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  1. strobe Member



    Despite just the four of us kicking off the raid at 11am sharp-ish, we soon gained traction and a lot of attention - we had numerous people come to talk about their experiences with the cult and ask questions. Ignore-tech was employed unanimously by the Scientologists popping out for lunch. A little later reinforcements arrived and the raid got into full swing (pictured above).

    There were some downsides - we found out that elsewhere in Manchester a drug recovery event was happening, and thought we might have missed a trick by not informing them about Narconon/Scientology targeting recovering addicts. I did ask some people from the event, who said they hadn't spotted anyone representing Narconon. Then our music died early and the raid looked to be winding down, when from nowhere some people started closing the whole street to traffic - it turned out the 'Recovery Walk' was going to go right past our protest. A massive parade of just the people we'd like to get our message across to - recovering/recovered drug addicts and groups set up to help them - walking past 'Scientology cult of abuse' 'Scientology destroys families' 'Scientology kills' signs. A few bemused looks by people who presumably thought we were some form of bizarre counter-protest, but also very vocal support from some. There's no photos of this as we were all concentrating on holding signs / posing for photos.

    Also there was dancing etc.



    Did you realise how tall our Org is?








    More pics

    We'll be doing it all again in October - watch this space for details.

    Anonymous Manchester: Web / Facebook / Flickr
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  2. [IMG]

    I stood and watched you guys for a while. I didn't have a mask handy so i couldn't join in. But i will next time. you really are an awesome bunch of pirates. ARRGHH me hearty's. :D
  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Beauty raid thar folks! Keepin' the spirit alive an' well in Manchester, y'all frikken ROCK!


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  4. jensting Member

    Damned fine show! Thanks for the report and lovely work for being there to remind the world that the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology is incapable of helping with drugs.
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  5. getbeckyout Member

    Great work Guys and dolls. We think your brilliant.
    Anonymous wins, the CULT of scamology FAILS.

    There stats must be rock bottom as the Ideal Morg still remains empty but the morg is the cults reason for more donations.
    It will not open.
    Sam and Graeme Wilson WAKE Up.
    Tony and Sue.
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  6. sceptical Member

    you all look pretty young, whats your experiences with scientology?
  7. jensting Member

    Those of us who can read know that Tony and Sue have extensive experience with their family being broken up by the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology.

    Also, one does not have to be old to have experience with the Co$. Take the niece of Captain "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige who was seven years old when she was given "medical liaison officer" responsibility in the pretend military "Sea Org."
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  8. sceptical Member

    Apologies I think my comment was taken slightly out of context, I'm aware that many young people are born into Scientology and I'm sure some join. I was intrigued by the people in the picture as they appear to be young and wondered if they have they been scientologists or they know people who are scientologists who are in the Manchester org??
  9. jensting Member

    And their names and phone numbers while you're at it? (giggles)

    I would love to award you 1/10 but I think we're stuck at 0/10

    Good luck with your A-E steps and the decisive blow. (NOT!)
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  10. sceptical Member

    what are you going on about?
  11. jensting Member

    I'm glad you ask.

    The A-E steps are the way for a victim of the mind-fuck perpetrated by the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology to get back in the good graces of the organisation if they have done something bad (like, had a thought that didn't come from L Ron Hubbard or Captain David "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige).

    A good introduction to the key concepts behind the replacement of the victim's original personality with that of LRH and David "Let Him Die" Miscavige is "Closing Minds: How Scientology's "Ethics Technology" is Used to Control Their Members" by Jefferson Hawkins.

    Specific information about the A-E steps can be found, for instance, at

    EDIT: Also this discussion about the original version which explicitly approved murder, as long as it was of someone guilty of "suppression."
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  12. sceptical Member

    thanks jensting, I'll have a good read through this.

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