slinging the bassij's a traditional david and goliath Weapon

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by punker-IRAN, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. punker-IRAN Member

    While we appreciate your initiative, please avoid promoting violence on this forum. Removed.
  2. SanguineRose Member

    I currently have no words to describe this post.
  3. Thats just pathetic

    this is just too sad, and you are all just too dumb to be iranians. must be american...
  4. punker-IRAN Member

    No isnt' dumb or "pathethic" i'm not a american i'm french and when im a child im living 6 years in Iran during the Shah regime

    it's simly a response to this post

    The Iranian people have the right to defend itself With everything the means possible Against the murderers of neda and against the bassij's and another murderers in motorcycles
  5. Bard Member

    High risk of getting caught with these devices

    In urban street fighting these devices would be classified as weapons. Anyone
    caught with either one would be tortured and killed. An alternative should be
    less obvious and much smaller. Also, taking out the foot or motorized soldiers
    is a waste of time, because they are expendable commodities who are easily

    Whereas, in sparsely-populated rural areas the gadgets could be valuable
    against the kingpins, because they could provide a large safety zone for the
    operator who would need to take precautions against identification and
    followup. However, I think the range might be too limited for some night

    After all, a 22 long rifle can reach out to one mile and is probably effective at
    some fraction of that distance. But, a silencer would be needed. A skilled
    operator might use one like a mortar, which would make its source impossible
    to locate. Used in this way, however, would be stupid because its only function
    would be harassment.

    Women Must be Free Before the World Can Be Free
  6. Locked for promoting violence. This forum isn't the place for it.

    Other users, please report posts like this next time. Other mods, please do something about it next time (lolsanguine)
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