September 8th - Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. strobe Member

    So it was a record slow start - I had a nice sit on my own before the one with no name turned up, then we followed that up with more sitting and going through everyone's excuses for not being there before deciding to go set up at the org.

    The doors were wide when we arrived, free stress test sign out - quickly resolved by a bit of OT3 over the trollcannon. We started up the tunes, and between us had enough signs to practically wallpaper the building next to the org, with a couple left to hold. As is often the case with less people, we slaughtered my flier supply, even sticking to the quieter side on the road.

    Reinforcements arrived in the form of Eight and then anon & newfag, whose names I forget, and then finally Waffle. Eight took some more very neatly cut fliers across to the dark side, in what was either an admirable quest or a sensible escape, leaving us all to burn up in the sun. We had a number of people come and talk to us, some refusing fliers simply to tell us "I know all about them", many words of support and a few familiar stories (e.g. I took the test and bought a book a decade ago, they're still sending me promo material). There was the usual combination of amusement and bemusement at our choice in music and the spectacle as a whole.

    Eight spotted a guy taking photos of us that he's sure he'd seen at previous raids - either us clocking him or an encore of OT3 made him disappear down the street. Predictably running out of flyers before long, we rounded off the afternoon by lining the side of the street with our signs, and Eight enthusiastically compelling drivers to honk in support - the resulting cacophony no doubt letting those deep inside the org know we were there.

    You know you've ended well (and in the absence of Fuckeye) when you completely miss pub o'clock - at ten past three we called it a day, gave the Scientologists a wave and went either to the pub or whatever the youngfags do these days. I may have accidentally left a couple of QR codes in the vicinity of the org. Don't worry, G.M.P. - I'm sure they'll be long gone by now.

    The result of the raid? Unknown quantity of fliers given out, public awareness raised, a few hours in which the org had no chance of claiming new victims, some lulz and some anons walking around with very localised tans/sunburns on their face.

    I've probably forgotten stuff, but for now here's my pics. Cameraphone quality, I'm afraid. Well done to everyone who turned up and lasted out in the heat, welcome to our newfag, and hopefully we'll be back to full(ish) strength in October. And there better be some damn cake.

    Lots of signs:

    My initial raiding buddy Anonymous is not your friend.

    Reinforcements arrive and die in the heat:

    In front of a rather fetching condom ad.

    How could you not?
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  2. RightOn Member

    so nice Manchester!
    I was so tickled to see the ex list on the wall again! YAY!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!
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  3. Mazzaaa Member

    If you refer to me as the new fag, Long hair, Brownish pants

    It was a pretty successful raid, especially with how many of us were there, ended up trying to find out how many raids I have been to think that was my fourth, and I plan to go to many more
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  4. MOOG Member

    MANCHESTER 4EVAR&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3

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  5. LouLou Member

    Whats a Gwarn!
    Sorry Guise i wont be attending raids for a long time.
    As i am on bail.
  6. LouLou Member

  7. Dragononymous Member

    I approve this newfag.

    And this caek

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  8. Profanity Member

    Great raid! Sorry I couldn't be there (or the post raid, which Strobe rang me up and tried his very best to convince me to go). You guys must be trolling, though. A full raid when I'm not there? D:
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  9. Mazzaaa Member

    Fair dues :3

    This was a great raid though guys, even though there wasn't many of us
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  10. strobe Member

    I referred to you as the anon. I referred to the guy who came with you as the newfag, seeing as he was - erm - new...

    Gwarn Music is an independent record label which was created in Manchester, England in 1991. It was founded by former 52nd Street guitarist Tony Henry to release his then new music project FR’ Mystery (lead vocalist Lorna Bailey) after talks to sign the act to WEA in London broke down. The label was initially independently distributed by local city record shop Manchester Underground, before New Order manager Rob Gretton invited Henry to bring the label under the wing of his then new imprint Rob’s Records in late 1994. This was the second time in ten years that Henry and Gretton had worked together. Gretton was 52nd Street’s A&R Manager at Factory Records.
    Gwarn Music is now the sole owner of all 52nd Street's master copyrights released through Factory, A&M (US) and Profile Records (US) in the 1980s.

    You vastly underestimate my very best.
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  11. Profanity Member

    In which case, you deserved the outcome~
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  12. Circus Fag Member

    Nice stuff Mancfags. Makes me almost want to be back in Britain...

    Lulz jokes. Japan is fucking awesome bitches, like I'd want to go back.
  13. Fuckeye Member

    This won't be a common occurence.

