So what about this Amy Scobee?

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by existentnon, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. BTs2Free Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    When I was at the Int Base from 1990-2000, for most of those years Amy was a WDC Member, WDC CC and I think she held another WDC post as well.

    She was always very friendly with other staff. There were a number of executives at the base who would treat people under them like peons, but Amy always had a pleasant attitude and treated others, even junior to her with respect.

    I've had the honor of knowing her for a while and seeing her a couple times after the Sea Org, and she's an amazing person. She has balls of steel for doing what she's doing right now.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Come on spill it.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Wut? And get attacked by Cof$ AND by Anonymous? My life is finally calm and productive. No thanks.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Then I suggest you keep making more posts about how you're not going to talk about it.
  5. MenoBitch Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?


    Please tell so this can happen !!!
  6. XinPDX Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Are you for real? Because a true Anonymous would not come out and attack someone who has this kind of knowledge and courage, who is trying to forward the same cause as YOU. Maybe you're an OSA troll.

    I am one of the "Strength in Their Numbers" interviewees. I usually don't post, not because I don't want to but due to time constraints. But this thread got to me.

    First of all, Amy is my friend. I knew her from the "inside" and I know her now on the "outside". She's attempting to help put an end to DM and his cohorts' crimes and forward what Anonymous is working towards. To condemn anyone who was on the inside and "didn't do anything about it" is to admit you don't understand the hold that a cult can have over a person. Isn't that what we're against and trying to dissolve? If cults had no power over an individual there would be no Scientology, no issue and Anonymous would be taking care of some other cesspool. Those of us who have left could have simply walked away. I have a business, a family, I could choose to devote 100% of my time to them and forget the poor bastards who are still affected by the cult. But I and many others did not. We have chosen to take a stand. Whatever our personal motivations for doing so is really no one's business. For me, it's a sense of duty. To myself, my family, my friends and people who are currently still trapped within. Maybe someone else wants to be a hero. While I don't think that's the case, so what if they did? Who the F--- cares? If someone(s) brings down the cult, including anonymous, "hero's" not a bad label.

    If you met a battered wife who now speaks out and testifies against her abuser - are you going to support her or rag on her for putting up with it in the first place? Please remember why Anonymous got onto the cult in the first place, and try and support those who have the same basic purpose as you.

    You're free to say what you want and ask what you will. But please look a little deeper before you start trash talking people who are doing everything they can to forwarding your purpose.

    Otherwise - peace and enjoy your evening.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I thank you for your candid words and heartfelt caring! I (personaly) hope that people do not be continued to be duped by the fraud that Hubbard portrayed and lived , year after year.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I really hope you can dismiss the views of a few nameless people on the internet, who are speculating. Unfortunately, there will always be such people. But you don't have to live with us. We don't matter.

    I hope you do what your conscience tells you is the right thing to do. Be courageous and let what you do set you and others free.
  9. Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I've read the thread and the number of people critical of Amy is hugely outweighed by those who support her and applaud her for speaking up. Please don't let one or two people taint your view of how the majority sees things.

    EDIT: Also, I deleted some information about Amy from a post on the first page of this thread. Suffice to say, it took GREAT courage for Amy to speak up against Miscavige. I'm with Sparrow on this - my impression of Amy drawn from the videos - is that of a good person who was speaking the truth.

    I really hope that Anons won't let our trouble-making natures cause unnecessary heartache for those people who have put themselves out on a limb. The last thing they need is to feel attacked from behind them.
  10. Ackerland Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    The only people who we really put no trust in whatsoever and where we voice our concerns and frustration are people like Marty Rathbun. This man was complicit in destroying so many people's lives for Miscavige's base motives, most notably the one of Gerry Armstrong, and he did neither contact nor apologize to these people for what he did.
    The fear is just too large this man becomes a second Miscavige.

