Sparrow Video Research Project

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  1. adhocrat Member

    Sparrow Video Research Project

    4 August EDIT:
    7:07:07 pm
    TheLastAnon wrote
    I heartily concur.

    Here's what is wanted:
    The spreadsheet is nearing completion. But that doesn't mean we can slack off. There is plenty to do yet:

    Post #146 and #148 contain new info about what we need.

    * For now we should be looking for all KB appearances, noted and verified, since not all the spotters were certain what she looked like.

    * Also, please look over the notes and lets come up with a time line showing the escalation and increasing desperation of the cult and their actions.

    * The stalking claim has obviously been in the making for months. Let's show that as precisely as we can.

    * Also, let's gather up all the times when the scilons got aggressive towards AS.

    * we go back over the videos to add more context and substance to them. It would be good to have different eyes review the work that's already been done and add to it, correct it, etc. I really think we need more hands.

    * Also, and I'm thinking long term here, but we can be of greater value to the defense counsel if we have a really well documented, coded and searchable database of the videos. All the notes being made now are very helpful, especially in developing the timeline and identifying "key" moments. But we need to do something more detailed and leverage greater value from this if it ends up going to trial.


    So, if anyone has solid database skills and knows how to turn a spreadsheet into a database, all the better. And more eyes and hands are always needed.

    1) any interaction with Kim B
    2) any interactions with Video Vicky and stand ins
    3) any interactions of a positive nature
    4) interactions with the police
    5) any times that Scientologists were aggressive, confrontational, combative

    here are the key words we are using:

    LEO: Law Enforcement Officer
    VV: Video Vicky any staff pointing a video camera at Sparrow
    KB: Kim Belotti all appearances
    Members: public scilons
    Public: passers by
    SS: Sylvia Stanard
    VC: Redhead Vicky Chalfante
    AS: Anonsparrow

    There is a spreadsheet, but you need to send me an email address for me to give you permissions No sense giving the scilons our research.
    Thanks everyone for the clarifications, here is an updated version.
    Other videos still needing attention are in bold:

    720x480, mp4 or mov files are good, for other file types please let me know first.

    Kim B can be seen here
    Splicd 03:30 to 03:55

    sparrow's channel is here
    YouTube - anonsparrow1's Channel

    video tools:
    Video Clip Maker - free video clip maker, get a clip from video

    Free video editing software download lets you edit and upload your movies for free - VideoSpin - Create your own movie clips in minutes!

    Video Converter, DVD Ripper - Any Video converter - The versatile video converter for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, cell phones and more
  2. Dra Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    You can use firefox with the download helper add on to grab the videos off of youtube. You sometimes also have to change the name of the file to end in .flv
  3. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    That is indeed how I get the videos

    I meant, how to get just the clip I want from the downloaded videos without having to load them into my video editor. Loading the 30 second clip I want is a lot faster than loading the 10 minute video then getting that clip. so is there some simple player where I can snip out the clip I want?

    What I want may not exist, I don't know.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I'll help, but I can't do anything fancier than c/p.

    Do you want any KimB footage from when they were at the old org? Like when she came out of the org with Tiny Balls discussing AS's pc folder?
  5. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    All Kim B clips and any interesting tidbits you know about, please get. I'd want to know which video they came from and when the clip(s) start.


    Is c/p copy paste? If you can locate the video and start time of the clips then that would be good enough.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    ok, sounds good.

    yes, copy/paste (my mad skills) lol
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    YouTube - 182.3 Anonymous Scientology Protest

    In this YouTube video, Sparrow was explaining to the cop that he talks to everyone at the Org, not just Kim. And the cop was talking about Sparrow "singling her out".

    So maybe it is important to show all interactions, not just those with Kim.
  8. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project


    if you will list the clips you want (video number, start time, end time), I will be happy to download and pull the clips for you and convert to whatever format you want.

    I can then zip the clips and upload them for you to put together. Indeed, we could have several of us working to do this and spread the work around so long as we agree to an output format for your ease in putting it all together.

    We could do it in several batches.

    Also, for a shared spreadsheet, what about or the wiki?
  9. Dra Member

  10. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Thanks Dra.

    Here's another software for clipping vids that I like.

    Video Converter, DVD Ripper - Any Video converter - The versatile video converter for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, cell phones and more

    It let's you clip and convert to any format.

