Sign Slogans for Street demos

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by JRhumperdink, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. JRhumperdink Member

    Sign Slogans for Street demos

    Let's brainstorm some slogans we can write on posterboard and hold up when we demo IRL on February 10 (or whenever your Anonymous friends are going to show up).

    Someone mentioned that "HONK IF YOU HATE SCIENTOLOGY" isn't quite the best slogan. "Scientology is a Dangerous Cult" is ok, but doesn't float my boat. I can't think of anything good. "End $cientology Tax Exemption" maybe? Bleh.

    All the other threads in the Media forum have good material for literature to hand out, or flyers to post, but we need some good slogans for big handmade posters and handheld signs, something that drivers can read quickly and easily as they pass us.

    "Scientology: Crime and Murder" maybe? Naaah...

    Help me out, /b/rothers. I gotta walk down a city street with this sign so it can't be stupid, and I want to make an impact somehow, so it can't be stupid.
  2. Sommy Nona Member

    "With Scientology, it's your money and your life."

    "Scientology doesn't give answers. It changes the question!"
  3. Randomness Member

    "Keep the faith, fight the corporation"

    We don't need to justify our beliefs about this, but we do need to communicate what we're trying to achieve in a non-derogatory way.
  4. copypasta from OCMB, (stolen quietly and without sorrow)

    when designing your signs, consider a few things:

    Objectives & Audience

    Do you have them?
    What are they?

    1) do you want your fellow protester to vote your sign "best"?
    2) do you want the tv/newspaper reports to show your sign?
    3) do you want scientology public to see the light?
    4) do you want scientology staff to see the light?
    5) do you want OSA to see the light?
    6) do you want un-interested passers-by to become interested?

    Who are your potential, intended, or likely audiences?

    A) your fellow protestors
    B) scientology publics
    C) scientology staff
    D) scientology OSA
    E) television and newspaper reporters
    F) un-interested passers-by
    G) YouTube viewers after the fact, including ARS and OCMB readers

    As you consider 1 thru 6 and A thru G, ask yourself:

    "Will this proposed sign reach my audience with my objective?"
  5. spudtrooper0 Member

    • What are Scientology's crimes?
      Scientology kills!
      This message brought to you by the Bill of Rights
      Learn the truth about Xenu
      Remember Lisa McPherson
  6. JRhumperdink Member

    Personally, my intended audience is the general public, passers-by, people who aren't aware that Scientology is a dangerous cult and tax shelter responsible for killing people who try to leave it.

    Thanks for the ideas, I'm still thinking it over.
  7. JRhumperdink, given the audience(s)/objective(s) you have chosen, I suggest perhaps you might like a direct quote from "source" (that is what scientologists call L Ron Hubbard)

    Here are but a few of the choice gems available:

    We'd rather have you dead than incapable.

    and moar here:

    if you pick a nice sound-bite sized quote for your sign them attribute
    "L Ron Hubbard - founder of Scientology" at the bottom of your sign for great win all around

    maybe a 2sided sign with a quote on each side

    /pix mkay thx
  8. Big letters:

    Freedom of Religion = Freedom of Speech
  9. pi Member

    Religion is Free
    Scientology isn't.
  10. ICanHasThetan Member

    Maybe have like a picture of Lisa McPherson or Noah Tollick and underneath big text saying "WHY ARE THEY DEAD?". This would be really good if you had like multiple ones, each with a different face - to show the numbers of dead.
  11. JRhumperdink Member

    I'm really not a capable artist, I just need something I can write on a piece of posterboard.

    Unless some wealthy Anon wants to have a signmaker create some professional signs...
  12. ICanHasThetan Member

    Just get a photo of them, not actually a pencil drawing or a portrait.

    Maybe a slogan around "$cientology"?
  13. JRhumperdink Member

    I'll be lucky if I can find parking in the city for under $20, I can't afford to print up an image that can be seen from the street by drivers passing by.

    I'm working with a Sharpie and a piece of posterboard, not cash. I need something catchy, a slogan that I can write in really big letters, so it can be seen from a distance.

    Thanks though! :)
  14. ICanHasThetan Member

    Heh. Well can't blame me for trying.

    "What is your Church not telling you?"
  15. Scientology = Bullshit.
    hmm, lol, kinda sums everything up, and everybody knows what Bullshit means. but is it a bit vague? a bit immature? a bit loudmouthed? it could catch the eye of certain people, and be off putting to others? it could be reinforced with a more serious toned leaflet.?
  16. "suppressive" is one of the many words scientology has re-defined in their 1984-esque newspeak

    for us (tinu) Anonymous limited to the low cost posterboard&marker technology, something that includes this word might be dually effective to moar than one audience (scroll up for the post about audience)

    maybe along the lines of:
    "scientology suppresses [ knowledge | freedom | information | thought ]"
  17. xenuftagn Member

    "Truth is stranger than fiction--unless you're L. Ron Hubbard"

    "Total freedom isn't free! Make checks payable to the Church of Scientology" (an estimate at how much it costs to be free of thetans would be great here, too)

    There's a popular mastercard ad meme in another thread like this.