    If you choose to remain silent for whatever reasons - maybe family still in or other things, that is your choice. But please do not be silent for the reason that some sole lunatic anon voices where you cannot even be sure whether they are OSA *might* attack you on some message board. This is just part of the deal.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I'm not going to go too in-depth on this because it's none of anyones business and I suspect I'll get a warning from some moderator because I'm being "argumentative" but what I will say is that while Amy's story is mostly true ...she HAS been around Gold Base a few times with guys who are not her husband. Does that make her story or her information any less legitimate? I don't think so, but like all lies the cult makes up about people, they do have an air of truth.

    [mod]It might interest readers to know that the user who posted this was banned for a different matter and almost certainly has no inside information about anyone - except for the other anons in his area.

    Homeless troll is homeless.[/mod]
  12. YAHRLY Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?


    this fawning over these exes is sickening

    1. they were morons and joined a cult

    2. they supported said cult and harmed people critical of it, either directly or indirectly

    3. now they are trying to stage a palace coup and PA anonymous into being there foot soldiers
    and people here are buying it hook line and sinker what happened to people's natural skeptisism here?

    never forgive
    never forget
  13. Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    So basically you're advocating a scorched earth approach? Anyone who was a scilon needs to be slammed. So even defectors are shitbags who deserve no mercy? Isn't going public a way of making AMENDS for being a loyal ronbot? Isn't that a good thing?

    How do you propose dealing with defectors? Slap them around on-line so no one dares come forward?
  14. YAHRLY Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    they enjoyed years and years of unchecked power and corruption and now they left to save THEIR OWN ASSES we should collectively felate the lot of them?

    they were pieces of shit when they were IN the cult and now theyre pieces of shit since they left

    these people deserve jail and many horrible diseases

    we roated Magoo for not doing a fraction of what these scumbags have done

    we spurn AO for being an egofag and he was never a PARTICIPATING MEMBER of a cult that destroyed ( literally) peoples lives
    they aren't coming forward and confessing or turning states evidence they are ripping on DM in a personal vendetta
  15. Tenebrous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    He has a point, to some degree at least. There are many people on this board and others that seem to bestow royalty status to someone who was, and possibly still is, a fucked up individual who facilitated malign, or sometimes even criminal, actions against their fellow persons. Hardly a role model to be trotted out as the best and brightest.

    That said, and this is where a little mercy is useful, everyone makes mistakes, and their contributions are of some use at various points. Like anyone else, we shouldn't hold their every mistake against them and weigh it against their current, benevolent contributions. If they want to atone for their actions, cool beans. It's not my job to weigh their heart against a feather.

    Accept the apologies of people and back their "altruistic" actions, unless there's evidence to the contrary. Just keep in mind that it's no reason to make them your false idol.
  16. TypingChimp Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I say no mercy for Rathbun, Terril, and their ilk, but for those who were victims and have come out to testify to bring down the cult, such as Amy appears to be, there should be no end to our support until they prove themselves to be on Rathbun and Terril's level or if they engage in a level of faggotry that cannot be allowed to stand. I can only imagine how difficult it has been for BFG, Larry Brennan, Amy Scobee, DeCrescenzo, (and yes, I am going there) Smurf, as well as others whose names I can't remember, to leave a cult that had so thoroughly fucked their minds, in many cases leaving family they loved behind. You don't have to love them or hug them or shit. Just remember that the enemy of my enemy can be a useful tool... and possibly a friend and invaluable ally. Many of them have extremely useful information law enforcement will need to take these fuckers down. Ignoring that and closing the door on that possibility would be the ultimate footbullet.

    Yahrly, if your most recent post was a troll, then cocks. If you actually meant that bullshit, you suck cocks.
  17. amaX Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Troll or not there's a lot of truth in this post.

    Anonymous should have learned their lesson a long time ago about putting anyone on a pedestal. Be careful that you don't post your complete undying love to Amy Scobee and then have to eat your posts when she turns out to not be everything she seems to be right now.
  18. Smurf Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    There seems to be a total lack of understanding that there are two sides to "turning state's evidence." The idea that the FBI & law enforcement are our heroes and just waiting for the opportunity to act on evidence to nail Scientology is extremely short-sighted.

