Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by NailsPDX, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. NailsPDX Member

    Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Silkin Management Group is a Scientology front in Oregon. It offers management services to dentists, veterinarians, and chiropractors to attract them to scientology. It publishes Solutions Magazine, which 'interviews' people and then draws them in.

    Its previous name was Hollander Consultants. Notice how the Hollander Consultants Webpage looks exactly like the Silkin Management Group Webpage. Oh yeah, and they kept the same staff. Fishy.

    * Silkin Management Group's Blog
    * Phone: (503) 726-1810
    * Email:
    * Youtube: YouTube - Kanaal van silkinmanagement
    * Facebook: Silkin Management Group | Facebook
    * Myspace: - Silkin Management Group - 59 - Man - LAKE OSWEGO, US -
    * Twitter: Twitter / silkin
    * Mashable: silkinmanagement | MASHABLE.COM
    * Ning: Silkin Management Group - Management Consultant



    Oh hey guys, what's this?


    There's currently 21 people up here and they're all from Silkin, but I'm working on others, like the local Org and other fronts.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Pacifist Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Nice tip.
  3. DeathHamster Member

  4. NailsPDX Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    lol, they changed names on the 30th of october because if you google "hollander consultants" it's horrible for their business.

    Thanks for the links deathhamster!
  5. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Now is it possible to make it so that googling "Silkin Management Group" will be horrible for their [STRIKE]business[/STRIKE] scam?
  6. moose Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    sure, we can do lots of nice things about this Silkin Management Group
  7. Vir Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Wait a minute? Did you just say that Silkin Management Group is a Scientology front? Because it seems like Silkin Management Group is pushing Scientology.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    This is the Silkin Management Group that's an assumed business name for Scientologist front Hollander Consultants? I'll make a note.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Name changed to protect the guilty...

    My dentist had heard of Sterling and Hollander. Surely there are professional publications issued by various dental, veterinary etc. associations who might find this interesting enough to share with their members...
  10. Vir Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    A newspaper here in Norway had a news article about a guy changing his name. He might have thought it was positive for him, but I think the purpose of it was to say "Look out, this nutter has a new name now."

    Maybe a dentists' magazine could do the same thing? You know, since they're financed by the space aliens and big pharma.
  11. NailsPDX Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Barb I think that your idea of contacting various respected dental, chiropractic, and optometrist journals is awesome, and I will be sure to let them know about this!
  12. NailsPDX Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    PDX Anon's Google rank is #7 when searching for "Silkin Management" and it shows that they're a scientology front.

    That's #7 in less than 7 days. They started in October and we're already encroaching on them.
  13. NailsPDX Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Updated with the epic lulz dox in the first post!
  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    Nice work.
  15. HellRazor Member

    Re: Silkin Management Group: Oregon Scientology Front

    It's now #4 on Google when you search "silkin management group".
  16. #2 now! Larry Silver and Fred King, powerless against the internets!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Did your dentist know they were Scientology fronts?
  18. This is an inside look at how LRH consulting/management firms gets clients on board.

    1. Telemarketer contacts practice, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors.

    2. Contact is rarely with Dr. on first contact as they are usually occupied.
    a. Telemarketer leaves message for dr. which is kept minimal and vague. They are trained to say: "I want to interview Dr. for Solutions Magazine on the challenges of owning a private practice."

    3. Telemarketer gets Dr. to volunteer for a "survey" which is intended to create "ruin" and get Dr. thinking about his shortcomings.

    3. Telemarketer ends call saying "thanks for your time. As compensation for your time we offer a complimentary practice analysis, I don't know anything about that, and I just work for the magazine. Hold on and I'll pass you to an 'analysis coordinator.' (transfers call)

    4. "Analysis coordinator" says: "what we're offering is a 'thorough practice analysis.' Our consultant will actually fly out to see you to conduct a thorough analysis of your practice. We look at everything from staff to patient flow..." More to build ruin. Typically a 20-30 minute cycle.

    5. "ACer" will get ruin and say, "OK great! All I need to schedule a time for you to speak with our analyst's assistant. She will be the one scheduling our visit with you at your practice. (anywhere in the US or Canada). "ACer" then schedules with Dr. To speak with her. She ruins him further, then schedules a concrete date for in-person analysis. Analysis consists of ruining him into a $30k/year long program. They encourage taking out big loans, will litigate until they are blue in the face to deny any refunds upon dissatisfaction.

    7. OT8 is dispatched to Dr.'s practice. His wife is usually there, nobody else, as to create 2D drama. These meetings/confessionals start in the evening and often go until two or three in the morning until the guy is tired, ruined, and...ruined. Then he goes for the kill! Gets contracts to sign and some financial assurance for services.

    6. Dr. and staff come to consulting firm to do comm course and more. At the mercy of supervisors, just like the org.

    7. Dr. is out 30K. Because they often want to get something out of services (even if unhappy) they give it everything they got. And his staff are pissed! Scared to lose their jobs.

    All involved in this are scientologists, with the possible exception of telemarketing posts (two first contacts).
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  19. I hope you can find an appropriate entry point for this data on Runnin' Scared, Tony Ortega's Blog.

    Seriously! This will enturbulate the shit out of the $cilons that are assigned to post on that blog.

    It enturbulates me, and I'm a freakin' Wog!!!

    EDIT: If you don't post it on VV, Runnin' Scared, I will!
  20. Spread it around! Please.
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  21. Posted new thread with this.
  22. Why no Link to it here?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Limp dick.
  24. Anonymous Member Member... cut a little slack here. We were all new members at one time and are in need of support during those trying times.
  25. Hug me! Touch assist me! But don't forget, I'm a dirty slut.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Ya, I hear ya Bro-. Lets support the ..noobs. Good times
  27. No. This is known as "Thread Necromancy" and it is a common event to have new members do a Lazarus routine and resurrect a dead thread.

    In this instance, I'm inclined to call the posts appropriate, because the information is fresh, at least to my eyes. Carry on, Super. It's all good here.

    But just for the sake of clarity, you've posted new info onto an old thread. You have not posted a New Thread.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I just love sluts, so much!
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  30. So do I! :)
  31. Anonymous Member

    I personally love a "Lazarus routine". It remids me of when I planked a Home Depot yesterday.
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  32. That's hella def yo!!!
  33. Anonymous Member

    So, WTF happened? I'm a connoisseur of Home Depot.
  34. Anonymous Member

    What do you mean what happened? I planked in front of floor planks. Google planking perhaps?
  35. Noctra Member

    I wonder if there is any way to get the relationship between Scientology and Silkins front "Practice Solutions Magazine" to show up.
  36. Zak McKracken Member

    How would you like it to "show up"?
    Or where?
  37. So glad I found this board! I had my interview earlier this week with Practice solutions, and my first call with the Analyst this morning....dropping this like a hot potato!!! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME MY LIFE, MARRIAGE, PRACTICE, AND $30,000!!!

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