Shermann-Kirk Amendment

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  1. Are you sitting in front of your computer wishing there was something tangible we could do for the Iranians? I am. I’m a Christian so I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe in the power of oil. Take a look at this bi-partisan amendment and imagine what it could do for those Iranians dying in the streets.

    Today I read something Dick Morris wrote (I don’t know when he wised up and became a conservative but man, this guy rocks my world now!) and he mentioned the Sherman-Kirk Amendment which just cleared a House Appropriations Subcommittee. People on both sides of the aisle like this bad boy and in today’s Washington that says a lot! Even though Iran sits on the world’s second largest oil reserve, it has to import 40% of its gas because it doesn’t have much refining capacity. Hmm…interesting.

    It gets better. Apparently, most of Iran’s imported gas comes from the Jamnagar Refinery, owned by Reliance Industries. That refinery needed a $500 million loan for expansion and guess who paid the bill? Well, we did! Americans provided the loan to the refinery where Iran gets its gas. Morris writes, “The American taxpayer, through the Export-Import Bank provided the loan guarantees as part of a $900 million package to Reliance.” This super cool amendment (written by Democrat Brad Sherman and Republican Mark Kirk) cuts off Export-Import bank financing for firms that export gas to Iran or help it develop new refineries.

    Call/email your legislators and administration supporting Sherman-Kirk Amendment
  2. support Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California and Republican Mark Kirk of Illinois

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