    Ask the ex-Scilons & their legal reps that have approached the FBI with real, hard evidence of Scientology crimes only to have the door shut in our faces. I know of other former longtime Scilons that have earned nothing more than occasional yawns when talking to the FBI & government officials about Scientology.

    Likewise, I have spoken to several ex-execs in Scientology that have made long-winded claims that something "huge was coming down the turnpike" that would spell the demise of Scientology.. that was 10 years ago... Several months ago, a former Scilon exec was advised by the FBI they did not have it in their budget to investigate and prosecute Scientology.

    That's not to say we stop pressuring law enforcement officials to do their jobs, but this idea that Scilon execs can expect a "willing ear" to turn state's evidence over to and have it zealously acted on ... is just plain ignorant.
  19. Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    It is also no secret that she likes Mudkips.

    I'm sorry but without dox of some kind it's hard to take you seriously. It *might* be true, but it might also be totally made up - and there's plenty of motive to make shit up.
  21. wolfyrik Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I agree with I<3ChesleySullenberger, not about Chesley though.....fuck Chesley ...whoever that is ;)

    There's a difference between pedestalling and respecting someone, especially in this case. Anyone from the inside who speaks out would be valuable weight against the cult, while some are less respectable than others. In the case of this Amy, I see no reason toshow any dislike or disrespect. Yes she worked in the cult, but we haven't seen any evidence of abuse by her.
    Her time in the cult was due to the same brainwashing and mind-control and scaremongering that everyone else in the cult is subject to.

    Each case is different. You can't tar every long-term member with the same brush. Making such ludicrous generalisation is the kind of behaviour we'd expect from the cult.

    Frankly, considering we've seen no evidence of Amy doing direct wrong by anyone, we can still give respect to her if we chose because she is speaking out against a dangerous and abusive cult with a history of attacking people who speak out and separating them from their families who are still in. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to the cult of scientology, more so for people who were in because the cult holds family and personal information hostage.
  22. TinyDancer Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Dude landed the plane in the Hudson. Chesley = hot shit.
  23. Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Me thinks trolling. If not, you should join the cult you would fit in there.
  24. Ackerland Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    So you would rather have those exes come out and treat them with a shower of "come on, spit it out, tell us your crimes". Recovering Scientologist is right, you'd fit right into a cult. I'm putting noone on a pedestal. That doesn't mean my ears are not open for information coming from these people may they be Rathbun, Rinder, or Scobee.
  25. COB Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    How about that Amy Scobee. She talks on television and doesn't afraid of me. I like the cut of her jib. I'll just add to this thread a contribution that Amy is a sissy. I once asked her to slap Norman Starkey around with a garden hose for being insolent and she told me no. I was really pissed off about that, still kind of am.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    OMG, this is shocking, are you serious? She was actually around gold base with guys other than her husband......scandalous.....clearly a tramp....the cult arranges divorces and abortions for this type of lewd behavior.....i'm appalled.....
  27. ARC Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    It might interest readers to know that the user who posted this was banned for a different matter and almost certainly has no inside information about anyone - except for the other anons in his area.

    Homeless troll is homeless.

    Well, maybe it's worded to sound sinister without signifying anything - as in nothing sexual happened but she actually worked in a team with not just women.....
    And if the "adultery" is that she did a little more than hold hands with her future husband .... fuck that's pathetic. If that's an "adulteress" then I'm a total skank too.
  28. Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    lol, Scientology justice is beyond hypocritical, they rail against all the abuses they are guilty of themselves. If this was the best they could come up with to smear Amy's reputation, they are truly desperate and she must be an angel. No organisation does more to fuck up marriages and families than Scientology.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?


  30. whoever Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Hate to break it to ya, but only a small number of Scientologists can be said to have enjoyed unchecked power and corruption.

    I don't want to put anyone on a pedestal, but I am not going to condemn all ex-Scientologists as criminals, either.
  31. XinPDX Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Thank you (and yeah, "Chesley's" the pilot who landed the disabled plane on the Hudson River and saved some 150 people's lives.)