    We need to agree on a format pretty quickly here. adhocrat, what's your choice?
  11. BLiP Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I have been through sparrow's vids 180 up to most recent 184 - I'm in the process of identifying the various Scilons and notating the interaction in a spread sheet - will finish up when I get home and upload.

    How far back in the Sparrow protests should we go?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    YouTubeDownLoader will pull the clip in it's highest quality .MP4

    Add Shark007 CODEC pack and you should be in business.
  13. Sponge Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Well, this might be important point. I don't think you need to show them all. i.e. mainly cite the number of protests, number of days total, number of hours of footage total, number of encounters with plaintiff (or more to the point the number of encounters that the plaintiff has presented evidence for, i.e. their DVD which they have kindly put together for you). The whole point being that Sparrow is there to protest and exercise his freedom of speech, clearly not to target the plaintiff (as their DVD might have you believe).
  14. sock Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    KeepVid is a user-friendly, web based video capture site. You can capture video in both flv and mp4.
  15. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I agree on the MP4 format but ad's on point here so I'd like to here from him to be certain. This is assuming he's doing the editing which I think he is.
  16. tippytoe Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I used and downloaded some as .mp4's which can be played on an iPod.

    The first batch downloaded (14 vids):

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    The ones that have the letters KB in the filename are those that have an appearance by Kim Bellote including the "swarming" video and one from last Thanksgiving (Nov. 2009) that has her grabbing Sparrow's camera and being aggressive to him face to face with Vickie present. The others are the "note taking" videos with Andrew flapping his gums with chewing gum and Vickie filming. Also the series when he was surrounded by 4 or 5 of them with Sylvia repeating "you are an SP" over and over.

    There are 5 more here:

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Again, mp4's and the vids that have Kim Bellotte in them have the KB in the name. I also included the recent camera grab guy which precedes the one where Bellotte does her happy dance with the cam grabber and pals. Also just for contrast I included the one where Vicki #2 gives Sparrow a hot dog and drink. Would someone who is dangerous to women at this establishment be treated so nicely by one?
  17. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    It was a rush job when I started this, now it's a bit different. So any useful clips will be looked at and used as needed.

    I will upload what I have in a bit. Got other fish to fry for a few hours.

    I typically use .mov, .mp4. but iMovie lets me use others, and I have a converter to get the clips to the format i need.

    I am rather new at making movies, so I am still trying to figure out which formats for what purpose.

    My original purpose was to get all the recent clips of Kim B. But if others are willing, then I'd want to expand to include as much as needed to show the judge what a farce this is.
  18. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Looks like we need some more research too.

    I'll go back through the threads on WWP with Sparrow vids to identify likely targets?

    If someone thinks that's a bad idea, tell me before I waste my time.

    Also, brb, nom nom noms.

    Edit: just saw some of the recent posts.
  19. tippytoe Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Please see my post #16. It took me hours but I re-watched about 85% of the hundreds of Sparrows videos and culled some out, converted to .mp4, uploaded to Megaupload. Although I found a few with Kim Bellote that I hope will prove to be useful, it was amazing how few times she was in any of his vids. Sylvia and Vicki are by far in most of them, but not Kim Bellote. In a way I am glad there is more time till Sparrows next hearing because of the sheer volume of video involved. I think I got some good Kim nuggets though.
  20. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Excellent, thanks, downloading now.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I was thinking more along the lines of not forewarning the cult of any evidence you have that they might have missed. Why make their job easier?
  22. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Thank you for this. Dowloading now (which is an excuse for some of the tl;dr below).

    Nice. More like this would be helpful.

    Just reread this and support the concept. There is legitimacy to be demonstrated in providing details on the scope of Sparrow's protests.

    I also think there is value in documenting every interaction or sighting of Kim B just to counter what Moxon mocked up on his DVD. This, along with interactions like the hot dog example above and others where he is specifically harassed, provide leverage. This may be more than can be done in the time allotted. Or not.

    Normally, I'd agree with you on this and in other threads I've posted the same point. I think that the videos are public is the key. Moxon and the boys have already watched everyone of them. We're, to be honest, playing catch up.

    And this is what Kendrick was hoping wouldn't happen. He dumps a load of "evidence" on Sparrow five hours before the hearing, which no one knew he was attending. He hoped to give the same to the judge and be done with it and with Sparrow screwed.

