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    I've watched quite a few videos with a language barrier/block involved. If a Scio is suspected of being Spanish, French etc would it not be nice to say something they could understand? Cheat sheets could be created, English, Language of choice spelling and phonetic speaking of terms they would listen too? The more concise/shorter the better then the Mods could put together a cut/paste dox to take to relay to those wishing or thinking of getting out. They are multi-lingual we need to learn to help them get out or think.
    Why Are So Many OT’s Declared?
    Spanish= ¿Por qué tantos OT declaró
    French= Pourquoi tant d'OT Déclarée= Poor Ko dont do t declarea

    Debbie Cook “Withdraw Your Support”
    Spanish= Debbie Cook "retire su apoyo"=Deja Kook re tearus apoyo
    French= Debbie Cook "Retirer votre soutien"=Debie Cuk Ahout Tre Sui ti neer

    866 EX SEA ORG will help you get out
    Spanish=866 Sea Org EX le ayudará a salir=Say org exlay duja ra salir
    French=866 de la Sea Org EX vous aidera à sortir=(? can someone help out so an American can say this one?)

    Question the 866# is still good right otherwise Admin pls remove. Everyone should get the general idea

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