    Anyway, I appreciate the opinions. I don't personally know any Xes who are trying to be on a pedestal. Most of them are just trying to get on with their lives now that they are free of that shit. I was reluctant at first to go on video. But my fiance, who never had anything to do with the Scilons except to give the finger to their recruitment efforts years ago, pointed out to me that if Xes have that attitude, how is the truth ever going to be exposed? The chances of the people on the inside blowing the whistle are slim at best, and the only way they'd feel empowered to do so is if more and more on the outside say their piece.

    So yeah, I'm not proud that I was in and part of DM's propaganda machine for so many years. I could hide and never say a word or I can try and expose what they do so others don't get caught in their trap. I chose to speak up. It's the least I can do to make up for being part of it in whatever capacity.

    Almost no one inside enjoys "unchecked power" except DM. Quite the contrary. Re-read some of the stories. The people I knew who would have been remotely capable of running an organization of that size were beat down one by one, by Slappy. I'm certain that was no coincidence.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Yes, I think it's well understood among many here that DM micro-manages pretty much everything within the Chruch of Scientology - the Church of Scientology even has been eager lately to say how much DM is doing.

    I think some of the rage against Rathbun is being used to scare the other exes from speaking out, by trying to stir up emotions against free Scientologists as well as ex-Scientologists

    As for enjoying unchecked power, what Rathbun and Rinder did for the CoS, in my understanding, was to provide their minds and ideas to come up with devious ideas which DM approved. So they couldn't control DM directly, but they could choose to feed him certain ideas. Maybe.
  33. Antagone Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I'll take each ex on their own merits. Also, it doesn't matter a damn if Amy Scobee was shagging twenty different guys a night and I'm sick of the way the cult uses these high school tactics to smear any woman who stands up to them.

    Newsfash culties, it's the 21st Century and nobody cares if a woman has sex outside of marriage.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I see... you're speaking for the Religious Right, conservatives & Fox News, are ye?

    The point is.. there is no solid proof that Ms. Scobee was a slut at Gold Base. It's just another notorious smear job by the criminal cult, plain & simple.
  35. tazor Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I think a few of you need to make up your minds. Do you want exes to speak out or not? If not then keep up the shit you've been slinging at Amy. Yeah, that's real productive.

    I will continue to protest and speak out in spite of what you've said about exes ITT. But I'm perverse in that way and a not so easily intimidated ex.
  36. Antagone Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Jesus H Christ, did you actually read what I posted? I don't care if she slept with anyone - that's her personal business and I don't make a habit of enquiring from people what their sexual past is.

    It makes me rage that the culties stoop to tactics such as trying to label women as 'sluts' just because they've stood up to them. That's a weary old tactic which has been used for a long time to shut women up.

    I'm not going to start going on about no proof of what Amy Scobee did or didn't do. If she's not an adulteress that's fine and it's nasty she had to read that stuff but I'm not going to insult women who have had several sexual partners by saying it matters. You're the one who seems to have the religious/conservative agenda by thinking any of that horseshit has any relevance to a woman speaking out about what she saw happening in the cult.

    (Apologies for the feminazi rant to everyone else but stupid comments drag it out of me)
  37. The Dude Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I think all exes should be told to post their naughty bits on the internet or fuck off back to the cult.
  38. XinPDX Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    LOL Speaking only for myself, telling all my naughty bits would be a thousand times easier than going back to the cult. But Dude, that would belong on a whole different channel.
  39. TexasAnon Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    Amy Scobee is a woman that was in scientology for a long time and she left and started the whole dont tell the press anything or we rape you thing pretty much ----sorry for the stupid reply too tired for anything else
  40. i'mglib Member

    Re: So what about this Amy Scobee?

    I hearby post my undying love for Amy Scobee.

    She's a hero in my book.

    I have read her posts, watched her videotaped statements several times, and talked to people who know her, and I like what she says and the way she says it. She is against disconnection, and so am I. I care not at all about anything having to do with her personal life.

    I put her on a pedestal.

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