 6, 1968. This is Hubbard talking about some people who had been using the tech outside the church:

    They are declared enemies of mankind, the planet and all life.
    They are fair game.
    No amnesty may ever cover them.
    If they ever come to a Qual Division, they are to be run on reverse processes.

    That's what I'm talking about. Reverse processing is stimulating someone's bad thoughts and fears as much as possible. It's using the tech to make them feel depraved and worthless.

    Every time ethics runs a security check on a Scientologist, they're being reverse processed.

    Every time a Scientologist writes up overts and witholds, they're being reverse processed.

    Every time a Scientologist is disconnected from a friend or a relative, they're being reverse processed.

    Do you see how great this is for business? The church can process people down, and then make them pay to get back to where they were! It's a big money-maker.

    This happens to everyone who stays in the church long enough. In fact, it starts as soon as they join. Maybe some of them saw the orientation video when they joined, where the church tells them that if they don't join Scientology, they might as well jump off a bridge. That was their first reverse process! And when they run out of money, when they stop having wins, when they don't do what the case supervisor tells them, and when they ask questions the church doesn't want asked, the church will send them to ethics and process them ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SCALE. They'll be declared a suppressive person and a degraded being. The church will kick them out on the street and wait for them to commit suicide, which is EXACTLY what a lot of people abandoned by the church have done. That's why Hubbard called reverse processing, quote, "a wonderfully smooth way of committing murder."

    So when this happens to the people inside, and it will, I hope they remember that there is a tech as powerful as anything in Scientology, and that tech is saying NO.

    NO, I am NOT what's wrong with Scientology!

    NO, I do NOT have overts or witholds!

    NO, I will NOT abandon my friends outside the church!

    NO, you can NOT invalidate my wins!

    NO, I will NOT pay for broken promises!

    NO, I am NOT the church's PRISONER or SLAVE!
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    Re: Speech on reverse processing

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    Re: Speech on reverse processing

    No good. Hubbard's dead.
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    Re: Speech on reverse processing

    This is potentially the most moving idea that could be communicated to members. See, they're convinced that "the tech works" - so much so that they'll forgive just about *anything* and sweep it all under the rug of "the tech works". Over and over, it's drilled into them - 100% effective, always works, etc.

    You just can't convince them otherwise - they're downright smug about it!

    But if you really bring out this concept... insert that little bit of doubt... I think you just might get somewhere.

    This idea should be hit very, very hard!
  7. I have never been a scientologist, but my relatives were involved with the LaRouche cult and I have been looking at some gang stalking sites which contain many of the political views of this cult in the sense that they blame he harassment on government. In fact the LaRouche movement has quite a strange relationship with government and has even been known to supply intelligence to the intelligence agencies using its intelligence services see Dennis King ; Fascism Restyled for the New Millennium. The sites are a distortion of a book written by a pi, David Lawson who describes cause stalking as follows and attributes to extremist groups:
    The description actually fits what is called LaRouchian ego-stripping or may be similar to Scientology
    reverse processing - it is like negative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming). He attributes it to extremist groups who are anti-gov. I therefore do not think he is referring to Scientology fair game. However, the tactics are the same ie infiltration of public life, intimidation of civilians, surveillance, stalking, character assignation plus some unique elements which pertain to the negative NLP.

    Here is the LaRouchian version:

    No one tells victims they are actually going to be targeted. They just are. The victims can be targeted in any setting. The victims may spend many years not even knowing they are being targeted or the reason why. The reasons may be financial. The movement like Scientology has a forced abortion policy (in fact the two movements are so similar its almost like there has been a breach of copyright, but not sure who copied whom). It has been known to deprive victims of rights for financial reasons see fact net:
    bottom of page. Targeting is designed to advance this process, but prominent targets have also been political ie Henry Kissinger and Petra Kelly.

    It would be futile to eliminate Scientology, but allow the LaRouche movement to go on because it will simply replace it and it is just as bad. There have been and continue to be many victims of the LaRouche movement and it is growing.
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