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Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by blownforgood, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    It was definately a CoS fairgame pile of snot, use yer way-back machine and go to the big SPtimes article from the 80's, might work googling 'Operation Bunny Bust'
    CoS basically bullied the paper to death afaik, it had nothing to do with the local populace.
    I'd hunt that out fer ya but gtg right nao, maybe a kind anon will have the pertinant links at hand fer ya.

    Off da hip, this may help, if not its pretty interestin anyway>
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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    "Bunny Bust" is related but it was "Operation China Shop"...
    List of Guardian's Office operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Ah, thanks sponge, I were hopin' someone could shine a light!

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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    They drummed a newspaper out of existence, and it's documented, and they had the nerve to bring it up in a letter to SPT?!? *ouch, my head*

    Docomenting the complainers:
    Wendy Russell
    Wendy Russell - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    William Witter
    William Witter - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
  6. Re: SP Times Round Three

    Out of touch Scilon is out of touch.

    This Scilon William Witter could be flat out lying or alternatively he doesn't make it from Dunedin to downtown Cult Town anymore.

    Either way, he's living in a fantasy world that's particularly hilarious because.... wait for it...

    The St. Pete Times has had their Clearwater branch in the old Clearwater Sun building for quite some time now! It's only a couple blocks from the Super Powers building, and it's far from being an empty lot. As a matter of fact, here's a picture of an Anon holding the first of the St. Pete Times Truth Rundown covers in front of that very building.


    And from Google maps:

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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Belladonna;1056214]They drummed a newspaper out of existence, and it's documented, and they had the nerve to bring it up in a letter to SPT?!? *ouch, my head*

    theres a pill for that.

    Quote Fail...I suck cocks
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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    A Sci-Fi Faith April 5, 1976, TIME Magazine
    Church infiltrated the Clearwater Sun January 9, 1980, Charles Stafford, Scientology: An in-depth profile of a new force in Clearwater, St. Petersburg Times (Pulitzer Prize-winning series.)
    Clearwater Sun alum says City Desk clerk was a spy for Scientology August 4, 2008, Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times
    Reporters’ Notebook The Clearwater Sun: A Death in The Family

    Archive with Clearwater Sun articles:
    many press and media american articles about scientology and dianetics
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    Re: SP Times: How Scientology got to Bob Minton

    Tommy Davis is outright lying. Sea Org members follow orders. They have no say in what they work on and everything is programmed, monitored, statistically reviewed and condoned by a superior.

    That said, Rathbun, in an attempt to minimize his own culpability in acting on Scientology's behalf ( which he is working hard at evading ) says things here about Minton that are simply not true.

    I agree with Shawn's_Friend:
    " This is sad and Rathbun should be ashamed of himself. John Fashanu has confessed that there was no truth to the charges laid out in the report that bore his name. He’s asked for forgiveness from the Nigerian government for the lies he put forth John Fashanu Confesses : XENU TV "

    Rathbun is not going to tell the whole truth because it will make him look bad and it will give credibility to the critics of scientology who believe Minton was blackmailed and extorted.

    Just look at the end of the latest Rathbun interview where he is asked to discuss what happened with Don Jason by Tobin or Childs. It was painfully obvious that Rathbun, who intervened in Jason's escape at the airport, experienced great discomfort in looking at it from Jason's POV.

    That is very telling. Rathbun, pointing the finger at Miscavige, failed to show responsibility for his complicity in these terrible acts against members. There are hundreds of people, maybe thousands, who Miscavige orderd Rathbun to 'handle'. Instead of accepting responsibility for the things he did and making right by those he hurt or traumatized, he ignores his past until forced to by a reporter.

    A few of the victims have managed to muster up forgiveness, which I applaud, but that does not change the lack of humility one would expect from someone who did these things without a second thought and when pressed, blames it all on his superior. He does not want those victims making waves while he leads the charge in getting Miscavige's deeds made known through media. That's a stupic and cowardly move. We all want Miscavige out for the same reasons but it's hypocritical of Rathbun to hide behind his past, and distort history to avoid his own part in this terrible play.

    I hope the reporters ask more hard questions of him, and Rinder because not doing so allows scientology to spin the story and unfairly place the blame for these behaviors on Rathbun and Rinder, who were, if we are to believe Rathbun 'only following orders'. That didn't hold up for the Nazi's and it should not hold up for Miscavige's henchmen - whether still in or out.
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    Re: SP Times: How Scientology got to Bob Minton

    Well said.

  12. Re: SP Times Round Three

    I stand corrected. It appears there was more than one Clearwater Sun building downtown.
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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    LOL @ the comments on the new article.

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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    So that answers what happened to Annie Broeker.

    Hopefully we'll soon hear from Pat Broeker, that should be interesting since he seems to be the other person Marty Rathbun doesn't seem to hold with much regard. While I wouldn't expect him to own up to any shenanigans regarding LRH's death he could at least give some details of how all of it really went about. Then again if he is still "in" like Rathbun and the others he'll just blame DM for everything and thats it.

    But if he isn't....../popcorn
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    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I can't help but noticing the theme that these SP Times articles are showing. I don't like how Marty continues to promote what he believes is "the tech", but the pattern of these articles looks (to me) like there is a plan to not only attack DM as it originally appeared but they also are developing a pattern that although the statute of limitations has run out on the actual crimes Marty admits to, the information in these articles could also be used to attack the tax exempt status of the church, and serve as some kind of "probable cause" (I doubt if I have the legal term right) to open an investigation for human trafficking.

    I would hate to have Marty's old job of giving SRA's right now.

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