Should Anonymous target British newspaper News fo the World?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2011.

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  2. Jinkii Member

    I find it disgusting that each of the last 5 Prime Ministers have grabbed ankles for these scumbags, Blair's perjurer-in-chief Alister Campbell said any decision had to be run past three men, Gordon Brown (Chancellor), John Prescott (Party Chairman) and Rupert Murdoch (Rubber-faced media scumbag, Australia's Shame).

    I'm worried about what they aren't admitting to, if they are handing over this information while at the same time having the British Democratic process in a headlock making the british people smack themselves in the face while telling them to stop hitting themselves what are they really hiding?

    The sooner print media goes bust and stops bringing "News with an agenda" into peoples homes the better!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Murdoch is the UK's Mubarak.

    Won't be long now.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Advertisers are dropping them. It was even on NPR this morning.
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  8. Jinkii Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    You're shitting me. Really?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Holy hell, it's true.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    How long before The Sun On Sunday though?
  13. Jinkii Member

    Well they already pulled this trick with the Times, couldn't give that shit away, stopped for a couple of months then started selling it again.
    Ironic how they dropped it as soon as James Murdoch was in the frame for it.
    The good news is the Hacking Hacks weren't told about it by News International, they found out the same way we did, the news wire services LOL
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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Buggers cut and run b4itsanonswotwonit

    Still...I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Do keep in mind all British newspapers are having to make serious cutbacks these days. This way Murdoch gets to lay people off while the British public celebrate rather than berate him. NOTW readers will by a Sun on Sunday instead.
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  18. Ogsonofgroo Member

    lol, bye bye NOTW, last issue today?
    Murdoch writhing like the slithey toad he is, it makes my pants happy.
    The pit is dug, the fire is lit, rakes are at the ready!

    Its time for popcorn-machine_4.jpg
    (I'll make lots so we can share :) )
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  19. Jinkii Member

    News of the World was a sunday newspaper, they are replacing all the adverts with charities and donating all the profits to charity, that sure will make up for all the lawbreaking and plain evil they have done.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Murdoch has sacrificed NOW to try and gain the controlling stocks in BskyB.
  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh okay, last issue this Sunday then, my bad.
    Anyhow, looks like the media ass-raeping is in full swing.

    *passes out fresh popcorns*
  22. Anonymous Member

    If this happens the UK will be under a virtual dictatorship.

    Murdoch's empire needs destroying. Enough of this shit already.

    Boycott ALL News International publications.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Calm down bro.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I think its time to kick them while they're down. Make them suffer a little.
  25. its pointless they will be shutting down this sunday so why bother?
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  26. We should be targeting the daily telegraph and other newspapers that have been trying dox us. Face it i don't want my name printed all over the front page. Look we should just ignore the news of the world and let them crash and burn.
  27. Jinkii Member

    It isn't about you, its about corruption in the Police, the two main Political parties (Labour and Tories) and outright criminality by the Press, in the global scale of things no one cares about some internet troll from the Occupied Counties of Eire.
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  29. veravendetter Member

    I'm not 'targeting' any newspapers with anything. They're just doing what they've always done; their job. If anons get doxed then, tough luck. What free press is going to refuse to follow up information they receive on the identity of a group of 'hackers' who flaunt their misbehaviour publicly?
    What are you going to do, put a mudkip on their homepage?
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  30. Malory Member

    You do realise Eire and Northern Ireland were created at the same time? Take your digs about our country and kindly shove them up your arse.
  31. Jinkii Member

    Of course, the island never existed before the white Scottish settlers went there, it was never called Eire before that, Gaelic was invented in the 1920's to annoy you while you barrack and curse at children going to school.
    When my maternal great-great grandfather was forcibly removed from his home on the Donegal border the first thing he said when he got to Stranraer was "im so glad the army *asked* me to leave that nameless island where my family had lived for centuries".
    Also what is now the Republic of Ireland was called The Irish Free State then.
  32. veravendetter Member

    Ireland. No-one gives a fuck.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    For God's sake, THINK OF THE LEPRECHAUNS!!!!
  34. veravendetter Member

    They've got their own bunkers they built to hide from the IRA. They're safe as milk when it's locked down tight.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Oh, the bad paper has disappeared now. All good. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
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  36. none given Member

    Is that a thing people say?
    I don't get it.
  37. veravendetter Member

    Colloquial I guess. The leprechauns will be safe, that's the main thing.

    Edit: Safe as milk. I say that. The 'locked down tight' refers to the bunkers not the milk.
  38. Anonymous Member

    hooray! we won!

    anonymous delivers.
  39. Anonymous Member

    No it didn't :S It had nothing to do with anonymous.
  40. veravendetter Member

    You best be trollin'

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