Slutwalk Portland

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Disambiguation, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  2. Random guy Member

    That looks like a bucket of fun, and with a good message besides. I wish they did this here, but Scandinavian climate may not be as conductive to slutwalking as Portland's...
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  3. System Member

    not the best place for LGBT people??
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Think cold nipples.
  5. System Member

    cant be that cold there now? only september
  6. System Member

    just checked....16 c thats what 60-61 F? chilly but not cold it's 74F (23C) where i am atm
  7. Random guy Member

    We've had an unusually nice summer. Normally, it would be 10 centigrades (50 F?), windy and rainy now. Slutwalks in heavy wool sweaters really isn't the same thing.
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  8. System Member

    yeah at 50 f wind and rain screw that lol
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I personally don't like the idea of slutwalks. I don't have any problems with LGB people (T exclusion intended), but I don't want to watch gay people licking each others' faces on the streets. Call me intolerant, but it's just gross to me and I can't help it. Poland is not a tolerant country, and I'm one of really not many people who tolerate sexual minorities (not T though), so those slutwalks, rainbow marches and love parades are just adding the fuel to the fire. LGB people were everywhere ALWAYS, but in Poland, for example, noone gave the smallest fuck about it until LGB people started manifesting themselves. If LGB people didn't manifest themselves and kiss/lick/whatever each other in the public space so everyone can see them doing it, there would be no drama.
  10. The sutwalk isn't primarily an LGBT event, it is a response to the notion that "she had it coming the way she was dressed". While a lot of LGBTers support the march, it's basically about girls exercising their right to dress like a slut without being raped.

    Dislike the LGBTers all you want, but are you really against a lot of young women dressing up slutty and walk down the street? Man, are you LGBT or something?
  11. Then just close the curtains, Albino

    ...and lurk moar.
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  12. I'm glad you can accept us as long as we are quiet about who we are and as long as we don't display affection in ways that make you uncomfortable. It's too bad you don't accept our transsexual brothers (and sisters). A bit confusion because transsexuals are humans and its not clear what they should do with themselves that would meet with your approval. Die?
    You are asking us fellow human beings to refrain from ordinary human behavior. You do realize that?
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Sorry for bumping, but I wanted to address one more thing.

    I know a guy, who never bathes. I don't accept him, and I don't want him to come close to me, because he smells like shit and it does make me uncomfortable. That's how humans work: they don't accept people, who make them uncomfortable. You do the same, too. If you say you don't, then you lie.

    What I want to tell you and other militant LGBT is:
    You think you're smart, because you repeat old, boring and senseless slogans, but the truth is, that all those slogans that LGBT people use are bullshit. You call people intolerant for asking you to behave like civilized people. You organize protests to demand rights you already have. You are like Scilons, you provoke agression, and then blame those, who fail to ignore it. You demand respect, but you don't respect others. You made up terms like "homophobic" and throw them on everyone, who opposes anything you do, doesn't matter if it even had anything to do with your sexual preferences, and that way you push them to defence, instead listening to their arguments. Not to mention that there has been no case of a homophobic person reported yet (phobia is a fear, not hatred, intolerance, dislike or skepticism). If you can't understand it, then fuck you. I don't feel like talking to morons today.
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  15. I lol'd.

    and lol'd again.
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  16. Random guy Member

    Albino, man, you really are asking for it, aren't you?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Give it to me.

    Tell your arguments against mine ones. Prove I'm not right. Otherwise, according to the rules of discussion, I win. You want me to?
  18. Random guy Member

    This thread wasn't even about LGBTs, it was about slutwalks, where straight or queer really doesn't enter into it. Your off topic ranting on gay pride parades only goes to show homosexuality is a bit of an issue for you.

    Now, if we are going to talk LGBTs, you yourself is a fine example of why they hold their marches to begin with. It doesn't matter if they have those rights you say "they already have", if people still loath them for what they are. They'll still miss out on job opportunities, face ridicule, estrangement from friends and family and even the being beaten up for just being whom they are as long as people react like you to them.

    The reason they hold LGBT marches is not because being homo is a blast. They face a lot of shit every day. The marches serve both as a mark of defiance for the LGBTers themselves, and as a way to create awareness for their situation in the general public. In short, they march for you, Albino.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    I have never been harassed because of my sexual preferences. And not because I'm straight and most people are too, but because I don't go to the streets yelling at everyone "I'm straight! I like humping beautiful women! Hey girl, you look nice, let's go somewhere private and fuck each other like fucking bunnies".

    My point is, are you gay? Cool. Are you bisexual, transsexual? Good for you. If it only makes you happy and you respect people who don't share your tastes. You're straight? That's great too. Either way, WE DON"T GIVE A FUCK so fuck off and go live your fucking life.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Some people might have got a notion that I'm some kind of anti-LGBT person, because I use "fuck" in my posts and my tone is not too kind, so I'll explain my opinion in more kind way.

    Random Guy, I don't care if you are straight or gay. If you have a partner and are happy with her/him, then I'm really happy for you and I really wish you the best. But you have to understand that sex is something very private and intimate and most people, including me, want to keep it that way. I don't want LGBT people to organize their marches for the same reason you don't want me to PM you everytime I jack off and tell you how it was.

    You lol'd. Great. Then tell me, do you consider this case a rape?
    I do. And it's very similar to the case when transsexual people don't tell their potential partners about sex change. For me a guy, who has changed his sex, is still a guy. If I had sex with him, but wasn't aware of that he was not born a girl, I'd feel hurt. Raped. Because I didn't want to have sex with a person, who was born a man. You may not agree with this, but I want you to respect it. And I want transsexual people to be honest with people and tell them about the sex change before they start intimate relationship. If they have to lie to build a relationship, then what's it worth anyway?
  22. ^If you had consensual sex with someone, that isn't rape (as I understand the law where I live) - even if you found out later they'd had a sex change. The case you linked to was, as I read it, non-consensual, non-penetrative sex, which are crucial differences from your hypothetical.

