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    Reveal yourselves guys. I know you're out there. Let me introduce myself first. I'm NerdParty and I'm from Singapore. I have disliked what the Singaporean govt. has been doing and I believe it's time to gather ourselves and do something about it, stand up for what's right. Follow up on Twitter (new account) @AnonNewsSG
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  3. finally. ive been waiting for years for singaporean anons to surface. lets get started 'lah' :)
  4. Anonymous Member

    What is it the Singapore government has done that's upset you?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Google is your friend.
  6. Demencia Member

    Haha happy to see a singapore thread liao, finally! I'm Demencia and I just joined todae. ^^
  7. Hello, Singapore. :)

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  9. hello and welcome. :p

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  11. interesting. stumbled on this site only because of the yahoo posting.

    I feel some of the new people who responded recently may be snooping to get the identity of the person who posted the stuff on yahoo.
  12. Anonymous Member
    BTW WikiPedia is fundraising again.
  13. Mmm.

    IDK if WhyWeProtest is part of this Anonymous threat to the Sg Gov't or anything, being new here, but personally I don't agree with the method.

    It's not like Singaporeans are complaining en masse - and if they are, we're about 1/3 of the way to the next election. 60% popular vote for the PAP in the last election means we should take responsibility for who/what we chose. It's still a sizeable majority.

    Also, it says a lot when the people that threaten the government are those that aren't from Singapore (most probably) to begin with. While Singaporeans can't exactly protest without applying for licence (which can be denied), there are ways in which citizens can make themselves heard. It's not like Anonymous is speaking on behalf of a downtrodden, ignorant, helpless populace.

    Singaporeans just probably can't get off their collective butts to do something about it, be it due to laziness or anything. It seems to me that the protest/response against the population White Paper was much larger than this. And if you don't work hard enough for something, then it just means you don't want it badly enough.

    If you act on behalf of people who can speak up for themselves but who voluntarily, as a collective, choose otherwise... well. That just seems really strange to me. Seems to me that most Singaporeans don't even care, and it's them/us in the situation. And for anything to have meaning, there must be ownership. You only treasure something if you work hard for it - same in this case. If someone fights for your freedom while you do nothing about it, is that freedom something you'll treasure, or will you take it for granted, not having been fussed about it in the first place?

    If you speak for a people who refuse to speak for themselves, are you really speaking for them?

    Or are you just telling them what they're supposed to think is good for them?
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  15. So anonymous, I still don't get it. Are you guys behind this or was it just an imposter?
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  17. hello friends!
  18. Gimp Member

    hello, we doin anything tmr??
  19. Most Likely, An Unknown Imposter(s).
    ...Certainly don't know the first thing about any of this.
    Very Busy.

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  21. Hello Brothers , i joined Anonymous today , And i'm staying .
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    A 100$ money transfer will be produced from the 2sa diplomatic system tomorrow at 11:35.

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