Silly new game idea: Bullbait Bingo

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by redplaidsofa, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. redplaidsofa Member

    Silly new game idea: Bullbait Bingo

    Take a look at this wiki page:

    Long story short: What is some folks here could create a new game: "Bullbait Bingo" based upon the same idea?

    Imagine "what are your crimes" and the other usual bull-baiting standard accusations - each individually arranged on bingo cards. You have a set of 10 or 15 cards to pass out at a time.

    Then at the next event, get a scieno to bullbait a handful of protestors as they stand there with their bingo cards and pens. Everyone keep gently egging him on, trying to get more accusations out of him.

    Finally some Anon with a card gets to yell "Bingo!" (or something a just a LITTLE more creative than that!) after his/her card is filled.

    This winner gets to have some token little prize. Extra cake or something.

    The folks participating can then get to watch the head of the scieno asplode in the process - while they thank the guy for participating in this session of Bullbait Bingo. Hilarity ensues.

    Goofy idea is goofy, I know.

    Fun to think about at least, I hope. :)
  2. Marc Abian Member

    I love this idea

    How will the terms be used though? Will They be symbols?
  3. redplaidsofa Member

    On second thought...

    Hmmm... on second thought, maybe it would be best to use typical keywords instead of phrases on the bingo cards, just like the original "buzzword bingo" game referenced above.

    "What are your crimes" becomes just "crimes" on the card and "religious persecution" becomes "persecution", etc. so it could fit on the little squares.

    Don't forget "german" and "psychiatry"! ;)
  4. anon1111 Member

    give me a couple hours, I'll write a program that will generate random bingo cards.
  5. redplaidsofa Member

    bingo card maker
    Looks like someone already beat you to it! :)

    Just agree on the word list, agree on type of card, generate cards, there ya go! :cool:
  6. Anonnomnom Member

    Considering the number of PI's at some of the protests, you could also do a PI bingo with little pictures of the usual suspects that the Scilons hire.
  7. anon1111 Member

  8. redplaidsofa Member

    Oh that's GREAT!

    Shrink it down to a handy printable size (maybe 7 inches wide at most?) and ya got it! :cool:
  9. cheezymadman Member

    Has anyone encountered any bullbaiters yet? I've listened to a phone conversation between a couple of anons and Magoo (thanks, #prank), and she says the practice of bullbaiting is out of the current tech. Now they just attack in the media.
  10. anon1111 Member

  11. WyAnon Member

    thats awesome!
  12. SamuelAdams Member

    Your bingo idea sounds fine except for the part quoted above. No one should be provoking or egging on the bullbaiters. It's a good way for things to escalate or get out of hand. We've had nice safe raids so far.
  13. anon1111 Member

    I don't think anyone should encourage bullbaiting. That being said, If bullbaiting does occur, what better way to handle it than to start silently filling out a bingo card? If the scilons see that we consider bullbaiting to be amusing, they'll stop doing it.
  14. redplaidsofa Member

    Slight clarification

    Actually the kind of gentle egging-on that I was thinking was along the lines of pretending to be clueless and saying "Whoa, wow, REALLY?" as if what the bullbaiter was saying was a completely new, interesting revelation. :rolleyes:

    That's the GENTLE egging-on I was thinking of. Completely, utterly pretending like you are 100% too clueless and niave to get angry - like you are supposed to - in the first place. Saying things like "Ooooh, interesting!" (like it's a truly fascinating fact) and "Wow, is that true?" in a completely non-sarcastic, utterly clueless tone around every 20-30 seconds.

    All while the others looking on are busy quietly holding in the giggles and marking off squares on their bingo cards.

    This should just drive 'em absolutely nuts.

    Of course, when the sci eventually walks off in disgust, ya proceed to act all sad and disappointed. :cool:

    If this kind of egging-on is still not cool, I can graciously accept that fact.
    Fun to think about, though. :)
  15. tiggernew Member

    We can amuse ourselves by having someone read Scieno press releases and interview transcripts from : Anonymous 2/10 picket; Anon 3/15 picket; TC video; Karen Pouw Morton biography statement; the disk, the website, etc., while others check their bingo cards.

    Or: buy a bunch of pingpong balls, write stock PR words on them in Sharpie ink, get one of those bingo cages, and draw words randomly for the Bingo game. The person who gets it first gets a little extra cake if they can make a complete sentence out of the words in his Bingo line.

    I was inspired by the Dublin anon reading their "terrorist" statement aloud, and everyone laughing as he did so. The one thing they can't stand is us quoting them, then laughing about it.

    CoS's PR playbook only has a certain number of stock phrases. Everyone print out a Terryeo comments posting, or something, and play BINGO! (It could be 4 characters wide rather than five and it could be XENU! the game.)
  16. Whitehatv2 Member

    Re: Silly new game idea: Bullbait Bingo

    Or we have an Anon do a sec check and we have another Anon answer using these answers.

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