    Although, I'm sure Sparrow was well prepared and had video ready to go.

    What Moxon didn't count on was the judge giving Sparrow more time to prepare and if needed retain counsel. And giving us time to provide /b/lackup.

    An aside, just how exactly is Sparrow stalking her if HE DOESN'T KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES? Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Given Sparrow's summary, methinks the judge would indeed raise an eyebrow at that.

    sorry. rambling induced by intoxicants.
  23. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Intoxicants or not, you speak sooth.

    I'm working on the 170s series, someone else is working on the 180s, can we get volunteers for each of the other sets of ten days? We can refine things as they go along.

    Sparrow has 385 videos up IIRC. So 100 anons could do the spotting in a day if we got serious.
  24. Cheappassion Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I'm not sure what the goal is here. Just to mirror his videos? Look for instances of Kim et al. following Sparrow? Contradictions in their claims?
    I apologize for being daft, I'm only half awake....But I'm not stoned....
    I want to help, just sleepy and confused.
  25. Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I suppose imovie is transcoding the flash video into a proxy for the editing. How long does a 10 minute clip take to load into imovie? Maybe look at your imovie settings. Look for render settings and put on low quality or draft, that will make them load quicker without suffering quality problems in the last export.
  26. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    iMovie doesn't have a lot of options for rendering or vid quality options. I have FCP but haven't learned to use it yet.

    near as I can tell, iMovie doesn't accept flash video (flv?). I convert it to mov after I download it. I used to use mp4 but YT seemed to have changed things recently, or I don't know how to do it.

    I'll keep on it.
  27. Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Final cut is a lot better. Basically the same. You have a bin in left hand corner. Just right click in bin > import folder > your folder containing the vids. after the bin accepts them, then drag and drop into the time line. You can actually drop flv. files in there directly as well. Just make sure the file extension says .flv so FC can recognize it. (Youtube takes away the .flv extension) goto system preferences or user preferences and drop your render quality to lowest. Straight flv files will render slowly and mov files should be quicker. The good thing about final cut probably opposed to imovie is the rendering doesn't happen to you want it to. So drag your files and cut them to rough length then go to top tabs, Sequence> Render all. I believe this is what you are looking for.

    Keep the audio just above -6 decebels. There will be a little thing in bottom right hand corner which shows you the levels. To increase volume just double click the sound from the video you want in the time line and a bar will come up. Just drag it up or down untill the levels look above -6 on average dialogue.

    If you have final cut studio. Choose send to> Sountrack pro . Once its there go to top tabs and pick process> noise reduction. Sample some background sound and it will reduce it throughout. Play with the sliders and preview but keep it natural. It is time consuming but if you get all perfectionist then it will better the sound quality.

    You wont regret learning final cut if you have a liking for editing.
  28. BigBeard Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    You probably want to include those to help make the point AnonSparrow is interacting with other $cilons at the protests, and not singling Kim out for any special attention. Although it does appear she has made him the focus of her's, e.g., bringing him a drink and hotdog one day, then telling him to "quit stalking her" another. Strange.

  29. lostatsea Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Just for clarity's sake here, Kim has never brought Sparrow food or drink---that-guy-who-was-made-to-stop-talking-to-him (sorry--blanking on his real name) brought him the water that one time, and VickyII brought him the hotdog.
  30. BigBeard Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    ^^^Okay, my bad. Thought I saw a mention of Kim bringing AS a hotdog & drink in the TRO thread. Probably two different events getting mixed up.

    Still think it would be a valid point to show the constant interaction with Sylvia and Vicki though. Kind of makes the point AS wasn't there to harass Kim.

  31. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Ok. I'm here and will start working on the 160's. By "working on" I mean downloading and cutting any relevant clips. Is that what you are also doing?

    Is this where we are now?

    180's: anon
    170's: adhocrat
    160's: thelastanon

    Also didn't someone say they had or were making an index of sorts? If you have that and have already done these video sections say something.

    Also, needs moar help.
  32. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Your list is accurate. As for the spreadsheet, see your PMs.

  33. tippytoe Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I already downloaded to mp4 format a big chunk of the 150's. These are unedited, complete videos. I can work on getting the rest of the 150's. I have never done video editing, but I will use the tools mentioned in the thread and figure it out.

    Can someone PM me the info re: what should be in the Index that is being created, what format should the clips be in, etc??? Thanks!