    Simply unacceptable.
  14. Mazzaaa Member

    Oh fair enough then Strobe, He should be joining the site :')
  15. Dragononymous Member

    Neat, more minions toys members of this wonderful forum ^^
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  16. El Bandito Member

    If only making people do something about Scientology was as easy as making them walk the dinosaur.
  17. Dragononymous Member

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  18. Profanity Member

    Fucking watch it, you faggots.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Skull Member

    watching this makes me want to play Terraria over and over =w=
  23. Anonymous Member

    Post raid pic?
  24. getbeckyout Member

    Is this flyer still in operation?

    1. Criminal Conviction for Fraud: In October 2009, a French court found the Church of Scientology guilty of organised fraud. The case was brought by two female former members, who had both been cheated out of large sums of money. One of the victims, Aude-Claire Malton, claimed she was persuaded to buy drugs, vitamins, counselling, saunas & equipment that she was told would improve her mental and physical health. The second victim was fired by her Scientologist boss after refusing to undergo testing and sign up for Scientology courses.
    In her ruling Judge Château said that the organisation had used “fallacious arguments of no scientific value” to catch members. In a judgment that set legal precedent by convicting Scientology as an organisation, Paris Criminal Court found that the practices of the organisation involved unlawful approaches to fragile people using scientifically bogus claims to defraud them of thousands of euros.
    2. L Ron Hubbard,
    the founder of Scientology, was a science fiction writer who had criminal convictions for petty theft and fraud. Hubbard was married 3 times, marrying his second wife whilst still married to his first. Both his first and second wives claimed he abused them. He had 7 children, 2 from his first marriage, one from his bigamous second marriage, and 4 from his third marriage to Mary Sue Hubbard. His eldest son, L.Ron Hubbard Jr, claimed in a TV interview that his father was a drug user whose only motive for creating Scientology was to make money. His eldest son from his third marriage committed suicide. His third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, was sent to prison for her role in Operation Snow White. L. Ron Hubbard went into hiding for fear of arrest and was never seen in public again. He died alone in his motor home in January 1986. He had amassed a personal fortune estimated at $500 million.
    3. Disconnection
    : Any person or group, including Scientology members that question the teachings, reputation or practices of Scientology or criticises, speak out against, or leave the Scientology Organisation, or is even connected to anyone who falls into these factors, are labelled by Scientology as Potential Trouble Source (PTS) or a Suppressive Person (SP).
    A Scientologist that asks for their money back, even if the member has paid in advance for courses not yet received, is also termed a Suppressive Person.
    Scientology have a policy for critical, suppressive people and must undertake the following three procedures.

    1. Search and Discovery (Find out who is attacking you or the organisation) HCOB 24 Nov 652. PTS Handling (Control that person who is attacking) HCOB 10 Aug 73 /20 Oct 763. Disconnect PTSness and Disconnection HCOB 10th Sept 83

    The above actions are sold to members in a course called, HOW TO CONFRONT AND SHATTER SUPPRESSION PTS/SP COURSE BY L. RON HUBBARD VOLUME 7 1989,1996,2001
    The best way to deal with a Suppressive Person according to Scientology polices is to disconnect (shun completely) from them; this includes family members, (parents, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives). Scientologists who decide not to disconnect from a suppressive person may also be declared suppressive. This policy has led to the break up of marriages and families, and caused untold misery to thousands of families.

    4. Lisa McPherson
    was a life long Scientologist who, in November 1995, suffered a mental breakdown after being involved in a minor car accident in Clearwater, Florida. Lisa was taken by paramedics to a local hospital, where doctors discussed having her committed for psychiatric evaluation. Within an hour, 10 Scientologists came to the hospital and talked Lisa into signing herself out. She was then checked into the Scientology owned FortHarrison hotel, where the Scientology medical office were assigned to watch over her. 17 days later, Lisa had lost 40 pounds, was severely dehydrated, covered with cockroach bites and was comatose. She was put in a van and taken 45 miles to a hospital where there was a Scientologist doctor in attendance, passing four other hospitals along the way. Lisa died before reaching the hospital. On Nov 13 1998, the state attorney charged Scientology with criminal neglect and practicing medicine without a license. The case was later dropped because of conflicting evidence and due to crucial evidence going missing. In a newspaper interview in July 2009, Marty Rathbun, a high ranking former Scientologist, acknowledged that it was he who ordered the incriminating documents to be destroyed. A civil lawsuit was settled with the McPherson family in 2004.


    Scientology is not a Religion it’s a CULT
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  25. RightOn Member

    Sorry I have no idea ^^^^
  26. Mazzaaa Member

    Just looked back on this

    See there was no Post Raid Photo :')

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