Smoking in Scientology....usable????

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Donovan Cook, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Donovan Cook Member

    Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    This is my first topic started gentle.

    Now I've been reading all this info, dox and watching vids the last week like it was a full time job. ESK really got me going and I found myself here.

    Does anyone have concrete evidence of smoking and Scientology? The fact that SO many members smoke and the scns are totally against drugs would be a great angle to investigate. I know people would be VERY turned off by a group that denounces drugs but smoke, esp. in California. I know in SEVERAL ESK stories they talk of under-age smoking and cig machines in the Orgs/Missions. Just a thought.....what's your opinion???
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  2. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    Google is your friend, dude. Use it. There's a Hubbard statement out there that says smoking is not only okay, but that not smoking enough could cause cancer.

    I don't have the sauce, so you're going to have to look it up.
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  3. [Achil] Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    That's absolutely absurd. Naturally I'm not surprised, it's the words of the madman himself.

    I must say, I see a lot of Anons smoking at the protests. Fortunately I'm not one of them. It'd be a bit hypocritical having a go at the Scientologists denouncing drugs and smoking when some of us smoke.

    I leave you with the Spy's take on this:

  4. Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????


    That's why it causes cancer in a lot of people.

    As for going after them while some of us smoke, I don't think it would be right, and that's coming from an Anon who does smoke.
  5. Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    I smoke. However I don't maintain that I am working towards a "drug free world"... so I'm not being hypocritical. Unlike a particular mind-control pyramid scheme which keeps popping up in the news...

    ... although I'd be up for a "Free drug world" ;)
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  6. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    I smoke like a chimney, but have no illusions as to its effects.

    However, if we focus on the statement that not smoking enough causes cancer, I think that would raise some eyebrows.
  7. Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????
    I public would start to wonder "why" they think that.

    Still is it only the Co$ who practices this, or do Freezoners parctice it as well? I wouldn't want to step on their toes, since we are against the "Church" of Scientology, not the religion.
  8. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    I think if it is taken from a "why is the church leadership, wealthy and presumably well-informed, allowing and even encouraging the dissemination of such stupid crap" it might work.

    Or some such like that.
  9. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    Thanks for the input guys. I think it's important when enlightening n00bs about the front narcanon, to point out that many of the members smoke and tons have died or are dying from cancer. PROOF is impossible, but ex-scions' stories are hard to ignore cause it's so prevelant in said stories. I mean come of the things they try to do in TR? is getting an ashtray to stand up. So we know there are tons of ashtrays around. :rolleyes:

    The hypocrisy hurts my brain......yet again........
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  10. Anonymous0514 Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    i think one of the points for scientologists is to make the lower ot lvl scifags die before they reach the higher level ot's so they can keep there money and not worry about them turning over once they realize how rediculous it is
  11. leech Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    The best part is this:

    "He said that the nicotine in cigarettes would turn into nicotinic acid, a component of Vitamin B, which would drive out radiation from the body, including forms of cancer."

    1) Nicotinic acid? Nicotinic acid=niacin
    "Nicotine is the opposite molecule of Niacin." Source

    2) "Niacin has radiation tolerance" Source

    3) Cancer != radiation

    Conclusion: LRH :)lrhmoney:) makes shit up. (Sorry FZ, but it's TRUE)
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  12. Tay Zonday Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    Almost every Scientologist I know either smokes or used to smoke. They don't buy Hubbard's bullshit about smoking not causing cancer though, at least not when they're in the presence of a wog.
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  13. Burnt2 Member

    Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    this goes back to an interesting theological idea that every major religion has to answer: are the founding members of the religion infallible?

    1) yes. if they answer this, there is piles of evidence that shows hubbard was wrong (perfect recall, this cigarrette thing, etc)

    2) no. if they answer this, then you can ask why they're trusting their whole life on the words of someone who was limited and incorrect.

    Answers like "but it WORKS for me, as well as millions of other people" are a typical bypasses to the question, and don't address the core issue of the question (the reliability of hubbard as a human being). Answers like that are also the result of a relativist and narrow view that is unfortunately the product of our culture. You can't really blame them for that when they're being fed nothing but the church propaganda 24/7.
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  14. Re: Smoking in Scientology....usable????

    LRH said smoking cures cancer, "runs it out" and other Scientology technobabble. An audio excerpt of him 'explaining' this was on youtube not long ago.
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  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Bumping this ancient thread to pose a question here, since there appear (from a lazy search) to be no other relevant threads:

    Did LRH ever provide any guidelines as to how much smoking was "enough"? He was pretty exacting about that "tech" in so many ways; it would be a shame to leave something this important up to the non-LRH individual's imagination.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    What about the connection to narconon? If narconon is basing treatment off of hubbtard, then this would surely raise some more red flags.
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  17. Incredulicide Member

    Tobacco plants may contain cure for cancer, a new twist in protein – lipid interactions

    by Susan Lawler
    Nicotiana alata, the ornamental tobacco plant, has a secret weapon in its flowers: a protein that bursts human cancer cells.
    Scientists at La Trobe University published a study this week about a protein found in the flowers of ornamental tobacco plant that targets human cancer cells and destroys them. This raises the prospect of the deepest kind of irony: tobacco grown to produce drugs used to treat cancers caused by tobacco.