  34. tippytoe Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Also, I know to look for:

    1. Anything with Bellotte in it.
    2. Anything with Scientologists interacting with Sparrow directly and negatively, e.g. - swarming him, surrounding and calling an SP, personal insults, etc..
    3.Anything positive that shows they are not in fear - e.g. the giving of the hotdog and drink from Vicki #2, laughing it up with Vick Turrissi, Tony Turrissi, offers of going for coffee, lunch, dinner.

    Aside from all that, what else, if anything, should we be on the lookout for as far as clipping that might prove helpful for Sparrow in a court situation?
  35. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Your list is good. Anything else you see that you think would help should be notated.

    Also, see the PM I sent you.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    180's: anon
    170's: adhocrat
    160's: thelastanon
    150's: tippytoe

    Others should jump in to help. Read the thread and pick a series of videos to review and pull clips to help SP Arrow.

    Post here if you take on a section of videos so we don't have more than one person doing the same work.

    Thank you all.
  37. adhocrat Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Indeed, thank you all.

    I think if someone can start finding all the confrontations that would be great. I've heard of items such as Moxon confrontations (I have the raw footage for at least one such), the finger shooters, camera grabbers, potty mouthed OT8s, etc etc, then we'd be well on our way.

    After that, starting at the beginning and moving forward or starting with the 140s and moving backwards.

    Not sure exactly what effort is needed, but as documents for future needs, it might be a good thing to document it. Or not. Hard to know.

    I changed work flows which made iMovie faster, so I am adding tags and keywords to the vids as I watch them.

    My key words come down to Kim B, Video Vicky and her stand ins, interactions with staff, public scientologists, real public and LEO.
  38. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    Crossposted from here:

    Thanks to tt for posting the link to the video project thread. Wanted to chime in here with some information for those who have not read that thread so there is no confusion over what is and is not being done.

    Sparrow has nearly 400 protest videos online. Moxon shows up 5 hours before the hearing and dumps this DVD on him of selectively chosen clips of Sparrow. Moxon didn't count on the judge giving Sparrow time to get a lawyer and prepare a defense. My funny take on this is that if Moxon hadn't shown up, I think there was a better possibility of the judge putting the TRO in place until the October date.

    But Moxon did show, and the judge gave Sparrow time to lawyer up and prepare (especially noteworthy was Sparrow's description of the judge's reaction to Sparrow NOT KNOWING WHERE Kim B LIVES).

    So here we are. The project thread is about reviewing every video of Sparrow's and identifying every interaction between him and Kim B and grabbing those clips. We are also looking for other things (read the thread). Also, Sponge made a great point there about showing the entirety of Sparrow's protest work statistically (# of protests, days protesting, encounters in those days, etc) to give his interactions with Kim B context.

    Things are still in the formative stages in the project thread and your help and input are needed and desired. Right now the priority is reviewing all the videos.

    The clips identified and collected will ultimately be provided to Sparrow to use as he and his attorney see fit. Scientology certainly had plenty of OSA folks reviewing every video for their not so nice purposes. We are playing catch up and there is a hard deadline. Moxon didn't count on Sparrow having time for this to happen.

    You can help Sparrow if you can do the following:
    1) watch Youtube videos and take notes on those videos
    2) download videos and pull pertinent clips from them

    You don't have to be able to do both of those things. Documenting which moments are needed is the priority. Others can do the technical stuff.

    Sorry for the tl;dr but thought it was important to have this posted ITT given the comments made here. So, anyway, come on over and you can actually help Sparrow. [STRIKE]Or stay here and keep this legal circle jerk going.[/STRIKE]

    For discussion on the video research project please go to that thread instead of derailing this one. I will repost this in that thread so you can quote it or respond to it there.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    I want to pitch in. Questions:

    a) How do I recognize Kim Belotte?
    b) By priority, what needs to be annotated (a small list would be awesome)
    c) How to avoid working on the same materials (need a central list easy to find, not in a post in the middle of 3rd page etc.)

    If this could be put in one single post (as OP I suppose), then this will be easier for other to jump in if they didn't keep themselves informed about AS's dealings lately (like me, sorry)
  40. Re: Sparrow Video Research Project

    If you want to know what she looks like link the link below

    Splicd 03:30 to 03:55

    Can someone PM me a list of videos you want me to go through?

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