SP Times Round Two

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by blownforgood, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Sponge Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Hypercam has worked a lot of times for me in the past. Hyperionics - the best screen capture software - Free download
    Sometimes getting the audio mixer correctly set up takes some farting around with to grab the audio too.
    The unregistered version is fully functional but puts an ident "unregistered hypercam" in the corner. If that ident bothers you, you can cover it up with something when editing your video (e.g. a weblink to the SP times article) or you can make your screen grab area larger so it can be safely cropped out in your video editing software without losing any video area.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Study Tech fail ^^^
  3. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Or OSA

  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Oh, yeah? What would you know about it all? ;)
  5. wackomoose Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    SP Times 'MOAR CUM ForWard;

    Meh ... My Lazers 'r ah Charging !!!

    <3 <3 <3 ;=}>
  6. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Precisely. Focus and repetition are essential to get the message through. The word needs to get out across the whole nation (and world), not just in Clearwater. And right now the greatest damage Scientology is doing is to the slaves who work in the Sea Org, so it's the right focus. For now.
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    This is pretty fucking awesome. The freedom magazine response is funny.

    Hey exes, question because I didn't think DM was held in LRH bust worship status by your average culty.

    Is that something "new" like would most current culties think of him as the new "source"?

    I think he's probably too stupid to realize that's where he is over playing his hand. Wonder how tommy davis is feeling defending not his "religion" but his abusive boss.

    I read all the articles none of them say scientology is abusive just David Miscavage is abusive. Hopefully some of the current culties can see they are being PAed. Chances are they're too fucking brainwashed but then you never know.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    What we should do is point out to them that David Miscavige is making himself out to be better than LRH. To a true believer, that's the equivalent of the Pope saying he's better than Jesus.
  9. LocalSP Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    I thought we were NOT to bring up unanymous.
  10. TinyDancer Member

  11. theLastAnon Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    thx Sponge, that worked just great for what I needed. Claim your reward.
  12. incog712 Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Thats the big question. Their absence speaks volumes.

    I'm guessing that they've only hatted a select number of members for exposure to any of this. If so, those same persons would have been responsible for tossing together that "Freedom" magazine hack piece.

    Now that the "rebuttal" has gone out the door, they're all probably just a bit busy enduring some sort of gang bang sec check in appreciation for their valiant efforts to KSW. Evidently the cult wasn't expecting everything to start back up again quite so soon.

    The walls are closing in.

    What's a dying cult to do?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Rinder + Rathbun




    OTs battling it out in the wog world.

    This is the best that Homo Novis OTs can do? Scilon Tone 40 intention and super OT powerz are fail.

    Still waiting for Miscavige to kill SPs with a thought.
  14. eddieVroom Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    A day of CNN running footage of guerilla battles though Gold Base could have entertainment potential. If a viable coup movement had sufficient numbers behind it to take over, it would probably look like a civil war. Especially after they spring the SP Hall.

    But that would be bad.
  15. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    I am starting to see things your way, the way things are going now and the focus on the current abuses (or recent may be a better word) looks like they are trying to make the case for human trafficking and I like that idea.

    The down side is they are focusing on the trafficking abuse at one location. But if we need to let the media pretend that they are discovering that sea org is all over the country/world so be it. BUT if they want to catch DM and leave it at that, Scientology will adapt and the next in line behind the CoB will continue all the other abuses that they have legal loop holes for. (Like telling people their kid doesn't need seizure medicine.)

