Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by NoScope, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. NoScope Member

    Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Time for some planning and all that other stuff. You guys know what to do.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Would love to raid this, but it ends two hours before I even wake up.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Will be raiding tomorrow, if anyone wants to turn my solo into a duet I would be happy for the backup.
  6. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I'm currently self-unemployed meaning my time is pretty open. I'm down for most anything and would really love to nail down a day and get at least a dozen or so out there with placards and the like. And a news camera or two.

    What concerns me about the Dallas (actually Irving) location is that it is in a business office park. No sidewalks, no public grounds. Ideally we should try to obtain permission to stand from one of the neighboring buildings. Irving cops can be real.... difficult to deal with.
  7. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Hey new person, nice to have you. Yes there is in fact a sidewalk, as shown in the vids from the last couple of protests so no worries on that note. As to the 12 members, if you have friends they are welcome too. The cops out there love us and I even have the number to the local chief in case the scis get a little too frisky. If you have any questions just send me a pm or write it here and ill try to help.
  8. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I think one of their Open House events would be good. They have these quite frequently and would be a good time to catch those not yet sure of sci. I would propose a weekend so more would be available to be there.

    Something at least a week out; would really love to get one or more of the local stations out there with a camera. To this end we should probably designate a spokesperson; he or she would of course look like the rest of us but be well-spoken and the one we point to. We should certainly have a camera of our own.

    Based on past events around the world having signs or placards would be good as well.

    Short background: when I was about 19 (late 70's) I spent around two months exploring sci. While I'm hardly an expert I at least have first-hand experience in seeing what a crock this org is.

    Let's do this and do it right.:cool:
  9. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Ok, I don't want to be harsh, but trust me, i'm being extremely nice compared to others on here when I say LURK THE FUCK MOAR. I know your new and just getting into the rythem of things, but seriously, watch some of our past protests and catch up on whats going on.

    Here is your go too list on what is wrong with your statements.
    1. Ask yourself "What the hell would the media report that would be worth them taking time out to come see us?" before bringing up getting the media involved. The last three protests have had less than four people and two of them were solo.

    2. CAMERA IS A MUST. Thankfully myself and AT have one so you don't necesarilly need one, but if you plan on being there try bringing one anyways.

    3. DON'T SOLO YOUR FIRST RAID. Very important. You need to learn the procedure while out there so your parents won't have to bail you out of jail.

    4. PLZ, PLZ, PLZ lurk moar in order to learn the info and not spout stupid stuff. Some of the harsher members or trolls with tear you to shreds with ever sylable of your stupid statements so think before posting.

    K, now for local news.

    The open house thing has been going on since they moved in and isn't an event as much as it is a big waste of paid advertisent by the cult. No one shows up and the staff has to stay all day.

    If you have a sign or can make one (recomended), thats great. If you don't, thats ok too. I know myself, sammy, and AT all have extra signs you might be able to use if we remember to bring them.

    Music is preferable cause the scis get worked up over it so a stereo (not a huge one, we are next to a golf course after all) is a good thing to bring.

    BRING WATER!!! its Texas and it gets freaken hot down here.

    Its late and im tired of ranting at you so if you feel like saying something that has probably been said, pm me and ill be able to fill you in with out some one like OHRLY coming here and raeping you with your own statement.

    P.S. nubfag is your new temporary name. have a nice day :)
  10. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Fair enough. :D

    My enthusiasm stems from seeing the videos of past meets from around the world; Anonymous is a unique phenomenon. I knew I might get flamed a bit and that's okay; I have a thick skin. I wanted to get something rolling even if it meant taking some collateral damage.

    Very much open to the experienced hands making the appropriate suggestions.

    I'm an old phart; if I wait for mom and dad to bail me out I'll be there till the Rapture.:p
  11. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Good to see that you didn't go into a fit and start bawwing (some nubfags still do that). We mostly protest on Sats but AT is in the area and said he would be trying raids on different days through out the week so if anyday stands out as being free just post it and the general opinion will win out.

    USA - Central/Mountain - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

    Here is the place where you can see our past protests and get to know the players and the playing field. Masks are optional (but recommended) and something to drink is mandatory (Im not dragging your ass to the hospital after your heat stroke.) Everything else about the org and the area can be explained when you show up. If you can find any dox that you feel would help prove your point, print and bring them.
  12. AnonymousDFW Member

  13. lackofluster Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    fellow anon. its been a while but i have returned. i am glad to say i am fully done with probation and off paper and available to join your protests now that i make my own hours at work. simply request that sammy pm me because ive been having issues with other than that. just give me a time and date. good to be back. missed u guys.
  14. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Welcome back and hope to see you at the next protest. doesn't exist anymore and this is the main planning site. Alot of cells also have other domains just to plan raids in their city but Dallas doesn't have one thats updated so we mainly use this site.

    P.S. I haven't heard from sammy in a while and other than here I don't know how to get in touch with her so you probably just have to check this site every now-and-then for the raid date.
  15. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I'm voting the 19th but can make weds afternoons too so I might solo a weds day also. I'll ask my boss to schedule me in the afternoon but its still an iffy thing. Give me your thoughts dalanon.

    P.S. This is for AT if your still coming here. I think your gf isn't driving that blck charger anymore. I saw her in a silver one at my solo and I think she was with her husband and kid. I could be wrong but it looked alot like her. Srry man, I know she told you she wasn't married.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I'm bringing the reign on the flash raids soon enough.

