SP Times Round Three

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by blownforgood, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Wowzers yesh! ^^^

    A new month begins with another blockbuster!


  2. onewhogets Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Christmas comes early this year!......WhooHoo!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    So did I.

    brb tissues.
  4. eleven Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I think this is rather pleasing.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I think the Rathbun interviews were done at the same time as the ones released in June. Maybe Rinder also?
  6. AnonOfStout Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    My wife would like to thank Scientology for all the epic erections this month of October has allowed me to share with her.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Btw, can we puh-leeze get Clearwater Anons to try and get some video of Scientologists running around and buying up newspapers this time around? Purty please?

    I know, I know, NYPA. But it would be sooo cool.
  8. frettchen007 Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three


    I got a boner lasting for a week nao and no ejaculation can relax it.

    And its not to end for at least 2 days.
  9. eleven Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I'm just going to have to give in and buy all my underwear pre-stained. The laundry bill is just getting too much.

    But my partner says thnx too :)
  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    YES. The JewTubes would devour that.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Random guy Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Yes, yes, yes!
  13. Blue Goo Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    The comments are interesting. A lot of Scilons bawwing and derailing, but there is a new feature: they are using some very familiar sounding expressions.

    There was a couple of comments accusing the critics and the SPTimes of having been Personal Armied by someone else. Using "Zalgo" and "Anonymous", then apparent doxxing of WWP folks, for fuck's sake. And the claim that Chanology is a joke and an old and lame one at that.

    Wow, I wonder who they are talking to... it is so desperate it is just too funny.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    They might be reading AGP's posts on ESMB, where he jokingly complained about Zalgo a lot when complaining about WWP.
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    october: we let win go. SEVEN TIMES
  17. Blue Goo Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    The comment by "zalgo" is also talking about stuff like "subpeona"ing the WWP and vegasfags' forum logs (eek eek they are after us). And notice the subtle use of chatspeak and anon slang. This is supposed to scare us into silence?

    This is the best they came up with after such careful and close research of the ways of the hackers on steroids?

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Isn't it awesome how they bawwwwwww over and over? Don't worry, we outnumber them completely and they sound bitter and nasty while we just keep exposing the truth. No one takes them seriously. That is why the we are getting the truth in the big media, and they are stuck to posting fake press releases on free news sites no one reads.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three


    Wow, I love it when they try to talk like us.


    Even newfags can do better than this.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    That's it. He's one of us. No one can be that stupid.
  21. mongrel Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Don't forget that the SP Times posts a pdf of the print edition's front page.

    Front Page - 11/01/09 - Chased By Their Church

    EDIT: The old front pages are still up. For those of you that missed it before...

    Front Page - 06/21/09 - The Truth Rundown
    Front Page - 06/22/09 - Death in Slow Motion
    Front Page - 06/23/09 - Ecclesiastical Justice
    Front Page - 08/02/09 - Strength in Their Numbers

    Mod edit:

    Front page November 2, 2009 is not presently available
    [url=""']Front Page - 11/03/09 - Man Overboard[/url]
  22. DeathHamster Member

  23. mrfyde Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I am glad that the MR's are finally coming out and admitting the sleezy things they have done for the cult. 3 hip hip hooray's for the both of them. It isn't important to me that they tell it to the press or even to us, but keeping law enforcement informed and apologies to the victims regardless if they have lost their faith in LRH or come asking for an apology.

    Marty, I am shocked that Mark Fisher had to jog your memory for what you claim was the most intense 2 months of your Scientology career setting up wild goose chase for Fisher that took him down to Mexico after setting him up with a job and full time handler in Phoenix. You may not have remembered the agents name but If you set up a job, vacation, full time handler, and got video tapes to make sure this guy was not coming to Clearwater, I have a hard time believing that you had to have your memory jogged about it, this doesn't say much for Scientology improving memory. - But at least you are coming clean about it now.
  24. Sponge Member

  25. pooks Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    What a great weekend! Watching anon sparrows vids of the DC Idle org grand opening and now this.

    Life is good.
  26. Basement Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Another reason why October rocks!
  27. Anon1720 Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    I especially loved this bit from Tommy's 10 page response to the SP Times:

    "You should be aware that a number of ex-reporters and employees from your newspaper who have worked with Joe Childs have contacted the Church to share details of what they termed as your bigoted and biased behavior regarding the Church. Some said they were compelled to contact us after seeing your original three part series on Mr. Miscavige, appalled that you had canceled your scheduled interview with him. Others contacted us after reading Freedom magazine, stating they could not believe Joe Childs was allowed anywhere near a story about Scientology given his long-standing bias against the Church and Scientologists. These factual accounts about your anti-Scientology agenda are further evidence of your malice toward the Church. "

    So ex-scientologists are lying but ex-employees/reporters of the SP Times are telling the truth?
    *insert pics of facepalms here*

    Remember Tommy the first one to talk gets immunity, the rest got to jail.
  28. afternon Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

  29. LarryBren Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Just to make clear a couple of points about Miscavige that might be misleading in their section "Who's who in this installment", I made a couple of comments there. It was supposed to be just one larger comment but I had to cut it in two due to size limits per comment on their page:

    Who's who in this installment - St. Petersburg Times

    "This is an excellent idea to identify for the readers who is who. I would like to make a comment though with respect to your write-up on David Miscavige. In it you note three things that might possibly be a little misleading:
    1) that he was an "ecclesiastical" leader;
    2) that he was their leader since 1986; and
    3) that he worked outside of the "scientology umbrella" when he was in Author Services.