    Mark Hulett, Marc Kvansakul and others from the Biochemistry Department used a range of techniques to examine the structure and function of a protein called NaD1. This protein is a type of defensin, a molecule that protects the plant from fungal infections. Why it also works on mammalian cancer cells is unknown, but is probably related to similarities of their cell membranes, where the action in this story takes place.

    Of blebbing and lysis
    In addition to testing the action of NaD1 against various fungi including yeast, the researchers tested its action on human cell lines known to come from lymphoma, cervical and prostate cancer. The action of interest was the disruption in cell membranes, which was measured in a variety of ways.
    The leakage of ATP (a common molecule) was shown to happen within minutes of the introduction of NadD1 to lymphoma cells. Cervical cancers cells showed an increase in the uptake of a dye known as propidium iodide, demonstrating a breach of their cell membranes.

    More dramatically, live confocal laser scanning microscopy was used to produce films showing cancer cells change shape in the presence of NaD1. Irregular shaped bulges in cells are known as blebs. Blebbing is like blowing up little balloons on the edges of cells, which often precede cell death. When membranes are broken, the contents of the cell are released in a process known as cell lysis.

    NaD1 caused blebbing followed by lysis when introduced to human cancer cells. In other words, they developed bulges and then burst in the presence of this protein. There is unlikely to be a more satisfying experiment than on ehta t

    Ligands in a cationic grip
    Using a number of techniques including the X ray crystallography beam at the Synchrotron in Melbourne, they were able to describe the structure of the active component, which only worked when bound to lipids that came from the membrane of the target cell called PIP2. The final NaD1:pIP2 complex contained 14 copies of NAD1 bound to 14 copies of PIP2 in a unique ‘cationic grip’ configuration. The final complex was arch shaped with unusual fibrillar structures.
    PIP2 (also known as phosphatidylinosital 4, 5- bisphpsphate) is an important component of the external structure of the cell, probably involved in cytoskeleton – membrane interactions. It may be that by binding PIP2 molecules the NaD1 protein undermines the external structure of the cell, leading to the aforementioned blebbing and lysis.

    One of the ways that the role of PIP2 was confirmed in this process was by testing cervical cancer cells with a mutation that strongly bind PIP2. They took 2.5 times as long to bleb compared to cells that did not hold onto their PIP2 lipids.

    This research, published in eLife, has the potential to lead to new approaches to controlling fungal infections and cancer and certainly provides insight into mechanisms of cell death.
    Imagine fields of tobacco grown for their flowers instead of their leaves, leading to an outburst of health conscious tobacco farming. But don’t hold your breath, because many years of research will be required before any actual treatment will be available.

    On the other hand, I am beginning to feel kindly towards the genus Nicotiana (the tobacco plants), which seems to contain a molecule that bursts cancer cells. It just goes to show you that life is full of surprises.
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  18. Woo Hah Member

    Weird. First time I did the Purif, I was told by the reg it would me quit smoking.
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  19. RolandRB Member

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  20. tinfoilhatter Member

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  21. RolandRB Member

    Hope it doesn't spread to your thetan hand.
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  22. th?id=HN.608052968467661280&pid=15.1.jpg

    Spark up some fine herb...........
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  23. Anonylemmi Member

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  24. Phony Doctorate, pretend nuclear physicist, fake civil engineer and stolen valor WW2 loser who fired upon an inhabitated Mexican island in WWII before being demoted, Dr. L. (for lol) Ron Hubbard, a Cheese-Loving Rat who let his wife rot in jail for his crimes (Operation Snow White) was totally Fooking Cheez n Quackers and so on and so forth.........

    th?id=HN.608022263739911066&pid=15.1.jpg th?id=HN.608051954854464722&pid=15.1.jpg
    Noted Quack and imaginary ''Commodore'' L. Ron (I got a pickle up my ass) Hubbard

    Is there any doubt that this Quack with his very own fake Navy was a total fucktard?
    This convicted conman swindled millions yet wouldn't see a dentist, WTF? L. Rotting Teeth Hubbard let his teeth rot to the core just like his sorryass evil soul and his fake 'science' / 'religion' that turned his debunked modern 'science' of mental health into a 'religion' with his very own religious cloaking policy.

    The simple fact that it was switched to a religion for tax purposes and medical malpractice protection using a religious cloaking policy in and of itself proves it was never a religion, just a shitty science fiction version of Hubbard's insane 'science' of mental health.
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  25. Cummonnn, Scientologists, it's over, move on, Hubbard's scam has been fully exposed, David Miscavige is the worst case product of Hubbard's insane processing. You'd all be much better off joining Snoop Dogg's Soul Plane Religion. Jump off the insane 'Bridge to Nowhere' and Git on board the Soul Plane!..........
  26. Missfit Member

    I've seen a gaggle of Sea Ogres with ecigs or evapes recently. Might not be a health thing for them, it is cheaper than a pack of smokes a day on slave wages.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Spam reported. Down vote the shit.
  28. Arct1ch3art Member

    I coulda told ya that shite...


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