Serious. (For me at least): No alerts when quoted.

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by anonamus, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. anonamus Member

    As stated, I get no alerts when someone quotes my posts.
    I do get "like" alerts however..
    Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Asheera Member

    Let me know if you got an alert for this.
  3. anonamus Member

    I did. :) You have OT powers? :p
    But thanks, whatever you did.
  4. Asheera Member

    Hold your horses.

    Did you get an alert for this message?
  5. anonamus Member

    Nope :( But that's the problem with OT powers: When you want to use them, they disappear..

    Edit: Your quote is in my "alert table" now if I click on it, but no "red" mark that I have new alerts..
  6. Asheera Member

    I *think* I can guess the issue. The first quote kept the reference needed for XF to do its magic. The latter was a quote with the quote tags added manually. For me, the second method is a lot faster when I use an external text editor - if other posters are doing the same then, with no XF reference, you won't be getting an alert.

    Copy&pasting the sentence I want to respond to and typeing the quote square brackets object is much faster for me than using the reply button and doing edits to that. If other posters are the same will mean no alerts then.
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  7. anonamus Member

    Yeah makes sense I guess, but, ... wouldn't the "<quoted poster> said" part be missing then?
    (As it is in your example)

    Edit: After a bit of research I think the quoted posts I'm not alerted of, is by guest posters (using the ordinary "reply" feature). Does that make any sense?
  8. Asheera Member

    It does. With no account to lock your alert onto the alert function may be discarding it. Total speculation though.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Test No. 1. Quoting Anonymously.
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  10. Test No. 2. Quote as Guest Poster
  11. anonamus Member

    I got alert. Thanks.
  12. anonamus Member

    I did not get alert.
    So guest posters are not part of the "alert system" on WWP ...
  13. srs

    sounds serious.
  14. Anonymous Member

    serious shirley.jpg
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  15. anonamus Member

    Not to me. I can live with that. IMO, it's very rare that guest posters write something worth reading / arguing. Most GP's are just pathetic trolls. That's my observation, others may find them different o.c.
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  16. You talking to me?

    You talking to me?
  17. srs

  18. He's talking to us all.
  19. What's he bitching about?
  20. "it's very rare that guest posters write something worth reading / arguing. Most GP's are just pathetic trolls."
  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    and yet, then there was cancer pants, informative plus comedy, what more could one ask? /derail

    My thread watch alerts work only intermittently :(
  22. anonamus Member

    Cancer pants is a rare exeption from my guest poster opinion. He's one of the reasons I wrote "very rare" back in post#15.
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