Some protest tips.

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by therevolution, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. therevolution Member

    Thoughts on how to intensify the protests (feel free to add your own suggestions):

    1. To amplify the chanting on roof tops record chants ,insults and slogans. Then play them through stereos. Use megaphones if you can find them.

    2. Remove all assets from the banks.

    3. Create reformist propaganda posters with gore ,quotes from the quran and other material which will raise emotional sentiment among the anti-reformist. Plaster them all over, drop from the top of buildings , and shove them in the faces of the military in the hopes to win them over. Fax and email them to Iranian businesses and government offices.

    Some forms of propaganda:
    -Arab groups (Hezbollah and Hammas) founded by their own regime used to attack Persians.

    -Misuse of wealth among rural areas such as not heath during winter.

    4. Always leave in groups of 2-5.

    5. One possible method that has been floating around to avoid trangulation is the following: Remove your battery and sim card then move to another location.
    (Need some confirmation and better methods)

    6. Print and make copies of the following: Where Is Their Vote?

    7. Develop codes to use for communication.

    8. Carry Qurans and other holy items with you in the hopes that they will have some sympathy.

    9. To stir nationalism and unity remind each other of how great the persian civilization was and that a constitutional republic is the path to achieve that success.

    10.Refrain from using any form of violence.
  2. Also try and get sympathy from the police. Most are just doing their jobs and may actually be on your side, do not anger them or force them to act. Humanize yourself, garner sympathy, these men have families too!
  3. Exactly, the police are people just like you and are just trying to do their jobs, if anything, try to get them on your side. Talk to them about their day, ask them what they really think about all of this, offer them a drink of water or a cigarette. The more these people ar on your side, the more they will support you.
  4. Proof the Date

    To proof the date of protest marches, you should show a newspaper from the day you taped your videos. Otherwise the media dont know for sure that the videos are really from the present activities.
  5. Runa Member

    If the Basij and/or the Arabs of Hezbollah and Hamas are seen as thugs sucking on the Iranians' oil/tax money, then they become an easy target. Very few would care if they are attacked and many would think they had it coming, anyway. *

    Do not go against the police, who are only doing their job.

    *Try and avoid direct confrontation as the govt will most likely run it in the media and make it look as if the people in the protest were looking for trouble.

    Rather, target infrastructure. Try to find out if the Basij/Hamas/Hezbollah people keep their motorcycles stored in a special place. Destroy the place with the motorcycles inside. Their mobilty will be serverely hampered.

    Find out from where the govt. controls the internet/blocks internet sites. Destroy the place.

    Target state media TV satellites.(though I'd resort to the first two and leave this one just for extreme cases)

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