    Should someone send a copy of these articles to the california Attorney General ?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    If a new management actually were to turn Scientology into a mostly benign organization that would be fine, but I would only trust their actions not their words.
    Actually, there have been episodes similar to that were they were axing their way through doors at St. Hill Manor.
  17. eddieVroom Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Statute of limitations are expired - but if present abuse is going on it might be good to forward the information to social services, OSHA, ICE, and other relevant agencies. They could raid the place and do a "here's why you are actually more free to leave than you thought, wanna go?" drill on every one of them.
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    YES. Every legislator needs to be put on notice that human trafficking is happening within Scientology. Do eeet.
  20. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    I understand that the SL's are expired, but it is specifically California law that is being broken (as well as federal laws) if this type of behavior is currently going on. (and I believe it is) for example Marc Yager should be interviewed under the current CA law. (That is my understanding of the new laws in CA)
  21. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Also, the statute of limitations on human trafficking has not expired. Bear in mind, Rinder only blew in 2007. Some of these guys are still in there.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. genoramix Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    so fucking much win for a single week....*teary eyed*

    brb, going fapping

    edit : came back, going fapping again

    edit: and again
  24. NCSP Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Hey, Google News picked up on the "Brief Bios" of the new accusers from the SP Times. I guess there's just a lag on pickeing up new stuff from there. Maybe they agree to hold off for a certain amount of time until the SP Times (or any newspaper) website can get its own hits? Anyway, it's there now.....
  25. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    If he is I think he is cutting it close, I just went to look up the SL's for trafficking in CA (thinking they where two years for adults) and noticed that the new law has had some changes. PARTICULARLY about suing over HT last April (since I have researched them)

    Another thing Rinder needs to be careful of is that although he may be claiming he is a victim he is also an abuser. And this is why I believe that ex's often wait so long before speaking out.
  26. NCSP Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    True, but if I was a DA, I'd be pulling immunity agreements for both pugilists out of my ass if there was a case to be made against Miscavige.
  27. xzoz01 Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    The Bios story is on Google news now, but I don't think the "Strength in Their Numbers" article ever made it. They should probably be made aware, maybe they could re-upload it.
  28. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    I wouldn't I would be grilling them for everything that happened and say that IF they tell everything they know MAYBE things will go easier for them, like they are going to do to Tommy Davis.


    To CoB, lifton's study suggests that when brainwashing people you are actually conditioning people to confess more easily. Just saying.
  29. NCSP Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Remember, it is the Sunday edition. Sunday just ended. There could be any number of reasons for its not appearing yet. If there is some kind of 24-hour blackout that would be ending right about now.
  30. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    The SOL in California for human trafficking is five years - California Civil Code Section 52.5 - California Attorney Resources - California Laws

    There's plenty more examples of conditions that toll the sol - eg. imprisonment (which the Sea Org arguably is) and "psychological trauma" caused by the trafficking situation.

    The SOL for the federal crime of forced labor (18 USC 1589) is ten years.
  31. zebrafaced Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    SP Times investigates Scifaggotry and doesn't afraid of anything.

  32. Re: SP Times Round Two

    Well, would you look at that! Third for me as well. It was fourth this morning.

    this is a beautiful thing
  33. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    It appears you are correct, And that may be why you are a mod and I a but a lowly faggot.
  34. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two


    Also something to note it seems even the new laws (the ones you linked to) have been changed. I have not had time yet to see exactly how. (you're still right tho)

    AB 988 Assembly Bill - AMENDED
    and here
  35. blownforgood Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    This bonanza will continue up until the 10th of August. At that point, it is possible that things will exponentially get out of control.

    If Dave Miscavige, Tommy Davis or whoever wrote the most recent freedom mag crap (Tom Whittle) thinks that wad was already blown, they are in for a big surprise. Trust me, YOU WILL KNOW when the wad has been blown.

    Now, whenever I think of Dave or Tommy, I think of the line right before the punch line of a joke. It goes something like this. (You have to use the 350lb tough guy voice when you say it)

    "You wanna be the husband or the wife?"

    Until next time...
  36. NCSP Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    If this is as big as you keep hinting, I think you will be "blown for good" -- if I have to get down on my knees and do it myself.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Row row fight da powah.

    Stick to your crazy guns and let your wad pierce the heavens.


  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Two

    Is David Miscavige going to be the center piece of a bukake party?
  39. rof Member

    I'munna stick a fork in 'em and see if it comes out clean.

    They'll never expect that.
  40. Re: SP Times Round Two

    Blowing wads, you say? I don't believe it until I get some pictures. Of the Thunderdome variety. ;)

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