    Also if you bring a radio, try to keep it to really poppy songs. Upbeat stuff is really good. I usually play really awful 80's music, but have been adding some new hits, like Celine Dion's my heart will go on, last raid. This next one I'll be playing a handful of TEARS FOR FEARS. Best 80's band ever. Make sure you play BEAT IT, its a Dallanon tradition since BEFORE MJ croaked.

    Man, and with all those staff that will probably add up at the end of the day, probably costing them more than 7 dollars total to keep on those staff on all day.

    Newfag is new. Welcome to the jungle.

    ...That's not true. That's impossible. Naooahoaoah!!!!! *hand slices off by polycarbonite blade*

    I'll text her for you, cupcake.
  17. Ramona Member

  18. NoScope Member

  19. lackofluster Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    im voting the 19th , also thnx for txtin sammy for me.
  20. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Ok, looks like its the 19th.
  21. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Called the org and asked how many members and staff they had. The guy talking to me told they have around 80 staff and around 160 members. He called the staff as full time career employees. I think the number seems inflated due to how few cars are in the parking lot but I'll give him the benifit of the doubt.

    I call this a win when they live in the DFW area with some where between 7 and 8 million people and an estimated 2006 population of 201,927 in Irving alone. With that many people surrounding them they can only manage to get 180 members.

  22. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    As this will be my first (be gentle!) what time am I looking at? Do we maybe meet somewhere first or what?:confused:
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Didn't that ex from Dallas that left right before the Ideal Org opening say there are less than 50 scn's in Dallas. ?
  24. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I think he was talking about staff (or total, who knows if the guy lied to me) and I wouldn't be suprised if a couple of more people got scammed into this when they moved.
  25. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I usualy try to be there around 9:30-10. We don't have a meeting place but just meet at the org. Park a good distance away and if you want you could drive by the org first and see if im there and ill follow you and give you a ride back to the org.
  26. Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    I will pray for you guys good luck
  27. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Cool. By org you mean sci's offices? Gotcha.
  28. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Yeah, the building in Irving. If you don't know where it is just go to they're website and use the locator.
  29. NoScope Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    ok, will be out there around 9:00 and hope to see yall there.
  30. tex Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    So...I got into work tonight and one of my co-workers told me he had something "interesting" to show me. He pulls out a card from COS that is advertising ScientoMetric Testing 7 days a week at the Dallas Org (oh and the card has ScientoMetric ironic). Anyway, I immediately asked him if someone had come into our workplace and given him the card because I was hoping to get to confront a scilon but he said he recieved the card at Valley View mall. He told me he was just walking through on the second floor and someone came up and handed it to him. He told me he watched the guy walk back to a table. Now, he knows nothing about Scientology other than what I have mentioned to him but he said he saw signs for free stress testing and a bunch of books. I asked him if the books said Dianetics, to which he immediately replied "Yeah, that was it!".

    Sounds like our favorite alien loving cult is back to its bullshit ways.

    Here is a pic of the card:
  31. Belladonna Member

  32. Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    has anyone seen the billboard over there by speedzone off walnut hill they put up? ill try get a photo. they are stepin their game up...
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Well nothing says "We're a religion" like a free IQ test.

  34. lackofluster Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    who here would care to join me in attending one of said testing days and reporting back the results of our recon, i do want to do it but i don't feel safe stepping into Medusa's lair without a mirror shield or at least another anon to throw in the way. im thinking digital pocket recorder(which i have)and if any1 has one open for use a small camera easily hidden within say a purse or hoodie.(spycam kindathing) get back to me on it, unfortunately i wont be available until monday or tuesday.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Please know that you can not use your camera in Texas in anyplace where privacy is expected. And that likely includes an org. You can not leave your camera running and walk away from it either.
  36. lackofluster Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    thanx for the note on that. digital voice recordings are legal however and i did consult a lawyer on that first,i did not know about the camera thing tho, so thanx for the ass saving there
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    It is good for consulting a lawfag, the digital voice recorder part is that can get you in trouble. (trust the lawyer over me) But afaik it all falls under the wire tapping laws in texas. Especially the part about leaving it running and walking away from it, that is why security cameras don't have sound. Inside the org may or may not be "expected privacy". But don't record any conversation that you are not apart of PLEASE.

    If you are in the DFW area (where I used to live years ago) the people at "Spy Center" can answer your questions but don't just take their word for it.
  38. lackofluster Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    thanx for droppin that bit of knowledge on me, the lawyer i consulted stated that whilst voice recordings are legal they are simply inadmissable in court without permission from all parties participating, also i do not intend to record anything that i do not participate in and i will simply record/edit my visit and what is said pre/during/post the test

    p.s. editing will simply be to remove any names stated such as my own or others to protect anonymity, nothing else will be cut or altered except personal information which may lead to the identefication ofthose invloved.
  39. AnonymousDFW Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    Single-party recording is legal in Texas (12 states do not allow it). That is, one may record any face-to-face conversation of which one is a party without the knowledge or consent of other involved parties. As noted by others, this does not cover leaving a recorder running and walking away (one has to be a member of the face-to-face conversation). Neither does this cover telephone conversations; such communications are covered by the FCC which brings in federal law which does not allow for single-party recording (i.e. "this call may be recorded for quality assurance"). Neither does this cover using devices that can capture conversations at a distance since the party is not a member of that conversation.

    In short, one can carry a recorder on one's person and record any conversation except those where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy on a sidewalk.

    If there's enough interest I'll dig deeper and pull up relevant information and the actual laws.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept XX - Dallas Tx - Planning

    How many of you Dallasfags actually fucking protest? Or do you all just sit around and talk about how you do it when only 2 people actually do it in Dallas. AT and Noscope?

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