    Hubbard quotes are good, too. They're posted all over the place.

    I'd kind of like to do a series of pictures of famous cult leaders, too. Jim Jones, David Koresh, that Heaven's Gate guy, maybe our old pal Charles Manson... It's a way to call Scientology a suicidal cult without actually saying those words.
  18. you do know he is a scientologist, right?
  19. i think we may need some "free zorro" in the mix.

  20. why?

    who is your target audience, and will this mean anything to them?
  21. xenuftagn Member

    Dude, seriously? WTF?

    Guess it makes sense, though...
  22. if you ask scientologists:
    some will deny "never heard that where you get that idea"
    some will deflect "what are your crimes, do you still rape babies"
    very few will admit he tried to join but was disqualifed (not know why)

    google will let you find that the fbi found an e-meter at his hideout and that he requested it be brought to him in prison
  23. We AREN'T against Scentology
    We ARE against the Church of Scientology

    I was thinking that one phrase per side for wordiness and impact.

    Also, "Xenu was framed, LRH is the evil overlord!"

    Randomness: "Keep the faith, fight the corporation"
    What I was trying to say, better! :D

    **Edit: Forgot, "Keep your faith, reform your church"
  24. Ash Member



    NO CASH?
  25. xenuftagn Member

    It could also be fun to play off of nursery rhymes if we're looking for well-known sayings that are concise and easily parodied.

    "Hubbard had a little scam" comes immediately to mind.

    Other famous slogans, jingles, catch phrases, etc. should be employed, too. Or, hell, bible verses or hymns if we want to get the church crowd involved. What's some stuff that everyone will recognize that we can parody for maximum effect?

    We're anonymous. Memes are our lifeblood. I'm just not seeing anything terribly catchy coming out of the current protest sign efforts.
  26. Briar Member

    Wow, there are at least 3 topics discussing this. Can we maybe combine them with all the good slogans on the first post perhaps?
  27. JRhumperdink Member

    When I made this thread there weren't any other thread about slogans for handmade signs.

    I know what I'm going to write:

    NO TAX
    FOR L. RON'S
  28. Briar Member

    I like that one.
  29. MarkSherman Member

    That's win.

    I'd probably save that for the flyers. If you put it on a sign, make sure it's still on the flyers.
  30. AnonInMass Member

    Evil "church" is evil.

    Salvation should be free.

    $cientology only wants you for your money.

    Scientologists? Infiltrating my IRS?
    It's more likely than you think.

    Honk if you Support Us. (Much less offensive.)

    Any more?
  31. Tuesday Member

    Which ones are the good ones?
  32. ReadPHNX Member

    Ok, so this won't work but I thought any gamers on here would like it

    "You cast tech on anon...

    Your Tech doesn't have any effect on anon..."
  33. Tuesday Member

    I need help!

    So I'm going to make my sign tomorrow and I need some help finalizing what I'm going to say.

    My ideas is something mirroring the MasterCard commercials.
    Along the top will have symbols of the top three world religions (christianity, islam and buddhism).

    Salvation.......... $0.00
    Paradise .......... $0.00
    Enlightenment... $0.00
    OT VII.............. $350,000

    Neat? Only problem is that I need a statement for ...... Priceless.
  34. ReadPHNX Member

    There is a sign like that already posted somewhere on here.
  35. Tuesday Member

    In the Media forum or this post?
  36. overseanon Member

  37. an()n Member

    "Break the Sci-lence"
  38. overseanon Member

    how about

    "We are here, time for fear"

    too dramatic?
  39. "There are some things money can't buy...
    shouldn't faith be one of them?"

    Kinda long, though. Maybe it could be crammed onto a sign on its own. Or someone less lazy could make a flyer.

    Good ones I've seen in the General Activism board:
    "RON is GONE but the CON goes ON"
    "L. Ron Hubbard: PROPHET for PROFIT" or "PROPHET or PROFITEER?"
    "Research the Church!"

    Signs that address Anonymous aren't good for the message. Hmm, what about... it could be nice if someone could make a short slogan about money being the root of all evil and how the CoS asks for piles of it.

    Small aesthetic suggestion: along with or instead of the dollar sign on $cientology, what about a copyright symbol for the C in Church / Corporation?

    I might make one that says "Your Pain, Their Gain".
  40. WNYanon Member

    alittle tweak on a previous one

    NO CASH?

    Since 1950!

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