September 26 - Nashville, TN - Postgame

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by juche, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. juche Member

    September 26 - Nashville, TN - Postgame

    Miniraid today. There were four of us enturbulating at a scn event of some sort. People milling about everywhere. Lots of honks, random OT-generated rainstorm, plenty of staring contests through windows.

    More from the others soon.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: 26 September - Nashville, TN - Postgame

    Very fine raid indeed! Highlights include yelling the 866-XSEAORG number at the many many sea org milling about, lots of honks, the ignore tech, when Nixon realized the Safe Auto song worked really well for 866- XSEAORG so we sang it and the guy on the bike.

    Lets do it again soon!
  3. POS Member

    Re: 26 September - Nashville, TN - Postgame

    Great Job guys. Thanks for posting and protesting the cult.
  4. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: 26 September - Nashville, TN - Postgame

  5. ZeLyt Member

    Re: 26 September - Nashville, TN - Postgame

    Haha, at one point I was standing directly across from where they come out. I was holding our Scientology killed Lisa sign, which is attached to a long stick. The way their yard slopes down, if you use the side door that i was standing across from, you cant see more than the tops of heads at best.

    So Im using this sign because they can see it. Anyway, three scilons come out of the org, and area ll staring at my sign. Keep in mind, 90% of the time everyone tried blinder tech and ignores us. All i can see is the short chics hands going very methodically down, as if shes trying to use her mind powers to make me lower the sign. i wasnt really sure if thats what she was doing, but it was very methodical.

    I resolved to stand there till they left, just in case. To prove that their OT powahs didnt work.

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