    In actual fact David Miscavige took over the day to day running in 1982 and not 1986 and he completely ran the main organizations of scientology while he was in Author Services starting in 1982. He used Author Services as a cover to help in the pretense that he was not running organized scientology. He ruled not just in ecclesiastical matters but controlled their finances and staff in every substantial way. The following links help clarify this: a) a link showing how Miscavige lied about his controls of organized scientology while in Author Services:

    (This follows from the below comment)
    The following links help clarify this:
    a) a link showing how Miscavige lied about his controls of organized scientology while in Author Services:
    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - “The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies
    b) a link about how he was beating staff since as far back as 1982 when he secretly controlled organized scientology:
    David Miscavige's Physical Assaults have been occuring for decades, not just years - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups
    c) a link about how he abused and controlled the members of organized scientology through a highly abusive organization called the "International Financial Police" back in 1982:
    Int. Finance Network "saving the bacon for Scn." - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups
    d) finally, an affidavit about all this and more related matters as well as a blog containing posts on the subject:
    Speaking Out About Organized Scientology
    I hope this helps put things into a proper time perspective and perhaps even helps shed a little more light on organized scientology's leader David Miscavige. Larry Brennan"
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    i'm beginning to soften on rathbun.. lets hope he keeps up this truth gradient
  31. Sam Urai Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Am I missing something here? If the expose back in June was round one, wouldn't this be round two? Or are we counting the Freedumb Mag response?
  32. Vir Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Please, Tommy Davis, go ahead and reveal the identities of the Church of Scientology's infiltration agents in the St. Petersburg Times. I'm sure your admission to having sent spies into a newspaper for years won't unleash another torrent of international press reports. Not at all. Because nobody will suspect them of that. No of course they'll just happen to be Scientologists who happened to react to Child's bigoted ideas that it was good to expose manslaughter, fraud and other super-sacred religious practices. I mean how dare a local newspaper even report on Scientology's overts and withholds on the way to exterminating hundreds of millions of people and subjugating the rest for their own good, and give Scientology the right to respond, and even prints your Scientology PR statements in the paper and on their website for balance. This is an outrage! Clearly Mr. Childs should be removed from his job for reporting something else than Tommy Davis tells him to do. After all Tommy Davis is the authority. What Tommy says is law. Bow down to Tommy! The face of the Gold Huffing Era of Public Relations himself.

    Round 2 was in early August/late July, when more people spoke out after the first round.
  33. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Wow! Like just WOW x 9000. Can this get any better? I'm just exhausted by all the laughing at annonsparow's excellent adventures in DC ( c'mon give moi a break..CURTAIN TECH!), cheering for the continuing excellent exposure by SP Times, raging at the Tommy FAIL Davis official response BS ( hey TD you must have a helluva gag reflex from all that squirrel crap you've ingested in the past week), crying at another victim's escape story and finally just plain disbeleif at how hard the OSA bots are trying to use the forums to trash and discredit the critics. As Franc would say " Unbelievably unvbelievable".

    Awsome week everyone.. JUST FUKEN AWSOME!

    Oh and one more thing...VIVE LA FRANCE!
  34. citizen x Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    fab catch! this is such a nonsensical statement, i don't know where to begin.

    but i have a question for tommy boy: why would SPT emps & ex-emps be reading Freedom Mag if they weren't already scientologists? scientologists that would be obligated (forcefully) to defend their church regardless of the validity of the SPT piece?

    poor boy tries so hard but makes so sooooo many stupid mistakes. he must be black and blue from head to toe now.
  35. themadhair Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    Round was the first three part series. Round two was the 'Strength in Numbers' part where more folks spoke out.
  36. Olrik Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    That's because you (have not) seen november yet.
    (lol my english)
  37. citizen x Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    i don't know about anyone else, but reading this installment was hard for me, maybe more so than the previous one. because this time i got angry at people trying to run. I just sat here thinking "what the hell is wrong with jackie wolf that she keeps going back!!!" but that's the environment that church creates I guess. that IS the exemplar of the church's mind-control. it's not their fault; i can completely see that now. that fruity little club DID scramble their brains. sads.
  38. Sam Urai Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    D'oh!! How could I forget about that little piece of epic win?
  39. RightOn Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    This has been one freakin' Enturb-tober
    or flunktober
    or mocktober
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times Round Three

    SHOCKtober and novebAWE

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