    I understand that you might feel hurt, or betrayed, but that doesn't mean you suffered rape.

    Your statement that LGBT people bring violence on themselves, either by public displays of affection, or by wearing colourful clothes, or by parading (or all of the above) is moronic.

    Your problem with people who behave differently from you is your problem, not theirs.

    You cannot be unaware that gays have been subjected to violence at various times in history, or depending on where they live, whether they engage in same-sex acts in private or otherwise. It's not that long ago when people in my country were executed for what they did in the privacy of their own homes.

    A civilised society recognises that human beings sometimes choose to have sex outside the home, although most do not extend that tolerance to sex in full view of the public. You did not refer to sexual penetration in public, so it may be assumed you are talking about something else - kissing or touching - that offends you. But all kinds of things offend someone at some time - that's just too bad.
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  23. The JW shows up at your door and try to convert you. I have seen a few gay pride parades up front, but not only have non of them ever come to my home, non of the paraders have ever tried to convert me to anything. Neither have I seen any actual sex acts performed during an gay pride parade, unless you count a few kisses.

    So someone parading down the street in rainbow coloured boots is reason enough to be pissed off? You really need to learn to chill out over footwear. Are you enraged over multi-coloured shoot too, or is it just boots?
  24. meep meep Member
    This is the awfulness of slut shaming from the other side. All men should not be viewed as people who have the desire to violently assault someone, or force other people to do something and enjoy their pain emotional or otherwise. Those people are rapists, not men. Rapists assaults both sexes and adults and children.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Ever heard of Rosa Parks, Albino? The African-American lady who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person in the 1950s in the USA?

    No doubt that that pissed-off a lot of people, who didn't believe that African Americans had the same rights to a seat on a bus as white folks.

    What you are saying about LGBT folks is no different. If people have the right to parade, and people have the right to kiss whoever they choose, even when wearing fancy multi-colored boots, then that is their right. If anyone inflicts violence on them for exercising those rights, then that person needs to face the consequences.

    Of course, if it's against the law to kiss in a public place, then that should apply to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. But it isn't against the law, is it? It just offends homophobic people, when gay folks do it, and you just need to choose not to look if it offends you, not take away another's rights, or beat them up like some neanderthaler.
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  27. meep meep Member

    Albino when you complain about flamboyant gay men as if that was the gay community you are missing something. That's not the gay community, that's not an average gay man. That man goes to work and comes home and maybe goes to international house of pancakes with his parter and you won't even notice them or know they are gay.
    When you complain about dishonest transsexuals who don't tell you something major about them and directly related to sex, you are complaining about dishonest people, not the transsexual community.
    LGBT is not about the sex act. It's about who you want to go to Prom with, who you want to spend your life with, who you want to kick back at a ball game with, what group of people you feel comfortable with.
    Why would a gay man/ woman be around you? As soon as you expressed these opinions they stay away from you and you won't know why, because you don't know they are gay.
    Flamboyant people everywhere are obnoxious and rude.

    You are wrong and if you were just wrong I'd let it pass, but look at the anger you have at LGBT. Go read your comments then re read your comments about some other topic, not that level of anger and disdain. I thought you were reasonable even if I don't agree with you most of the time. Frankly these beliefs shock me.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    You're totally right. Thank you for bringing this example into our discussion, because this is a very good argument, which proves I should certainly think my opinions through again. Though, I still believe that in non-tolerant countries organizing LGBT parades does not bring any good to LGBT communities. See, in the case of Rosa Parks it was a fucked up law's fault. In modern days, in civilized countries LGBT people are not some kind of low-level citizens. It's not law what harasses them, but idiots. While LGBT people are given all the rights every other people are given, why organize those parades if you know it will cause another drama and in the end society's opinion on LGBT won't get any better, but may get worse? Also, it's a little bit lame IMO, because it really looks the way I described before (playing scapegoats).
  29. Anonymous Member

    Now that you pointed that out, I'm getting how much of faggotry my posts must have been. I guess it's because I once lived in one house with gay man. When I first saw him, I knew exactly he was gay. When he realized that, he asked me if I'm okay with that, so I said I am. And for the first few months he was cool, I even defended him a few times from morons trying to harass him, he helped me also in a few situations, but after some time he started to act really annoying. Telling me what he did with his boyfriend (imagine me hearing this and wondering what to say or why does he tell me that), watching gay porn till late night and such. That's why I'm alergic to homosexual people intendedly showing off.

    I know that not all transsexual people are dishonest, but there are many of them (dishonest ones). And it's not just a plain dishonesty, like if they didn't tell me something of no real importance. Lying to someone or failing to tell about past sex change surgery is evil, selfish act, because it can really hurt a person, for whom it does matter. And for most people it does. Sure, telling potential partners about it will make it difficult to find somebody. But hey, does the fact that you want to live with someone give you the right to hurt people in order to achieve it?
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  30. Random guy Member

    Perhaps he was making a pass on you. Women all over the world have to put of with that same sort of crude passes all the time. If so, it was about him being an asshole, not about him being gay.

    I've had an unpleasant run-in with a gay man too back when I was a teenager, but I see no reason why my view of gays in general should be dictated by one encounter. I've met lots of gay people over the years, some nice and some not so nice, just like everybody else.
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  31. System Member

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